Does Gray Away Really Work?

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Does Gray Away work?Gray Away is a sprayable hair cover up that is meant to be used as a touch up between hair coloring treatments. The idea is that you simply spray this onto your roots and it buys you time so you don’t have to have your hair colored as often. But does it really match up with your hair color and make it unnoticeable to others?

Going gray is bad enough, but having to constantly keep your hair colored to prevent people from learning your secret can be pretty tiresome. The roots tell all and if they’re not the same color as the rest of your hair, you won’t be fooling anyone. But it doesn’t make financial sense to have to go back to the salon, or do a full treatment yourself again just to touch up an inch or two of visibly gray roots. A spray concealer seems like it would be a quick and easy way to fix the problem and be on your way.

The Claim
Gray Away claims that they have a formula that adjusts to your hair color so that it’s guaranteed to match it. They say that it’s ready whenever you need it, so there’s no preparation needed, and no messy steps. they also say that it doesn’t contain any dyes, and that the effects are only temporary and not meant to last very long.

They say that even after brushing your hair it won’t flake off, but that your hair still looks and feels natural, so no one has to know that you’re using it. They also say that one bottle gives you 40 uses, and that each use will stay in your hair until you shampoo your hair, so all day, or all through that important function you’ve got to go to.

The Hype
Any time a company offers a spray can for your hair there is a bit of hype to it. There’s something about spraying things onto your hair besides hairspray that just seems a little corny. Especially concealers because it has the feel to it like it’s supposed to be magical or something. There are many products for men with thinning hair that use this delivery method, and they always seem a little silly. But if it gets results that’s all that matters, and if it works there’s not much out there that is more convenient than a spray can.

The Cost
Gray Away is $27 for two bottles because they’ve got an actual buy one get one free, and you don’t even have to pay the extra shipping. So it boils down to an effective per bottle cost of $13.50 which includes shipping. This is not a bad price, considering that each bottle should give you 40 uses so you’re getting nearly a 3 month supply for $27 and that’s if you use it every day.

The Commitment
This is where they make most of their pitch, how easy it is to apply. It’s just spray and go. There’s not the big commitment like there is from getting a full dye job.

Gray Away is getting thumbs up reviews from those that try it out, and it is even winning against other similar concealers on how effective it is and how much it costs. We were unable to find anyone complaining about it, or saying that the price is wrong. The interesting thing to note here is that most hair products, especially ones that deal with coloring, have mixed reviews. But this has almost all favorable reviews and merits a trial run most definitely.

Final Gray Away Review

Gray Away is getting a Solid Try recommendation from us. Based on real world testing it lives up to its claims. The one claim it makes that we couldn’t get a handle on is the color matching. In all likelihood this should match your color as long as you use their color guide. If your hair falls somewhere between the colors they provide it should be able to blend in and give you the look that you’re after.

As far as it not flaking and rubbing off on things, it lives up to that. And if you ask most women that’s one of the biggest features. There’s no point in using a product like this if you leave a trail of hair-colored pixie dust everywhere you go, or make a mess of things right before you’re ready to head out the door. All in all, compared to other products in this category, this one holds its own and we think you’ll like it.

Our Recommendation
If you’ve had the problem depicted here, showing your gray roots before it’s time for your next coloring appointment, this is something you’ll want to pick up and try for yourself. At $27 the price is right, and they send you enough to last you a while.

What do you think? Does Gray Away work or not?

24 Customer Reviews on “Does Gray Away Really Work?

  1. Is this the product that is always getting joked about? I would never spray the gray away. I would either let it stay or go spend ten bucks and color my hair myself at home.(That is what I do), but I am not gray yet. I would be afraid a rain would come with the spray away gray and you would have color dripping down your face. To funny! I think it may work for others, but I will stick to my own hair color in a bottle.

  2. To be honest if this works, I wouldn’t mind paying $50 a pop. Do you know how irritating is to color your hair every month? The smell, the feel, and the wait yuck! I’m sick and tired of it. If I can stretch it by say about 15 days… that’s all I’m asking just 15 days, I would suck a LOL~ j/k, but that’s how desperate I am for this to work.

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