Does Grout Shield Really Work?

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Does Grout Shield really work?Cleaning grout is a pain in the, well, elbow among other things, and Grout Shield is designed to make it a lot easier. If you’re sick of scrubbing away at your shower tiles, this could be your knight in shining armor, or it could be a big flop. We’ll break it down for you and let you know if this is worth adding to your bathroom cleaning arsenal.

The phrase ‘dirty grout’ send shivers down the spine of anyone who’s tried to conquer this bathroom beast. It makes such a big difference between having your bathroom and shower area look clean, or having it look old and run down. It seems that there aren’t many products that are effective at keeping the grout between your tiles looking shiny and new. Because of the nature of the shower area, it is prone to dirt, wetness, mildew, and mold. All of these can affect the nice white surface you started off with.

The Claim
Grout Shield claims they can restore your grout to the brightness level that you started out with. It does this with a combination of cleanser, cover up, and protective re-surfacing. The concept is that once you apply Grout Shield your grout will be protected from those stubborn stains that get soaked in the grout and are nearly impossible to remove.

The Hype
Grout seems to hit a nerve with most people, and therefore anything that comes along that promises to help in this area will definitely get a lot of attention. The real eye-catching feature of Grout Shield is that it is supposed to prevent stains from reoccurring once you apply it. This would definitely make it in a class by itself.

The Cost
For a kit that covers 250 square feet it’s just $40, or you can double the offer for $60. Once you have the kit, you can order a refill bottles ranging from 8 ounces to a gallon.

The Commitment
Grout is a pain because there’s so much of it to cover. If your bathroom tile is like most people’s you probably have them laid out like brickwork so you have to do a bunch of horizontal and vertical lines if you want to get everything looking top-notch. This may be more time than you’d ever care to spend in your shower, so it really depends on how much dirty grout makes you crazy.

Grout Shield goes on in a two step process, first you cleanse your tiles and grout with the included cleaning solution and brush. This opens up the grout so that it can accept the next step. Next, you apply the Grout Shield liquid directly to your grout, brush it in, and then smooth it off with your finger. Then just use the included chamois cloth to wipe away the excess. It is designed to adhere to the grout but not to your tiles, leaving them looking the way they did when they were new.

Once Grout Shield is in place, it is there to protect your grout from common stains and keep it looking fresh. This is what sets Grout Shield apart from all of its competitors that simply clean the grout, or cover it up. This cleans, covers, and protects.

After observing real-world testing, it is pretty clear that Grout Shield is a well-designed product that works as advertised. Feedback has been positive overall, with a few negative reviews here and there. As can be explained because it’s not exactly the most easy-to-use product, and several people will probably get frustrated with the amount of time and effort it takes to clean an entire shower, especially if it’s heavily tiled.

Final Grout Shield Review

There is no shortage of options when it comes to cleaning the grout in your bathroom. However, Grout Shield seems to be a workable option for most people that try it. The application process seems pretty easy, but also a little time consuming, so this isn’t really a question of whether or not it works, but whether or not you have the time and wherewithal to stick with it through the end.

Luckily, it’s not as if you have to do this every day or every week. Because of the stain repellent nature of Grout Shield it’s actually protecting the underlying grout from getting stained again. This means that you should have to scrub and treat your grout less and less as you go along.

Our Recommendation
This is really a matter of trying a lot of different things until you hit on the one that works for your specific bathroom. Each house is different, and each product works in a different way and agrees with different people. We recommend treating this like a science project, and not really getting emotionally involved in the outcome. Just keep testing and measuring results until you find the solution for you.

What do you think? Does Grout Shield work or not?

66 Customer Reviews on “Does Grout Shield Really Work?

  1. John
    It would have been easier for you to wipe down the side’s in the pool instead of the grout joint. You also could have recessed the grout joint to make it easier for you also.

  2. Not as easy to use as they make it sound. After applying sealant down grout line, if you wipe excess with chamois too firmly, then it removes sealant from grout line. Too lightly, and you end up scraping excess off after it cures. Very labor intensive to wipe, reseal, rewipe, etc. Would probably not try it again after doing 105 6″ inch grout lines in a pool. I’m off to the pool with my razor blade to scrape away cured excess around many of those grout lines. And no, the final buffing did not remove the excess, just the mild haze. Go another direction.

