Does HideAway Friends Really Work?

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Does HideAway Friends Work?We love to bring things to your attention that we feel that the kids are really going to love and the HideAway Friends is our latest find that we found intriguing.

Hideaway at first looks like its just going to be another furry stuffed animal but it will delight your little ones with a surprise. They start as a furry looking ball then open up to become a wonderful make believe friend that each have its own character. The characters are comprised of the Super heroes Captain America and Spiderman. Or for those into the Disney characters there is Winnie the Pooh, Minnie or Mickey Mouse. Oh and there is Olaf and Lambie too. They can be folded into their cuddle or hide me ball, or opened up to provide hours of fun as they take on their character role.

The Claim
The company doesn’t make any specific claims or promises. They don’t have to as they are letting the characters do all the promoting for them. The parents won’t be able to resist these let alone the kids. They are stating that the regular size Hideaway Friends are 14 inch and the mini hideaways are 5 inch.

The Hype
The hype is in the Hideaway friends being well known, recognized and loved characters. When the kids set their attention on one of the Disney or Marvel characters then they don’t care what form they come in, they just want it. The marketers of Hideaway Friends are well aware of this.

The Cost
You are going to pay $19.99 and $8.99 for shipping. But if you want to throw in an extra $7.99 you can get a hideaway baby.

The Commitment
You will need to determine if the Hideaway Friends fit into the age group of your young ones. Although I wouldn’t be surprised when the teens see these guys they are going to want one too so they can set them on their bed. They really are plushy and have such wonderful color and detail to them.

Stuffed animals, plush toys, and cuddly ones have been around for years and years, and will be for many more. They are just becoming more sophisticated in the way they present themselves. Being interactive is a big bonus, although it doesn’t take away from toys such as this are that at the top of the list for being a comfort toy.

Final Hideaway Friends Review

As you can probably tell we are impressed enough with the Hideaway Friends that we are going to give them a Thumbs Up rating. Not that we favor the Disney Characters or the Super Heroes by any means. This toy is just all round fun for the applicable age group. If you have to buy a gift for a little one and just aren’t sure what their level of interaction is, then you should do well by choosing the Hideaway Friends.

Our Recommendation
If you are a big toy buyer or are always on the look out for toys with meaning, or are a little different, then make sure you always check to see what we have talked about. Be sure to check out the Shnoozles too.

What do you think? Doe Hideaway Friends work or not?

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