Does My Lil Pie Maker Really Work?

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Does My Lil Pie Maker work?The My Lil Pie Maker is promising to enable you to make mini pies fast and easily. The concept basically takes one of the most beloved desserts in America and shrinks it down to an individual sized serving. This means that instead of settling for a slice of a bigger pie, you get the whole thing to yourself. The possibilities would be as limitless as the amount of recipes there are for regular-sized pies, but how well does this actually produce a quality finished product?

It’s hard to deny that pies are a staple to our way of life. Most people can provide a quick answer to the question of what is their favorite pie, and they are a fixture at all of our major holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. The saying “American as apple pie” is pretty right on, and if you stick a scoop of ice cream next to it, few can resist. So it only makes sense that mini pies are becoming more and more popular, and people are wanting to make their own at home.

The Claim
The My Lil Pie Maker claims that it can provide a fast and easy way to make delicious mini pies at home, and that you can churn out four perfect mini pies in as little as 10 minutes. They also say that their magic pie cutting set gives you the right sized base, and also cuts out either a lattice style top, or the regular style one that fully covers it. They go on to state that these pies are the perfect portion, and that you can make quiches, chicken pot pies, fruit pies, and more. They also say it comes with a 10 minute pie recipe book, as well as specially designed spatulas to get them out of the unit.

The Hype
The hype comes from restaurants and diners serving these mini pie creations, which led to people wanting to cut out the middle man and make them at home with their own ingredients, and using their own family recipes. Now there are several mini pie makers all vying to be the one you go with to recreate these little mini dessert wonders.

The Cost
You get two My Lil Pie Maker sets for $27. It’s important to note that even if you order a quantity of one on their order page that you are order one of the buy one get one “free” just pay shipping sets, so you will end up with two complete sets and be charge $27, not the $19 you might be thinking.

The Commitment
You probably don’t currently make a lot of mini pies right now, so in a way this will increase the time you spend in the kitchen. However, if you’ve always wanted to make them, there aren’t a lot of other ways that you can make them this fast and easy, so it is actually a reduction in the amount of time and effort you’d spend making them from scratch without the proper tools. Emeril Lagasse makes a competing product, which resembles a George Foreman Grill, but the Lil Pie Maker seems to be the better choice, since it’s easier to use and doesn’t take up much counter space.

The Lil Pie Maker makes a pretty strong case for itself. It uses a silicon mold, which we first had our reservations about, but they’re doing remarkable things with silicon these days and it provides a nonstick way to bake cakes and pies like this. It’s also got the pie crust cutters included so you don’t have to worry about screwing those up. They say it’s a foolproof way to make mini pies and we’re tending to believe them.

Final My Lil Pie Maker Review

My Lil Pie Maker is getting our Thumbs Up review. They’ve really thought of everything you’d need in order to make mini pies with the least amount of hassle possible. When you’ve run out of dessert options it can get boring just going with your old standbys. This lets you dig out all of your old pie recipes and put them to use in a different light. All that you need to do is use your favorite pie crust recipe, and use the same sort of filling that your recipe calls for, or follow one of the included recipes for something new, or a new twist on an old favorite.

Our Recommendation
The same kind of silicon system is used with the Big Top Cupcake system, and that gets good reviews, especially when it comes to its nonstick ability. We’re convinced that you should have a good time with this pie maker, and you should find someone that wants to go in on it, unless you want to be able to make 8 pies at one time.

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What do you think? Does My Lil Pie Maker work or not?

15 Customer Reviews on “Does My Lil Pie Maker Really Work?

  1. I just ordered the My Lil Pie maker. I ordered mine on Amazon. I trust Amazon. I can’t wait to get them. I am not only going to make sweet deserts, but I plan on making home-made pot pies. These are the same size as the ones you buy frozen and home-made would be delicious. I also plan on using them for the holidays offering everyone their own special pie dessert.

  2. These are great. A great use for leftovers too. I use them more for meat pies than dessert pies. Make the crust, add the left over meat, a few spoonfulls of veggies and a few spoonfuls of gravy. Freeze them instead of baking them. When time is short these frozen pot pies can go in the oven with no messy kitchen. Even leftover macaroni & cheese and add some brocolli gets eaten in these little pie crusts. Worth trying.

  3. I love ths thing,It is great.You can make 4 different flavors of little pies at all at one baking

  4. I just tried ordering a set of these and found the the website has the WORST shopping cart design I have come acrossed yet. The order process goes like this
    1. enter billing and shipping informatio
    2. select the initial bogo offer
    3. several pages of upgrade and bonus offers to click yes or no on
    4. confirmation page with no finalize or change order button if you don’t like the final price you MUST start from step 1 and then call customer support which is a call center in some english as a second or third language place and be told that the information doesn’t enter their system for 24-48 hours and repeat your concerns about not wanting the unwanted orders to show up on your credit/debit card several times until they will finally place a hold request on the unwanted order numbers.

    this product better work as advertised after having to go through all this…….

  5. This is a joke nothing more than a way to con you out on the shipping, after getting ripped off called and got the shipping refunded after threatening to cancel payment with credit card company.

  6. I absolutely love little pies. I’ve been getting those little Table Talk pies at the grocer for years which I love to share a tiny piece of with my little doggy at t.v. time. I have definitely bought a My Lil’ Pie maker so that I can get a better variety and I like the smaller size too. I don’t think anything like this can go wrong, I have Big Top Cupcake that works great, just read instructions and have fun.

  7. Being a scratch baker for over 45 years, being taught by my dad. This product would of been great for a bakery to have. A bakery makes its money on turning out as much as you can in as less time as you can. And this would of been great if you had ten or more turning them out in less then an hour.

  8. Have any studies been done to show if any chemicals or particles of silicone are leached into the foods that are heated in them? That’s the only draw back I’m concerned about. : )

  9. Give me my own personal pie any day of the week! Add to the fact that you could make multiple different types at one time, tailored to what you want, in a healthier individual size, and you’ve got a winner. I’ve never tried this product myself, but can’t pretend I wouldn’t be interested. And if my silicon cookie molds are any indication, these would work great with lots of room for creativity…especially since it’s not limited to pies. Quiches, chicken pot pies, and more. This is making me hungry just thinking about it, AND giving me LOTS of good cooking ideas. For $30, this is something I’m seriously considering buying now. LOL

  10. Hahaha~ I can never say no to these things. I love making pies and my family loves eating them 🙂 I don’t like buying them from restaurants or bakeries because I like using all-organic ingredients and I know for a fact businesses won’t do that. I think my boys will get a kick out of the mini size pies instead of the pie slices they usually get. I can even pack these for dessert! I love it.

  11. I’ve seen this on TV, and I really want one. Trouble is, I’ve bought so many kitchen gadgets from the As Seen on TV store that I just don’t know if this one will justify the space it takes up! Mini pies look like a great tasty desert, and I’d love to do more baking. How would everyone say this product measures up against the waffle-iron type (I don’t know exactly what they’re called, but I’ve seen them at Macy’s) of mini pie maker? Better or worse? I think this one might take up less space, but is it as convenient and easy to use?

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