  3. Michael, I’ve recolored my kitchen grout with a product that is wearing off in places. Will Grout Shield adhere to thus?

  4. Your home page has a link to HSN and Michael you also mentioned that one can go to HSN and look at reviews by typing in GroutShield. Unfortunately the link is broken and there is nothing found when searching HSN site.

    Thank you.

  5. Groutshield is quick and easy!. Great Color Choices. Michael’s Customer Service is the best. I tried 3 other cleaners and then bought the Groutshield cleaner kit and sealant. GroutShield Cleaner would have only taken 3 hrs in my kitchen vs the 8 hours I spent with 3 other cleaners. The sealant went down easily and looks great.
    I recommend the inline grout brush that attaches to the broomstick for cleaning. When you punch a hole in the top of the grout color sealant. Drill a hole in it with a tiny drill bit so you dont put blobs of the product out too fast.
    Great Stuff. Thanks Michael

  6. I found that rather than using a chamois to clean outside the grout line that using your finger works better. Wipe your finger along the outside edge of the grout line to remove excess grout without touching the grout line. Keep a container of water and a towel handy to wipe the grout off your finger as you proceed. It’s time consuming, but a heck of a lot easier that digging out the old grout and replacing it. I used the Grout Shield on my bathroom floor about 5 years ago and it still looks good. I just ordered some white to do my shower.

  7. Absolutely amazing!! I have never felt like I got more for my money than with the Grout Shield products. I almost never leave reviews of anything I use, but I felt like it was necessary after seeing negative reviews on here that I feel like are unfounded.

    The grout in our house made it feel like our house was never clean, no matter what we did. It was in awful shape thanks to eight years of dogs, kids, spills, and high traffic areas of the house. Last summer I got a quote from a company that does this type of cleaning/sealing work. The cost was over $3,200. It was all I could do not to laugh when I heard the quote. But, at the same time I was really disheartened, how could I get the floors back to the shape they were in when they were new?

    So, I did my research and decided I would give Grout Shield a try – hey, if it didn’t work I would only be out $59.00 (the cost of the homeowner package #2). As far as the results go – they are totally stunning! It has totally transformed the house, which now has a pristine look. It is labor intensive to be sure. But, every night I would do a section of flooring, and was able to complete the job over the course of a few weeks.

    The biggest challenge might be finding the exact color you want. Since the sealer is colored, you can essentially change the look of your floors from the original color, if you choose to. We picked a grout color that is close to the tile color so there is little difference between the two. The result is that our floors almost take on a marble looking effect since there is little delineation between the tiles and grout. But, this is obviously all a personal choice made possible by the fact that they have endless color options.

    In the end I save over $3,200, and I can’t stop looking at the floors. And, I made poured soy sauce, grape juice, etc. on the grout, and guess what? It all wiped off clean. Do yourself a favor and this a try.

  8. Have used this product before on our bathroom floor and the tile in front of the fireplace. If this product is applied properly it works great. I’m on this sight checking to see if it could be used in a shower stall, it seems it can. We have bought another house with lots and lots of tile, I have already told my wife we will be using Grout Shield again. I believe the negative comments are from people who have no idea what they are doing, or are not willing to put in the time to apply it properly. Grout Shield is a 5 star product Michael!!!

  9. The negative reviews seem to come from improper use and maintenance rather than the product.
    Yes, if you bleach it – it will turn white. You are not supposed to use harsh chemicals – per the maintenance instructions
    Yes, your grout will get dirty. It just will not stain because the sealer acts as a shield.
    Because your dirty mop water no longer soaks into your grout, it will sit on top of the grout – drying to the same dirty look you had before – unless you follow the instructions and dry with a terry cloth rag. Then your grout will stay pristine.
    I’ve been using a similar product professionally and just ordered Grout Shield because it seems easier to apply. So i have no review as yet. However the negative reviews are not fair because they are complaining about things it was not designed for. You have to follow the instructions.

