Does The Ultimate Relationship Program Really Work?

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Does the Ultimate Relationship Program work?The Love and Passion Ultimate Relationship Program by Tony Robbins is designed to help you give your relationship the sort of boost it needs to get back to where it once was, or to new heights. Most of us would be in need of something like this, no matter how your relationship is going, and even if you’re not one. But does it really work?

Tony Robbins has built a solid name for himself as a guru that can show you how to live with more zest for life, and improve parts of yourself to get the most out of your human experience. Most of his programs get a lot of positive reviews, with people saying that it changed their lives and they were able to accomplish amazing things by listening to his tapes or reading his books.

The Claim
The Ultimate Relationship Program claims that it can give you the tools, techniques, and information that you need so you can put into practice the steps it takes to make a meaningful, loving, and passionate relationship with your significant other.

The Hype
Even though most of his products are hugely successful, there is also some hype to Tony Robbins because of his celebrity status. It is possible that he might put a dud out every once in a while, but his reputation will get a lot of people to buy it anyway. So you shouldn’t assume that just because it comes from Tony Robbins that it’s going to be stellar.

The Cost
You can try the full Ultimate Relationship Program for $30 for 30 days. If you keep it you pay $100 a month for three months. You can also opt to pay the full price upfront for $315, essentially saving $15. This might seem a little high, but when you compare it to the cost of being in a lousy relationship, or being single because you don’t have a good attitude towards relationships, it seems reasonable.

The Commitment
Committing to your relationship is not a once time thing. You have to keep at it basically every day or you end up taking it for granted. Putting a relationship on autopilot is a sure way for it to fall apart one day from neglect. That old saying you don’t know what you’ve got till you lose it may sound cliche, but time and time again people realize only too late that they’ve screwed things up beyond repair.

The Ultimate Relationship Program breaks down the six different positions you can be in in relation to a relationship. The first is the one that most of us would aspire to be in, a relationship filled with love and passion. The second is what a lot of outwardly successful relationships have, love but no passion. Sadly, many people find themselves stuck in position three, with no love or passion.

It also talks about those that are plotting on how they can escape from a relationship they no longer want to be in. Then it covers the two positions you can be in when you’re not in a relationship, the one where you’re wanting to be in one, and the one where you’re not. It’s interesting to think that this is a way to give you a solid grounding on great relationships no matter which position you’re currently in. Even if you have no interest in being in a relationship, taking this course could give you the sort of outlook on them that makes any future relationships you do get into that much better.

Final The Ultimate Relationship Program Review

Realize that putting the techniques in The Ultimate Relationship Program to use is going to require two to tango. You’ll want to get your partner on board with this and go through it together, because something always gets lost when you try to be the messenger for someone else’s message. Let Tony talk to both of you so you’re always on the same page together and can discuss what you hear.

If you’re currently single and are using this to help you get a better perception of how a relationship should this should definitely give you positive results compared to just going out there and winging it with whatever advice you get from your friends or family, or whatever personal beliefs you have about what you should be doing.

Our Recommendation
Almost anyone could benefit from this program to some degree, even those who feel that their relationship is already filled with love and passion, because this will show you how to keep that going for the long term. Those that are not in a relationship and feel that they don’t want to be in one, might be swayed into getting into one once they realize how good they can be.

Since you get to try it out for a full month, and since it’s from Tony Robbins and you won’t have a problem returning it, you should definitely give this a try and see how much it’s helping you.

What do you think? Does The Ultimate Relationship Program work or not?

19 Customer Reviews on “Does The Ultimate Relationship Program Really Work?

  1. Tony Robbins does have some great reputation and that’s the only reason why I’m even contemplating purchasing this book. There are so many unqualified authors out there who think they have the answer to everything that I don’t care to check the self-help section in the library or the book stores. But then you have Tony Robbins and he’s definitely a well respected self-help guru and someone you can trust. I just got out of a terrible relationship so I’m tempted… I don’t know yet though.

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