Does Hero Glove Really Work?

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Does Hero Glove Work?One of the most common types of accidents that take place in the kitchen is cuts from knives. Even the best and most experienced chefs on occasion suffer from these mishaps. A solution for this may be the Hero Glove.

The Hero glove as the name implies is a glove that is worn during the preparation of food. It has as protector of the hands and fingers from cuts that can be created by some kitchen utensils such as knives.

The Claim
The claims made for the Hero Glove are several. The promoters are claiming that this glove has a snug fit and is comfortable to wear. They are saying that the Hero Glove is five times stronger than leather.

The Hype
They Hype for the Hero Glove revolves around the protection that it gives. It is ideal for those who have children that are just learning to cook and prepare food. They eventually have to be allowed to use the knives but it is a big concern for parents.

The Cost
The cost for the Hero Glove depends on the size. For the children size the cost is $9.95. For the Adult size of Hero Glove it is $14.95. There is also a combo pack for the Hero Glove available for $19.95.

The Commitment
The commitment is going to be to never allow the young ones to become so comfortable with their knife skills to think that they no longer need the Hero Glove. If the others in the kitchen wear one then the children aren’t going to think that they are being centered out. They need to know that the Hero Glove is a safety item that is applicable to all.

The Hero Glove was developed by an individual who at a young age got a cut while helping out in the kitchen. While knives are the biggest threat in food preparation there are other utensils that can cause nasty cuts and scrapes. Another common one is the food graters and the paring knives. The Hero Glove can help prevent cuts from these as well. Although the Hero Glove is a great protective device children should still be taught the proper way to use the knives and sharp utensils. So they will be skilled and cautious if they do not have the Hero Glove handy.

Final Hero Glove Review

We are going to give the Hero Glove a thumbs up. The price is certainly reasonable and it can be used time and time again. It can be properly cleaned in the dishwasher so it remains sanitary. It comes in a variety of colors so the kids will quickly be able to identify which is theirs. The one size for kids or adults fits either hand so if there are several children they can all use the same glove at separate times. Although no doubt they are each going to want their own.

Our Recommendation
If you are looking for another nifty item for the kitchen to help make your work easier then check out Quelkit Kitchen Shears.

What do you think? Does Hero Glove work or not?

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