  10. I am super fussy about how my house looks. I am an artist so color & lines are important to me. Also, knowing the history of our home we work hard to keep the original 1958 style alive. Our home is all red oak floor and grouted tile. I happened across grout shield late one night in my desperate search to clean grout lines. Sealing and coloring was a bonus. We had a large bathroom where the tiler never sealed the grout. Our linen colored grout was black. I followed the instructions very carefully. The videos were so helpful. The product works, the advice is perfect and I appreciated the product being tied up in a plastic bag just in case a kid came loose. I have refinished a very large white kitchen. People actually thought we installed a new floor. I then finished my Tuscan style tiles in a bathroom. The cleaner got down into the texture of the tile and removed every ounce of grit. I am now starting 1000 sq feet of an open foyer and attached bath. I love this product!! This is my 3rd attempt at restoration. Groutshield – thank you. Please know I am an elated customer. My only regret, not purchasing the brush to attach to a broom handle. Thank you!! Can you now develop leather restoration and restoration for wood kitchen cabinets! So awesome you need to branch out! I’m a customer for life!

  11. I bought Grout Shield and it was exactly as advertised. I do not know how long it will last but I am very

  12. Love, love, love the product! It was recommended to me by a friend who had great results with Grout Shield. It was super easy to use and produced amazing, immediate, lasting results!

  13. Mary
    That’s not my policy, If you as a customer are not happy I would always take it back and give you a refund. It is rare that someone is not happy with my sealer and usually its a competitor, Now if it wiped off when you applied it to your shower walls that means you didn’t prep the walls prior to applying the sealer and your grout was flush with the tile, otherwise it would not wipe off. The grout has to be recessed whether its on the walls or floor. want a refund call me personally 1-800-631-0716 and I will give it to you but to say a scam Really I don’t think so.

  14. I commented earlier that I was sending this stuff back because it was so bad…..I’m sorry to say, I was wrong, I won’t be sending it back….BECAUSE THEIR POLICY IS “NO REFUNDS”……I’m out $50 bucks plus shipping……Makes me wonder that if they think their product is soooo wonderful and they sell so much of it, why not return our money if we are not satisfied…..SCAM, SCAM, SCAM.

  15. I should have known better when the product arrived that it was going to be a poor product. I opened the USPS package and inside was a plastic grocery bag tied up with the kit inside…..Really, for $50 dollars that’s your packaging??
    Thank God I decided only to try one small shower wall to begin with to see if it worked.
    I followed the directions. Cleaned the shower wall with the cleaner. Wiped it with the shammy and let it dry. Started with the color sealant following with the other shammy. Every time I wiped, I had to go over the grout again because the sealant wiped off the grout…..and “No, I wasn’t wiping too hard!” I then decided maybe I needed to let it dry a bit first. That doesn’t work either. By the time I finished, my shower tiles and grout were a mess!!!! I decided I had better try to get this stuff off before I ruined my entire shower. Mind you, this stuff had been on for a good couple of hours and should have been dry. I began spraying the wall with a hand held sprayer and the sealant began peeling out of the grout and running down the drain. One good thing is that cleaner took off most of the color sealant. Terrible experience. Had very high hopes. Will definitely be returning this skunk.

  16. I hope you two have either spoken with the owner, as he requested, or given up your rant! Name calling and casting aspersions NEVER cures a problem! If you want the problem solved speak with the owner as he asked you to do, but enough of the belly aching please.

  17. I can’t believe the difference in our kitchen tiles. The floor looks like it did when we first had it done. There’s work involved in getting it done but the end result is phenomenal. If I had to redo it every 3 years still worth it. Our floor is like night and day now. We just finished doing it and don’t know how long it will last but we are definitely impressed with it as of now.

