Does Hairomega Really Work?

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Does Hairomega work?Hairomega, by the name alone, seems to want to be the last word in hair loss. By hitting all three causes of hair loss they are taking a multi-tiered approach that you usually don’t see in this industry. Most products out there blame one cause and come out with one way to fix it, so it is interesting to see that they’ve come up with a more comprehensive plan. But bottom line, does it work?

Hair loss is still something that is vexing scientists, and even their most powerful pills and foams only show moderate results when it comes to regrowing your hair. They’ve got stopping the loss down pretty well, but it’s still tricky to get it to reverse course and start growing again. The whole time these big pharmaceutical companies are coming out with drugs that have a list of side effects that really make you ask yourself just how bad this hair loss problem is making you feel. Is it worth going through all of that risk for a potential small payday?

The Claim
Hairomega claims that there are 3 major reasons why you’re losing your hair. They say it’s because there’s an imbalance in your hormones, that your hair is not getting the circulation it needs, and that you’re not providing the right amount of nutrition to your hair. The hormonal imbalance is referring to excessive amounts of DHT being produced, which is often cited as a big problem for men that are losing their hair. There is some debate over whether this is actually the cause, and whether DHT blockers are actually effective in treating hair loss.

The Hype
Every hair loss product on the planet has built in hype because this is a problem that cuts to the very core of every man’s soul. Many are desperate for a solution, and will try just about anything as long as it shows a modicum of potential. That’s why it’s important to always keep a level head, and not get caught up in the dream of a luscious full head of hair. Keep your expectations to a medium level. Proceed with cautious optimism, but still proceed on your quest to keep your hair and potentially regrow what you’ve lost.

The Cost
A 30 day supply of the Hairomega 3 in 1 supplement is $18 and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. This is the product that covers all three bases, with the right nutrients your hair needs, the DHT blockers, and the herbs that are meant to improve circulation. The price is definitely right, and if this shows any signs of working it would be something that is easy enough to stay on with so that your hair has the vitamins and nutrients it needs.

The Commitment
If you’re just getting the pills, you need to commit to taking them as directed, and religiously every single day. The stumbling block for most guys is that they forget to take the pills, or they miss dosing times. Stay consistent, and stay objective. Don’t look in the mirror every hour trying to see results. Take a picture on day one and give it a few weeks before you start evaluating how it’s doing.

They also sell a serum you can use that has Minoxidil in it, so you’re getting some science thrown in with the all natural ingredients. This is something that is proven to regrow hair, so it’s a way to add some oomph to your efforts. But again you’d want to be very consistent with it and make sure that you use it as directed every day. It is the cumulative effect of daily use that gets it to work, so don’t be sporadic or half-hearted about how you use it.

Hairomega has an interesting premise, being able to treat three different causes for hair loss with one product. The feedback coming in is mixed, as you’d expect, but the overall slant is towards it producing some results. Some guys are going to respond to this better than others. Remember that not all hair loss is the same. Some of the negative reviews could be coming from guys that have a form of alopecia that can’t be treated by nutrition and DHT blocking, because those aren’t the causes.

But if you’ve got the distinctive male pattern baldness going on, if you know that your diet is not giving you the right nutrients, if you know that DHT is the reason why you’re losing your hair, and you haven’t taken any steps to improve the circulation of your hair, then you’ll probably see some results, and could even see great results with this.

Final Hairomega Review

We’re giving Hairomega a solid Try rating, based on ease of use, positive feedback from users, and the fact that it’s all natural and provides vitamins that your body needs anyway.

Our Recommendation
A 30 day trial with this for less than $20 will tell you all that you need to know about whether it works or not. We always advocate trying out all natural products with money back guarantees at reasonable price points. You have very little to lose, and the potential upside is worth giving this a go. You can decide how far you want to take it, because they have a suite of products, even ones that contain Minoxidil so you have a lot of control about how comprehensive you want to be about the trial run.

What do you think? Does Hairomega work or not?

6 Customer Reviews on “Does Hairomega Really Work?

  1. Hello sr, I’m thinking in buying hairlmega 3 – 1, but I’m not sure on the results, can you please give me an update whether is working or not? Thanks a lot.

  2. My first two bottles look the same . I order two more bottles and are a little different looks like they cut some indre grants looks like with first two bottles looked like hair was growing good were I get a hair cut even noticed it . Now new bottle seams like it not doing as well why did they change a good thing puzzled? Why

  3. understanding of hair loss is no rocket science. am from India, and can definitely say that hair loss is still an alien thing as far as the rural India is concerned, but in the metro cities, almost every fourth person is suffering from hair loss problems. it basically has to do with the life style, apart from hereditary and medical reasons. i read about minoxidil here. let me tell you that minoxidil has numerous side effects ranging from increased hair fall to scalp itching, headaches and chest pain! its a drug originally used in medicines of heart ailments. it must be used cautiously; never without a doctor’s prescription.

  4. Its almost always MPB so the negative reviews are the product doesnt work. Where is the proof it does anything are there any before/after DHT levels in people who used this? Its not that hard to test DHT levels before and after to see if it does anything

    “Some of the negative reviews could be coming from guys that have a form of alopecia that can’t be treated by nutrition and DHT blocking, because those aren’t the causes.”

  5. To be honest I don’t understand any of the science mumbo jumbo, but I do like the fact that this product is based on science instead of some mysterious ingredient or some mix of herbs that supposedly was used by the Native Americans. I like the price, although I would even pay triple if it really ended up working. I like the money back guarantee part of it even better, because that basically means I get to try this without any risk on my part.

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