Does Flamasil Really Work?

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Does Flamasil work?Flamasil is supposedly an all natural way to help combat your gout outbreaks, using high quality organically grown ingredients. They say that it can not only help you when you are in the middle of a gout attack, but also can help stop the next one from happening. In addition to your gout they say it can help you feel better, and can help treat other conditions as well. So how does it actually perform, and what are those that are taking it saying about its effectiveness?

If you’ve got gout you are no doubt aware of its debilitating nature. It is a form of arthritis that typically attacks one specific joint again and again when there is too much uric acid built up in the body. There are of course certain foods you should avoid, and certain actions you can take to try to prevent an accumulation of uric acid in your body, but sometimes it’s just not possible to avoid a gout outbreak, and you need to take something to help you through the pain, and get the uric acid out of your system.

The Claim
Flamasil claims that it can lessen the amount of cellular degeneration that is causing more of the production of uric acid in your body. They also say that it will help you metabolize the purines that you take in, and block the enzyme that is causing the production of uric acid. They say it has the added benefit of improving your immunity, as well as your digestion. They even say that it will improve the way that your liver and kidneys function, and those are the organs responsible for clearing out the uric acid in the first place.

They continue on by saying that their product purifies your blood, and provides protection for your joints, and also protects your entire body from various infections. They say that it lessens the amount of inflammation that takes place within the body, and say that this will help with several other conditions you might be suffering from that are caused by inflammation. Some of the other conditions they list are those with insulin resistance – hinting that it might help with diabetes, hypertension, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, high cholesterol levels, acid reflux, and other cases of arthritis that are not gout. Surely most anyone can pick one of these conditions that they’re suffering, if nothing else chronic fatigue.

The Hype
There aren’t a lot of products out there that are trying to help people with their gout. If you are a gout sufferer you probably only think that you have your prescription medication to turn to. So since there aren’t hundreds of all natural gout remedies to choose from, the few that do exist get their fair share of attention, and if they could work, would be a blessing to those that have few other options.

The Cost
Flamasil is $50 for one month, but you can also buy in bulk for savings. The six month supply gets your per bottle cost down to $35. Many products are sold this way, obviously the manufacturer wants you to commit to a long term purchase, and in this case it would make sense to buy a bigger supply. It’s still probably best to try it out first for a month, and then order a larger package with your second order. If it works for you, you’ll definitely want to continue on with it, and you’ll be able to get a handle on your gout problem and get back to the life you had before you started getting it.

The Commitment
They say that if you weigh less than 175 pounds that you should take one pill three times a day, and that if you weigh more than that you should add an additional pill. The dosage instructions are pretty clear, and they also let you know how to stay properly hydrated, by breaking down how much water you should be drinking daily based on your body weight.

Flamasil contains Yucca extract, aged garlic, and milk thistle extract, each of which has been shown to help draw out excess uric acid from the body. By combining them together with other ingredients like grape seed extract and tart cherry extract they are doing a decent job of bringing a quality product to market. It’s not every day that you see a company devoted to gout relief, and they seem to be taking it pretty seriously, and are hoping to be around for the long haul, and not just after a quick buck.

Final Flamasil Review

We’re not sure if it can live up to all of its claims, but Flamasil seems to do a good job of stopping a gout flare up, and staving off future episodes, based on the feedback it’s getting. Many gout sufferers have reported back that it does indeed help, and they’re happy that they can reduce their dependency on prescription drugs and they now have an all natural alternative.

Our Recommendation
This is most definitely worth a try if you have gout, especially if your only current recourse is to take a pharmaceutical drug. This is a way to reduce and potentially relieve you of your need to take this medication, and instead of having any negative side effects, it should also promote a state of well-being in your body, and aid in the function of the organs that are responsible for preventing your gout in the first place. There’s too much to potentially gain from trying this.

What do you think? Does Flamasil work or not?

5 Customer Reviews on “Does Flamasil Really Work?

  1. It was a kidney stone problem that got me to begin reserching why i have problems with stones and then a toe flare up. Long story. then i didnt have any for awhile and tried another product. Big mistake. I just got my new bottle and i will order the 6 to get savings and not go without again.

  2. This product is in widespread use by my family and friends, mainly via word-of-mouth results. It will stop a flare in its tracks, and if you take 1-4 per day, it will prevent future flares. I have literally turned on dozens of co-workers and friends to the wonders of Flamasil and/or Gout Care (it’s more basic co-product, without the probiotics). Flamasil is available on Amazon, but you have to go to the Gout Cure website to buy Gout Care. Highly recommend!

  3. Living with gout is just terrible and I never thought I’d be suffering from it at such a young age. My father had it and now I have it. When I was young I’d hear my father wake up in the middle of the night and just pace himself around the living room unable to sleep, back then I could have never thought I’d be doing the same thing in my 50’s. My medication just isn’t enough to keep me comfortable and I really need something new that can help me function like a normal human being. I heard about Flamasil before and I read some good reviews on it, I think it’s time for me to give it a try.

  4. I guess I really don’t know enough about gout to understand your review fully… I at one time had a pet that had gout, but the vets didn’t really have much advice for how to get her through it, and unfortunately she did not last long. Hopefully this never happens to anyone I know again, but I was still left with a lot of questions. What exactly is gout, and what causes it?

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