  18. I have been reading all negative comments. I guarantee that people do not read instructions exactly.

  19. I completely agree with the color brown I used bleached white and does not adhere to water proofing terrible product and should be pulled off the shelves

  20. TG
    Sorry you had a bad experience with my sealer but you could of been pushing down to hard that would remove the sealer from the grout .I went through all my emails and found no email from you on advice on how to apply the product. If you called the 1-800-631-0716 number I would of answered the phone like I always do 365 days a year 15 hrs. a day. I’m always here for my customers all you had to do is call.


  21. Do not buy this product. They claim – and show you via video – that it’s sooooooo easy to apply. It’s not. If your grout is even slightly different color that the product you buy from them, applying it is a nightmare.

    You cannot apply the coloring and then simply wipe the tile surface clean with their chamois, as they say. When you do that, the coloring you applied inside the grout line itself comes clean. No matter how hard you try, the chamois you wipe with reaches down inside the grout line just enough that it wipes clean the new coloring from the grout line.

    It took my wife and I over 5 hours to do 75 square feet of tile, meticulously going tile by tile and wiping clean the very edge of each line so we would not remove the coloring from the grout line. I emailed them with my exasperation and got no response.

    Don’t buy this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. You must be referring to Groutzilla in Orange County, CA. Not Groutzilla, LLC in the Charlotte, NC area. As they have a better grout replacement solution!

  23. I ordered the grout cleaner and color seal. Yesterday i did our kitchen floor with both and it’s simply the best product I’ve ever seen or gotten from the internet. The floor looks brand new! The sealer and color were easy to work with and apply and the results blew me away! I will highly recommend your product to all my friends! Thanks again!!

  24. I would like to say that I was fortunate enough to find this product. I recently moved into my home and had tile installed in my bathroom. My contractor unfortunately installed the wrong color grout and I was so unhappy and was afraid that I would either just have to live with it or spend a ridiculous amount of money to rip it all out and start all over. I started searching in hopes that I would find something that could prevent me from looking at my ugly colored grout and from spending a fortune. I finally found GroutShields color sealer and was able to match the grout manufacture’s color that I wanted originally. Once we received it and applied it to our floor I was so pleased that we actually were able to get the color that we really wanted from the beginning. I would most certainly recommend this product to anyone, and have my neighbor went and bought it once she saw how great my bathroom floor looked. Thanks Groutshields!

  25. Thank you I figured It was a competitor, Because I’m never rude to my customers without them I have no company. Can you leave your reply on here just for people to see this and I’m sure they will try to do this again some how lol.

    Thank You

  26. Hi Michael, we did seem to have a problem with someone making multiple negative comments from different usernames but the same IP. We try to catch this but it sometimes slips by. The comments from those users were removed. Thanks,

  27. I keep records of everyone who has ever bought my sealer. I have never heard of you Jimmy or any other person on this site that has given my company a bad review. You must be a competitor this will be my last response. I think the web developer’s of this site should look at the IP Address to see where these are coming from I don’t mind bad reviews as long as there real. Everyone’s entitled to there opinion. Have a Great Day. Now lets see the response???

  28. I would like to Thank everyone who comments on my Grout Color Sealer Good or Bad a review is a review. I sell my sealer in 4 continents and 37 countries. So for the people that had a bad experience with my sealer it might have been just a little to difficult for you to use. I am always here for you to call to walk you through any step you may need help with just call 1-800-631-0716 any time and you can talk to me personally. I will talk to anyone who has a problem with my sealer. Just make the call and you will see for yourself just how professional my staff and my office is run. Don’t believe every thing you read. Call today

    Michael Stracuzza
    Grout Shield Distributors

  29. I recently needed to re grout the wall tile in tub area of a small bathroom but after I finished the rest of the tile beyond the tub area looked so dingy. I bought this in hopes of saving myself all the work of having to re grout everything in the room. Once I got the hang of working with this product I was done in a few hours and the white grout shield I used matched my white grout that I had just done in my shower area. Sure was easier than re grouting and hopefully will last.

  30. I purchased and applied Grout Shield 3 years ago to 700 sq. ft. of kitchen, foyer, hallway and laundry room tile. The change in my grout was phenomonal. Since I have so much tile, I can’t clean all of it weekly and it does require a little brushing in the cooking area about once a month. Other than that, it has held up exceptionally well and sure beats replacing my grout for $10,000 in my area. I highly recommend it.

