Does Flex Shot Really Work?

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Does Flex Shot Work? In today’s world most people really favor multi-use products because they feel they are getting additional value for their money. When a product like Flex Shot hits the market which promotes being able to seal up or bond just about anything, then it makes it an around the home product worth looking at.

There is probably no one that can ever say that they haven’t had something that has broke on them, and that they would like to have been able to repair it quick and easy. If it is fixable at all then it usually means rushing out to the local hardware to try and find some type of bonding agent. Then it means discerning which one is going to work best on the material of the broken object. Flex Shot is promoted as being so versatile that it can be used on all types of materials to create a perfect mend by filling in the cracks or holes. Plus, it is easy to use so it makes the job quick and easy.

The Claim
The Company is making a lot of claims when it comes to this product. They declare that it can bond to just about any form of material. They say it can even be used to fill holes large or small. They also claim that it can be used in a variety of different circumstances. It is appropriate for use in the bathroom where there is usually lots of humidity. Then they say it can be just as effective when used outdoors on the exterior of the house or even boats. Added to these multiple uses they claim it is easy to use and there is no mess involved.

The Hype
The marketers are focusing on two approaches to hype with this product. They also happen to be the makers of Flex Seal, which is a sealant that they did a heavy promotion on a while back, so they are including this product as a bonus offer. Then to focus on the Flex Shot they are showing some impressive before and after images of items that have been fixed with this product. Seeing is believing is the major hype approach that the marketers for these products depend on.

The Cost
For approx. $30. you can take advantage of the latest promotion which includes 2 cans of Flex Shot,plus 2 extension tubes and a can of Flex Seal.

The Commitment
You need to start by reading all the directions and make a commitment to following them so you can get the expected results. Then you have to remember that you do have this product on hand when you need to do a repair or mend.

Most likely if you are looking at Flex Shot with some interest you have something specific in mind that you would like to use it for. According to the reviews of their other product which is Flex Seal they are mixed in regards to customer satisfaction. Some think it is wonderful while others are disappointed in the results or lack thereof they got. With a product such as this, it is important to keep in mind that although it is being demonstrated in the marketing material as being able to do a great job,using it on a similar project may not get the same results. For example in the promo it shows working great on a repair,but when you tried it on a similar project it failed. The question is though did it fail because of the product, or perhaps the repair area needed to be cleaned first? It is really important to read all of the directions carefully with any product such as this, and this includes this newest one.

Final Flex Shot Review

In the past we did a review on the related product by this Company which was Flex Seal. It received mixed approval, and because of this we are only going to give the Flex Shot a Solid Try/Buy. With this being a new product we need to lean more on the credibility of the Company, which we ascertained through their other product. Over all it is reasonably priced when you take into account the variety of materials it can be used on. Even if it performs poorly on one project it just very well may be the ideal solution for some of your other repair needs.

Our Recommendation
It is important that you set realistic goals for the results of Flex Shot. Naturally the Company is going to use as much hype as possible to promote their product. This is being touted as a multi use product. If it doesn’t work on one project be sure to try it on a variety of others before coming to the conclusion that you have wasted your money by purchasing it. If you add up the costs that can occur when you have to buy a repair adhesive that is only compatible with one type of material, it can become costly when repairing all of the different items within our homes that at some point in time need to be fixed. A good example of this is to look at a similar product like the Amazing Goop adhesives.

Official Website: Flex Shot

What do you think? Does Flex Shot work or not?

160 Customer Reviews on “Does Flex Shot Really Work?

  1. I used Flex shot on my rv roof, after 2 days I could literally peel if off the roof, it does not adhere to the rubber roof. I am calling the company in hopes they will refund my $13.00 it cost me.

  2. The flex glue doesn’t work at all. Try to clue a plastic bird on a fountain. Held it for 5 minutes but still wouldn’t hold. Worthless glue. And it took 10 minutes to get it off my fingers. Don’t buy this lousy product.

  3. Confusing at Best if it’s anything like the product sold by the same advertiser, it’s a complete waste of money. Flex seal flex tape all overpriced crap. There is a reason sellers over advertise.

  4. LOL good question. Sounds like they never used it and are suggesting you test it yourself.

  5. I was wondering if it worked during hot weather of 90 + degrees Fahrenheit.. And could not find the BBB report..

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