Does Hot Designs Nail Art Pens Really Work?

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Does Hot Designs Nail Art Pens Work? Hot Designs Nail Art Pens are a simple to use pen that allows you to create french manicures and all kinds of designs for nail art. While there are tons of nail art kits on the market is there anything that makes this nail tool really special?

Young ladies start at a very young age to take an interest in their nails, and when it comes to nail art it is a main attraction for their nail appearance. A few years back women would pay a ton of money just to have interesting designs painted on their nails. Then this was followed by being able to buy nail decals. Now the nail art industry has evolved into do it yourself products, and that is exactly what Hot Designs Nail Art Pens is. It is a kit that comes with a selection of polish pens that allow you to use it as regular polish but also with a fine tip to create nail art designs. Its a combo pen/brush for the polish application.

The Claim
The company claims that it is super easy to work with and anybody can create some great nail art designs. They state that you can easily control the flow of the polish so it applies easily. They say you can use it both on your fingernails as well as your toenails.

The Hype
This is one product that doesn’t require a lot of hype to be created because it already exists. The real challenge is to promote something that is unique and the hype used to accomplish this for this Hot Designs product is the ease of use and convenience. Not having to have separate base polish and then nail art paint makes it much easier.

The Cost
You are asked to pay $23.which includes the shipping and handling for 3 pens and they will include 3 more pens, so you are receiving a set of 6 pens in total. Then included is a nail art design book and a handy carrying case.

The Commitment
There are a couple of things that you are going to have to devote some time to. First you need the patience to apply the base coat to your nails and sit and wait for it to dry completely. Good looking nail art demands a dry surface to bond to. Then you are going to have to practice some of the more intricate designs once you become comfortable with using the pen point section of the pen itself. Again you will need to adjust for some drying time of the completed nail art. This usually takes a little longer because the polish goes on thicker in many cases.

There are just so many similar products on the market that it has been quite the task determining if Hot Designs really is much different. Taking a look at some of its benefits has helped us reach a conclusion. First it really is convenient to have both the base polish and the nail art colors all in one pen. This saves on cost and is convenient. Then with your purchase which includes 6 pens you are getting a good color selection. A similar nail art product provides many more colors but does not have the fine detailing benefits that come with the Hot Designs, and the quality of the paint received some user complaints.

Final Hot Designs Nail Art Pens Review

We have decided to give the Hot Designs Nail Art Pens a Try/Buy Review. Simply because it is so convenient and easy to use. We didn’t go all the way with a thumbs up because there is not enough feedback as yet that relates to the quality and flow of the polish itself. Plus the product has to compete with brand name nail products like Sally Hansen. Finally Hot Designs is almost identical to Migi Nail Art which we reviewed in the past.

Our Recommendation
We think that you should really check out the Migi Nail art and compare it to the Hot Designs. They both have some interesting features. Migi sells for $25. but you only get 4 pens whereas Hot Designs sells for $23. and you get 6 pens. However, if you register with Migi then you can get refills free with just paying the shipping costs. When you compare the videos for both of the products you will probably agree that the Hot Designs seems to create a much cleaner look.

What do you think? Does Hot Designs Nail Art Pens work or not?

11 Customer Reviews on “Does Hot Designs Nail Art Pens Really Work?

  1. So disappointed! I have to squeeze so hard to get the paint out (and yes I used the cleaning needle) my hand is shaking. Can usually do well with drawing, but the paint is so thick and gunky, it won’t come out and when it does it’s like thick puffy paint. I polished nails two days prior and it still dissolves the darker color and mixes in with lighter design. Great concept, poorly made.

  2. This pens are not worth it. They chip and peel like crazy, even if you use a top coat on them! Within hours I was missing huge chunks of my nail polish, on one finger the whole thing came off! You also have to squeeze really hard to get any polish out of the tips too. I would rather have forked out more money and bought a different brand, because these are not worth it to say the least.

  3. I agree I bought these at walmart both sets and they are worthless, half the tips don’t work they dry out and cant be used the white wasn’t white and there is no way to contact the website which is unreal so therefore im out 30 bucks.

  4. I bought Hot Designs and they totally work!!!! Just kidding. They don’t work at all. The pens jam up and when they work the nail polish falls off. They were a waste of money. Might as well just use toothpicks. People do not buy them. I regret buying them.

  5. My 11 year old daughter purchased hot designs while we were on vacation so she could do something while it was raining. It was NOT worth the money and felt bad she spent money she earned. The nail polish was so thick you couldn’t do nails. It’s a nice concept but would not recommend it to anyone else.

  6. I bought the basic 3set of colors. Green/red, blue/black,and white/pink. Well the white was not white it was a greyish color. I had to get rid of it and put in a bright white. Then last night went to use the black pen. Well it is jammed down inside so I cannot use it. I paid almost 15.00 for them at Walmart and I am not satisfied with this product.

  7. I bought them for my daughter. Some of the needle-pointed pens would not work. The designs peeled away after only a couple of hours. I cannot imagine these would hold up well in water.

  8. I was thinking about getting this product but now that i here what a terrible time you all have been having i will definitely not get it. It is just sad how great they make it look on the commercial and it turns out is one big disappointment. I am VERY disappointed! VERY

  9. I have to agree with the both of you, I just went to feel my nails to see if they were dry, and it smudged! Very disappointed with this product. Very disappointed.

  10. I agree with Debbie. I am a nail artist and found this product. I bought it for my self and looks exactly like migi nail art pens!!!! They arent a good brand and doesnt stay on. The designs immediately fall off which dont really happen. They also damage dry nail polish because of the needled point. I would much recommend sally hansen nail art pens which are much better and also nail stripers.

  11. I Hot Designs for my daughter for Christmas and
    am pretty disappointed that it dries out. 🙁 Debbie

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