Does the Homework Caddy Really Work?

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Does the Homework Caddy work?The Homework Caddy promises to keep all of your kid’s school related items in one place, making sense of all the chaos and adding organization to make things go more smoothly. It’s a wall-based organizer with a series of pockets that looks a bit simple at first, but after closer consideration should do the trick for most people. So we looked into this further to see if it really works the way it’s shown to.

Even with the dawn of the Internet and most things going paperless, it hasn’t yet caught up to kindergartners and grade schoolers, who still bring home mountains of paper in order to complete homework assignments, practice penmanship, do math problems, write stories. It can quickly add up to a big mess, having you shuffling through it all to try and find a particular assignment that is due, and this frustration can trickle over to your child as well.

The Claim
Homework Caddy claims that you’ll be able to finally get things organized when it comes to schoolwork, homework, and supplies. It’s a series of pockets and holders that hangs on the wall, up and out of the way, yet keeps it all within easy reach so that you or your child can quickly and easily find what they need to stay on task.

The Hype
They might exaggerate the problem of having a disorganized mess in regards to school papers, but not by much. If you’ve got young learners in the house you’ve probably connected with this problem and are in dire need of a solution. When you think about it it’s hard to understate the importance of a quality education, and if your kid doesn’t have everything in order they might be lagging behind other students that do.

The Cost
A complete Homework Caddy set goes for $35 which includes shipping and includes the wall hanging organizational unit, a white board with calendar, and even the hooks to hang it up with. What’s nice is that they don’t try to do any cheesy buy one get one free just pay shipping deals, and your order is processed using Google Checkout, so it’s safe and secure and also includes a 30 day guarantee so you can try it out and see if it fixes the problem before committing to it completely.

The Commitment
Once you’ve got this hung on the wall and have sorted all of the papers and supplies, it should be one of those set and forget type of products that just continues adding benefits to your life without a lot of involvement on your part.

The Homework Caddy system should help most younger students keep things more organized, and make school more fun by taking out the mayhem of it all. It’s by no means the only way to go about things, but it does put everything you’d need in one package, and for the price you’re getting it all handled for you rather than trying to come up with your own way to do it. It comes in four different styles so you can cater to the different interests and tastes your child has, increasing the chances that they’ll use it and you’ll have a successful outcome.

The added benefit of including a calendar is that you can get your child involved in the scheduling of appointments, meetings and upcoming events. This increases the likelihood that you’ll remember these, and also engages them in the event as well, so that they can learn about time management and getting things ready sooner rather than later. This can go a long way in helping them with issues of procrastination later in life, and learning how to manage their own busy schedules once they become adults.

Final Homework Caddy Review

We’re giving the Homework Caddy our Solid Try rating, as it lives up to the promise of getting all of that paperwork up off of counter tops and onto the wall. This frees up a lot of space, and can actually clear off a cluttered desk at which your child can actually do their homework on now that there’s space.

Our Recommendation
This is one of those products where if it makes sense to you at this price point, grab it. But if you’d rather come up with your own solution to try to save a few bucks, there are other ways you can go about getting the same results. A trip to your local office supply store with a creative mentality will likely yield the same results, and you can even copy their idea of hanging it up which gets it up off precious desk and counter space so they can use them as places to study and do homework, and not paper storage.

What do you think? Does Homework Caddy work or not?

2 Customer Reviews on “Does the Homework Caddy Really Work?

  1. I think this is an incredibly good idea, whether you buy the $35 system or take the suggestion above and create your own with pieces from an office supply store. Kids love to feel like they have their own private spaces (even within their own rooms) and I would, in fact, start this ‘road to organization’ before they were old enough for school. Let the little ones decide which pockets to use for their coloring books, drawings, etc., and not only will their floor space stay cleaner, they’ll be used to putting important papers away when it’s time for the transition to kindergarten.

  2. The homework caddy actually brings back some memories from my childhood. I take after my father for being very organized and thorough. I remember he made something similar to this for me when I was a kid. It makes sense to give children the tools needed to be more organized and make a habit of keeping things in easy to find places. I’ll definitely be grabbing one because I know from my personal experience that it does the job.

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