  31. I started using Grout Shield in 2009 after having seen a demo at a Home Show. I always thought we had to “fully re-grout” to regain the original beauty. No way! This is an amazing product. I am a person who likes to keep our home “looking like new”. It is reasonably priced and it is very easy for a novice like me to “make the bathroom look like new again”. And my husband is very pleased at the results (he didn’t have to tear out old grout and replace it) and he has complimented me on the finished project! AMAZING! We have 3 full bathrooms in our 50 yr old home and I have begun to renew each one. I will begin the second bathroom renewal this year. The instruction disk is so helpful because I could see first hand “how to” accomplish my goal. Your questions are easily answered and I called them and spoke directly to their staff to clarify my questions. If you completely follow their instructions, you won’t have any problems. This company is very accommodating to all your needs. I highly recommend them.

  32. I’m beyond impressed with grout shield. I’m remodeling and unfortunately I had piked a light grout on a mosaic tile kitchen backslash and it looked horrible. I searched the internet for a product that could change my grout color and found Grout Shield. I called them on a Saturday expecting them to be closed and Michael, the owner, picked up the phone and gave me all the information I needed. He went far beyond customer service and really took care of me. I’m so happy with my darker grout stain in my kitchen backsplash that I have since ordered more product and I’m going to change the grout in my bathroom as well. Very happy customer. Oh and his staff, especially Laura is friendly and super helpful as well. Would recommend Grout Shield highly!

  33. I have nothing but positive things to say about Grout Shield, from beginning to end.

    I have hated the grout in my kitchen since the day I moved in 9 years ago. It was originally white, but over the years has become multiple shades of grey and brown. After researching online I found Grout Shield.

    I placed my order and received it quickly. I tested a little on the grout and after it dried I realized the color was all wrong (monitors don’t always give an accurate replication of color). I called up Grout Shield and explained the situation. It was suggested that I look at paint swatches and once I found the color I liked to call them back. So I did just that. Without any issues from the company, I returned the original order and they color matched the new color to a swatch I found at Lowes and shipped it out quickly. Customer service at Grout Shield is exceptional!

    I have since treated my grout and it looks amazing! My children even noticed it when they came home from school. The process is not hard but it does take time. I ordered the kit so I had everything I needed. Doesn’t get easier than that. Written instructions and DVD were included so there really is no reason not to know how to do it properly.

    I highly recommend Grout Shield for their customer service and superior product.

  34. LOL….a “refund”? That’s a lame reply.
    The purpose of this website is to assess effectiveness- does it work?
    Respectfully, and with decent grammar and proper spelling , the answer is a resounding NO.
    The product is a complete waste of time. It appears that those that recommend the product are “full of it” , to quote Michael ….LOL.

    Have a nice day.

  35. I just completed 1000 sq ft of tile in three bathrooms ,a hallway and, a family room with Grout Shield. I changed color from a dark salmon color to a custom color ( Pebble white) I found the product was relatively easy to used.Compare it to removing and replacing. I followed the instructions from the manufacturer and had no difficulty. I would recommend that the Grout cleaning brush on a pole shown in the video be used. It’s not pleasant scrubbing on your hand and knees as I did. At this point I can’t attest to durability of the product but I will post in the future. I had several question during the process and spoke the the company person via phone. They were extremely helpful and made for a pleasant experience. I have already recommended the product to others

  36. Hello Harvey and Lisa
    Listen I never had bad reviews only competitors writing things like this. If you have a problem with my sealer why don’t you call for a refund. I have no problem refunding your money if your not Happy. Grout Shield is so easy to use even a kid can do it. The grout need to be recessed so if you reply negatively we all know your just full of it. Because I would refund anyone who is not happy. just call

  37. We had approximately 1300 sq/ft of 6″ X 24″ plank tile installed. The tile was suppose to be on 1/8″ spacing. The tiler did a terrible job. There are over 350 areas that are not 1/8″ spacing. The tile is a dark walnut. To make the spacing not on 1/8″ less noticeable, we needed a grout color to match as close as possible to the dark walnut tile. We looked at ever grout color chart from every grout maker. We choose the darkest browns available. They all turned lighter after curing. The difference in the spacing was very noticeable.
    After finding and reading about Grout Shield on the internet, we sent a sample of a wood stain that matched the color we were looking for to Grout Shield to match. The Grout Shield color matched perfect with the tile. My tiler Loren Allread, who has over 25 years experience, said it was easy to use and thought it was a great product. The spacing differences are only noticeable if they are pointed out. It has been over 6 weeks and the color is the same.

