Does Forces of Nature Really Work?

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Does Forces of Nature work?Forces of Nature is a line of organic medicine that promises to heal an assortment of conditions. The big draw here is that you’re putting certified organic products into your body, and not trusting your health to pharmaceutical drugs or “all-natural” mystery items. But are these really as effective as they claim?

A recent study attempted to debunk organic foods as not being healthier than their conventional counterparts. It stated that organic foods do not contain any extra vitamins or nutrients than regular fruits and vegetables. But the claim of organic foods was never that they had anything extra in them, but that they lacked all of the toxins, pesticides, herbicides, and genetic modification you find in ordinary produce. The same can be said for plant extracts commonly found in products labeled “all-natural” that come from nature.

The Claim
Forces of Nature products claim that they are all certified by the USDA as being organic, and that this means you are getting a higher quality product that you would from those that don’t meet organic standards. They also claim that they’re using a patent-pending method of production that blends homeopathy with these all-natural medications so you are getting two remedies in one.

The Hype
A lot of all-natural products have been hitting the market as more and more Americans turn away from pharmaceutical drugs. It seems every time there’s a new recall on a popular drug, a new batch of consumers gets turned off on the idea of putting these powerful concoctions in their body. This has allowed several disreputable companies to sell their “natural” products, since the FDA will not endorse these types of supplements.

The Cost
The prices vary depending on what you’re trying to treat, but they seem reasonable. For example, their eczema treatment is $18, and their acne treatment is $26 for a one-month supply, which is right about where other competing products are. Considering that these are certified organic they are able to provide them at a price that rivals conventional products that can skip the certification process entirely.

The Commitment
The application process seems simple enough, often requiring you to simply apply the solution with a cotton ball to effected areas. With some of the solutions you may see results rather quickly, while others may take time. It’s also quite possible that you could suffer from a reaction to the essential oils that many of them use, so be sure to test it out first before applying larger amounts. Compared to other treatment options these are going to take less time to apply, or about the same time, depending on what condition you’re trying to treat.

Many of their various products are well-received. Some of them fall short of the mark, but overall it seems that Forces of Nature is producing quality products that are a cut above the other all-natural products on the market. One hemorrhoid treatment has plenty of fans that say it worked great for them. Their scar treatment also ranks highly. Of course not everyone is going to have success with these sort of products, so what you’re looking for is a consensus, and not so much each individual review.

Even if you don’t jump onto the organic train, it’s interesting to note that with the USDA making sure that the ingredients are organic, they’re also making sure that this is actually what’s in the product. The opportunity for a shady company to claim that their product contains an ingredient, but then not include the ingredient makes it so many products amount to sugar pills. At the very least you know you’re getting what’s on the label with these.

The other nice thing is that if you find a solution that works for you, you can use these for the long term and don’t have to worry too much about the added side effects that come with long-term use. There’s also a feeling of relief of not putting harmful things into your body, and taking the risk that you’ll be OK, and didn’t overlook any contraindications. Not to say that there isn’t any danger of using products that are all-natural, and even organic, but compared to some of the powerful drugs that effect your neurology, it’s a good idea to see if an all natural fix can be found before resorting to more risky solutions.

Final Forces of Nature Review

We’re giving the Thumbs Up rating to Forces of Nature. They have the positive feedback in place for many of their remedies, and we’ve seen far too many all-natural products out there that are likely less than honest with their ingredients. The USDA has certified that these actually do contain the ingredients they claim, and they have gone a step further by making sure each individual ingredient is organic. This should reduce the number of side effects, since you’re getting the real thing, and not a bunch of herbicides and pesticides mixed in.

Our Recommendation
It’s important to realize that when you choose all-natural remedies over pharmaceutical drugs you might not get the same immediate relief. That’s one trade-off of going the natural route. Many people find that it’s worth it for the shorter list of side effects, but it’s good to be patient and stick to it, even if you don’t see many initial results. A few of the negative comments can be chalked up to those that expected a faster response time.

What do you think? Does Forces of Nature work or not?

63 Customer Reviews on “Does Forces of Nature Really Work?

  1. I tried the joint oil because my daughter bought it thinking it might help the pain in my heel which has been severe: achilles tendonitis, arthritis, bursitis, bone spur. I have worn a compression sock and ice it with some degree of relief. I tried the Forces of Nature joint oil because I had it and so rubbed it into the back and sides of my heel. I did not expect the almost instant relief that has lasted for 16 hours now. I can flex my ankle and walk with just a tinge of soreness in the tendon. I will continue to use this daily and hope that eventually the problem disappears. In the meantime, pain free feels pretty good!

  2. Just a quick addition to my comment above.
    Use the wart treatment for a few weeks after the wart has gone…. not for ever.

  3. I have tried the wart remedy twice and also the athletes foot remedy.
    They both work. The wart solution is needs to be applied consistently over a long period because it is important to keep applying the solution after the wart has gone to make sure it doesn’t return.
    Unlike other corrosive wart treatments it doesn’t burn the skin or cause pain. All that happens is the wart gets smaller until it has vanished with no scar at all.
    The liquids for wart and also herpes are great as an antiseptic for cuts. A festering cut dries up and heals quickly with one or two applications, even though they are not supposed to be used for cuts.
    The only problem with the company is they are absolutely useless at despatching the goods. It can take weeks to arrive or, like my previous order, never arrive at all. The company is totally useless at dealing with customer complaints about lost in the post items too.
    It is such a shame that this company has such good products and such lousy service!

  4. I’ve suffered with Herpes since the 70s. I don’t tell people I have it because of all the negativity. It was not until about 10 years ago that I found forces of nature H-balm regular strength and the extra strength version and what a blessing it was. It completely controlled my breakouts healing them within 3 to 4 days for what used to take 2 weeks. It’s a true blessing for sure. You have to try it. It works.

  5. I suffer from chronic joint pain and I’ve heard from a friend that forces of nature was great at relieving joint pain. The problem is she’s heard this from another friend as well and it isn’t as if she’s tried it firsthand. The cost is very affordable though and I’m not really risking much to give it a try. It’s also certified organic, so I could try it with a peace of mind.

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