Does the Flexitarian Diet Really Work?

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Does the Flexitarian Diet Work?There is always a constant stream of new diets hitting the market. Some of these are merely spin offs of older ones, while others are based on new approaches. So where does the Flexitarian Diet fit into this?

This is a diet that is all about being a vegetarian but also being flexible in your food choices. Basically what the diet is promoting is being mostly vegetarian but that you can include meat once in a while. With the Flexitarian diet it’s all about adding the proper foods to your diet and not about exclusion. The Flexitarian Diet focuses on plant protein. The average person on this diet consumes about 1,500 calories a day.

The Claim
Those who promote this diet claim that those who follow this diet will weigh 15% less than those on carnivore diets. They also indicate that they are not as prone to heart disease or diabetes. Some even say that those who are on this diet may have a longer lifespan.

The Hype
The hype really focuses around the flexibility. There are so many people that really want to exclude meat from their diet but just can’t stand the thought of never having it again. This diet allows for some meat on occasion so many who are switching to a veggie diet can handle this. Another big thing is the calories are not restrictive to the point where they are 1,000 or less per day which many people usually struggle with.

The Cost
If you are going to give this diet a try then you may want to start off with learning more about it by the author of this diet. This is Dawn Jackson Blatnor.

The Commitment
Your commitment is going to be first to deciding that you are going to change your eating habits. Then you are going to have to learn what the Flexitarian Diet is all about. This means reading the The Flexitarian Diet Book. Finally it will mean implementing what you have learned.

It can be really difficult determining the merits of any diet, because its success totally depends on the dieter implementing it properly, and then also how they individually react to the diet. Every person is unique so each person’s body reacts to dieting differently.

Final Flexitarian Diet Review

We checked out some of the ratings for this diet in comparison to some of the others. The experts who do diet rating have put this diet in fourth position overall. It holds 5th position for best weight loss diet and for being an easy diet to follow.

Our Recommendation
If you are looking for a diet that is not overbearing yet gives some very specific guidelines, and does focus on vegetarian then the Flexitarian Diet may be the diet for you. If not then we have talked about many different types of diets in the past so you may want to review some of these.

What do you think? Does the Flexitarian Diet work or not?

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