  38. I was so amazed at the great results with Grout Shield products that I created a small business based on installing the products. Three years plus now and folks are pleased as punch with the restoration of their grout. Nothing else compares to these products. Developed in the USA, Made in the USA, Distributed in the USA. I like that, and the folks at Grout Shield are great to work with as my supplier of materials needed.

  39. I used Grout Shield on my tile in my bathroom, the mold was driving me crazy . I had to recess the grout a little because it was flush to the surface of my tile and when I applied the grout shied color seal it made my tile grout look new again. The owner even helped me with all my questions. I’m a believer and will tell all my friends .
    Thank you

  40. Wow wow wow if I could say it one more time WOW . I used grout shield on my whole downstairs of my new tile installation. We put down the tile wood planking look and the dark brown grout we chose dried so light it look horrible. I went on line and found Grout Shield called the company and the owner new right away what was wrong . He told me to get a paint swatch of the color sealer I wanted from a paint company and he would match the color for me so I called the company back told them over the phone what I wanted Grout Shield made and sent me the perfect color and I love the look of my floors then now blend together and look wonderful I’m going to say it again WOW . Thank you to Michael and his staff for helping me through this I will recommend Grout Shield to everyone .


  41. I used the homeowner package number three to do 250 ft.² of tile and grout it I ended up doing my whole bathroom kitchen floor and living room for $24.95 I love the Groutshield product
    I would recommend this product to everyone.

  42. Grout Shield really works! Regardless of what negative reviews say, Grout Shield does exactly like it is advertised. I’m a 70 year old man, who got down on his hands and knees and revitalized dirty, filthy grout that the builder never sealed to begin with. Grout Shield cleaned my grout, the color sealer went on exactly like it was supposed to, and cleaned up with Windex just like Michael demonstrated in his DVD. Great product! I can’t say enough about how well it worked. If I could post before and after pictures, everyone could see the difference. You can trust this product.

  43. My kitchen floor is probably 20 years old. The grout was stained and the floor never looked clean because I could not get the grout clean. The deep cleaner is amazing!! It is a workout only because you need to bend down a lot to do this, but it is well worth the effort. I had a problem with the sealer, I called the company, the owner called me back personally and they are sending me a new sealer. I will be working on my bathroom next. It really is wonderful when something works like it says it does!!

  44. Great to hear that this works. My bathroom grout can get pretty dirty and it is a pain to clean up. This looks like it will not only clean my grout, but keep it clean for a long time. The grout we have, however, is an odd shade of light salmon pink (ish). I wonder if I could just use a different color of grout shield and it would just cover up what’s underneath.

    I also wonder if this would also work well on kitchen grout? Our kitchen floor is made out of tiles. I would assume it works there, I just wonder why it doesn’t seem to be advertised for use in the kitchen.

  45. Great product! We bought a brand new home and sealed our grout with a sealer we purchased at Home Depot. All of that work we did was for nothing because the sealer didnt work! I have three messy little boys and this product has been a lifesaver! We called grout shields and spoke with the owner. He was extremely helpful with the 100’s of questions we asked him. We even called him back with more questions and he answered them and we NEVER got the feeling we were bothersome or he wanted to get off the phone. Yes, it is time consuming but worth it. We are now in a different house with tons of tile and was a foreclosure so you can imagine how gross my grout is. I used the cleaner from grout shields and it worked very well. I am waiting on my samples and will be ordering my gallons of sealer for my home.

