Does Go Smile Really Work?

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Does Go Smile really work?Go Smile is a trendy new teeth whitening system that’s found online and in department stores. White teeth are important in our beauty-conscious society, and many systems out there promise you whiter teeth. Go Smile has received a lot of attention due to their clever marketing and expert packaging. It just looks like it should work. But does it?

Go Smile is one of several teeth whitening companies to come along that are trying to bring professional strength systems into the hands of the average consumer. By combining potent whitening gel with a light they are replicating the same sort of treatment you will get for hundreds of dollars from your dentist. These systems are so new, and come with such whopping price tags that it’s hard to get an idea on whether or not they work as well as they claim.

The Claim
Go Smile claims that with their most advanced system you can get rid of even dark stains in just one hour. They still sell their older whitening systems that don’t involve a light, but their main marketing focus is on their latest creation, and this is the one they make the most claims on.

Other than that they have the usual hype of showing before and after pictures of supposed users that have had success with their product. These can definitely be disregarded, and you should only consider third-party before and after pictures as being valid.

The Hype
This product can be found at Sephora, so it’s catering to a specific target market, and gets a little bit of hype by being sold there. Since it has so many different systems, and is more highly priced than other kits, people are expected to believe that it works better than most others. However, after testing it out on actual users, the reviews are similar to other, less expensive systems.

The Cost
There are several different kits that you can get, all made by the Go Smile company. Their Go All Out kit is rather extensive, and retails for $120, although you can pick it up on sale for less. You can get an at-home lighting system for $200 which involves the use of lights similar to those used by a dentist, used by you in your home.

They also have a 7 day system for $90, or a 12 day system for $144. Of course these prices represent the most you’d pay for them, and you can often find specials at different online retailers.

The Commitment
Go Smile ranks their products by how many days you should use them. This means you have to stay committed over several days depending on which system you go with. This is not a one hour whitening system, or a one day treatment. So if you’re not prepared to remember to complete your Go Smile treatment every day over several days, you should go with a one-off treatment from a different company, or pay extra to get their most advanced system.

The original Go Smile system involves using little vials of whitening gel. Each vial comes with its own applicator so you just dispose of them as they go along. The theory here is that when you press on the vial by squeezing it like a ketchup packet, you are breaking the vial on the inside and releasing the chemicals together, causing them to react and work their magic.

The main system that they’re promoting now involves the use of a light, and you simply hold that up to your teeth after applying the gel. This helps to activate the chemicals in the gel and create better results in less time.

Can’t Decide on Which Kit?
With so many different kits for sale at different price points, you may get lost in all of the decision making. Luckily they’ve made it easier by featuring a comparison page to help you decide. It shows all of the different products on one page, accompanied by the different symptoms that you might have

Final Go Smile Review

Although Go Smile comes with a hefty price tag, and has so many different programs you can use, the feedback coming in from users shows that it’s only an average system, at best. There are many people out there that have said it doesn’t work at all. This is not the sort of review that you’d want to see from something that costs so much.

We don’t mind the high cost, but it had better work well in order to justify the price. Reviews should be glowing. Before and after pics should be startling. People should be saying that it’s just as good as getting a whitening treatment from the dentist. But they’re not.

Our Recommendation
For the price, you’re better off just going to your dentist for a professional whitening treatment with guaranteed results. Unless you’re willing to invest in one of their kits that come with the at-home lighting system you should pass on Go White.

What do you think? Does Go Smile work or not?

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