  46. At home my grout is dirty and no one want to say that about your own house. Anyway I was going to The store to buy bleach and I came across an old friend. We got into talking about my problem and he told me about groutshield. At first I was like well I don’t know but he says it really works great so why not. Ok I got home, I ordered the kit. Now I have the kit to my surprise it had all the tools I need to get the job done and very easy written instructions plus a DVD too. The cleaner really cleaned the dirt off my grout, I was like hey I’m done but the instruction say that’s just the beginning. Now I have to color seal and let me tell you it’s easy and messy at the same time but when you color seal a few lines its not messy at all.Tip watch the DVD. Well after a little hard work my floors look like new again and my family was very impress. I would highly recommend this product to everyone. I only wished that I took a before and after picture you would be impress like I am. Thanks Groutshield and Tom my friend…

  47. So why would you think, if your grout is flush with your tiles it would have even worked? The product is fantastic when you do have grout showing in between your tiles!!!!!!!! As for the grammar, maybe it was just human error………………………….

  48. I have used Grout Shield products several times now and I absolutely love it. It makes a world of difference when your not satisfied with the color or your grout. The paint is wonderful and so, so easy to use. Twice now I have not been satisfied with the grout that our contractor picked out so by using Grout Shield Paint I am a happy camper once again. The customer service I received when calling in my order was fabulous. Believe me, just little old me or a general contractor could really, really benefit from using these products. These products are so easy to use and make a world of difference. Oh and by the way, there are tons and tons of colors to choose from and not only that, you can actually pick a color from a paint chart, like a Valspar Paint or a Behr Paint, Benjamin Moore Paint, Martha Stewart Paint, etc. and they will actually match the color. Works wonderful to restore the color of your grout also and as I said earlier, it is so easy to use. I will actually never go to another company for any other products. I give this company a definite 100% thumbs up. Thank you Grout Shield!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless.

  49. I love this product! After hiring Groutzilla to redo my grout in two bathrooms at a cost of over $400, I found this product online. It seems to be exactly the same product used by professional companies at a fraction of the cost. I bought a kit at Ace Hardware for under $30 and finished a third bathroom on my own in a couple of hours. It looks every bit as good as the work done by Groutzilla. It also gave me the confidence to do a large tile floor that I had been quoted over $700 for. I ordered the kit for about $60. It arrived today and although I ordered the wrong color, the company’s owner, Michael told me I could reorder and he would refund the full amount of the wrong color product. I have told everyone I know who looking to have this type of work done. It is a bargain and delivers on it’s promise!

  50. If you want real reviews go to put in groutshield there you will see all the reviews about my product.

  51. This product just doesn’t work as advertised. I would never recommend it and am sorry I wasted my time with it. Have a nice day.

  52. I used this product and because my grout is flush with the tiles, it did not work at all! What a waste of time and money. (On a side note, honestly, doesn’t anyone check their grammar and spelling before submitting their comments??!!)

  53. I am giving grout shield a thumbs up! I purchased their kit over a year ago and restored the grout in my bathroom (I live in a post-war building) and the grout has never been changed. I purchased the bright white color and my grout looks amazing (over a year later!) I was skeptical in purchasing the product. Frankly, I did not think I could possibly restore the grout on my own. A little background info about myself, I am a 25 year old woman, this is my first apartment and I’ve NEVER before attempted any “home improvements.” If I can do it, I believe anyone can. It super easy. The old grout in my bathroom was thick, piled on, and covering some of my tile. I first chiseled away at the old grout, scrubbed my tiles clean with a sponge, used the cleaning system that is included in the kit and let it dry. This can be time-consuming, but worth it. You apply the liquid grout, and wipe away the excess. Grout Shield also sends you a video, it is helpful to watch.

  54. My mother and I both have used grout shield and it has worked wonders. I used it to cover grout in my bathroom and so did my mother. I have had a wonderful experience with the product and would recommend it to anyone.

    Kansas City, Missouri

  55. Funny how there is no activity in this stream and then suddenly your family and friends start sending emails about how great this product is all around the same time of your responses.
    The product simply is a TEMPORARY solution and $29.95 or $39.95, the product does NOT do what it claims. We have absolutely no interest in discussing “what happened” as we already tried this TWICE.
    The videos are MISLEADING.
    The product is DIFFICULT to work with.
    The people are UNPROFESSIONAL.
    We would NOT recommend this product.
    And have a nice day.

  56. The first time I used Grout Shield was when I had a pipe break under my house and the water came up through the foundation (im in Florida) and stained all of my grout. I found the product on line and called the 1-800 number at night. My call was answered by a guy who said he was the owner and he spent time with me on the phone making sure all my questions where answered. He even waited on the phone while I looked for a old bag of grout in my garage as he was able to match the old color which we liked. The product showed up in a couple of days and was pretty easy to apply, Some areas took a little longer where the grout was even with the tile but it was worth the extra effort for the results we got .We really like how it makes everything look uniform and new, plus cleaning the floors is easy now and important to us as we have kids and pets.

    Since then we have done 2 showers, 3 bathrooms and a laundry room.
    Its a great product –

  57. I want to thank Grout Shield for one Amazing product ..It was so easy when we ordered it .Friendly staff ,product on time.came out Amazing ,my sisters ,brothers and friends have used this Amazing proctuct we would recommend Grout Shield to Everyone ,thank you again ..Liz West from CALI

  58. Sorry to hear about your experience. I changed my dark grout to light and it has lasted for years. As of now I am very satisfied with my Grout Shield

  59. Frank And Angie
    Sorry you had a bad experience with my Grout Sealer my sealer works on both floors and walls.Now to say my staff was rude i guess that could Happen but you should of had them put me on the phone and i would of taken care of the company is very important to me and its not worth me hurting a customer for $29.95 to 39.95 I want my customer’s to be Happy but I guess you can’t please everyone.If you would like to call me to discuss what happen my line’s are alway’s open i don’t like to use forums for this its not what there supposed to be used for sorry again and have a nice day.
    Grout Shield Distributors

  60. It was the Long Island office we called – Grout Shield Distributors. The online demonstrations are also misleading because the product only works easy and quick when the groutlines are inverted. But aside from the extra time (compared with the videos) and the rude staff, this product just MASKS the dirty grout. DO NOT BE MISLED. The grout will get dirty again and then the product eventually comes off. It is easy to say we did something wrong or we called the wrong company. Fact is your product is a very time consuming TEMPORARY band-aid solution. Whatever anyone does should they do decide to use this temporary product- do NOT change the colour of the grout!!!

  61. Hello Everyone
    The above review by Frank and Angie is so wrong and anyone that has ever used my sealer or called my company would never say I or my product is shady.The name of my company is Grout Shield Distributors,There is another company out there that use’s my name maybe Thats the company you called Im always Helpful and Respectful of my Customer’s and There problem with there Grout.You see I love what I do and my product its important that ALL my customers are HAPPY just give me a call and you will see for yourself 1-800-631-0716. IM Always Here to HELP.
    Thank You

  62. I completely disagree with the above review… I have dealt with Grout Shield numerous times and i have never had an issue with the product or staff. Everyone is extremely helpfull, friendly and very informative and the product is AMAZING. I have yet to find a grout sealer that actually does what it was supposed to do besides Grout Shield. The product is extremely easy to apply and i was able to fix all of my dirty/discolored grout in my kitchen and bathroom. Grout Shield is the only grout sealing product i would EVER recommend…Frank and Angie you guys must have been doing something wrong…

  63. This product is nothing more than a scam. It masks stains for a SHORT WHILE. DON’T BE FOOLED. It definitely does not deter dirt or stains (is that not what a “shield” implies?) and it is guaranteed that groutlines will turn to the same color that they were when you went looking for a solution. What’s worse is once you start trying to remedy the dirt that has come back, the “Grout Shield” product will also be cleaned off. God forbid you change the color of the original grout!
    We found the owner and his staff to be rude and deceitful and would never recommend Grout Shield, Groutshield or Grout Shields or whatever name they happen to want to use at the time of calling them.
    Definitely a very shady business and product.

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