Does the Sit N Cycle Really Work?

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Does Sit N Cycle Work? The Sit N Cycle is a new exercise product being introduced to the market that will take its place amongst the numerous other forms of work out equipment. Yet it will raise the question to many who will ask, is there something really different about this particular exercise product?

This exercise equipment is designed so that you can give yourself a lower workout while you are sitting and doing other activities like watching TV, reading or perhaps just listening to music. It has the concept of why not multi-task while enjoying these types of past times? Many people complain that they just don’t get enough time to fit in an exercise regime in their lifestyle. So this may be the ideal solution. The product is made so it is lightweight and compact, so it really wouldn’t take up too much room in the home which is sometimes a problem with other types of workout equipment.

The Claim
The promoters of the Sit N Cycle are touting this product as a portable exercise bike. Although lightweight they are claiming that it is durable enough to withstand extended use. They state that it has a built in lower resistance so it allows the user to be able to use it longer, however the resistance can be adjusted for those that want more. They claim that it takes very little effort to receive the benefits that it has to offer.

The Hype
The marketers of this product are putting a lot of attention on the buzz words that comes with promoting exercise equipment, but at the same time are targeting seniors and baby boomers. This is a wise tactic as many seniors want to participate in some form of indoor exercise. The hype for the product extends by making sure the reader of the marketing materials is fully aware that the unit is lightweight and versatile while being compact. It appeals to the wants and needs of what a lot of light exercise users want.

The Cost
The cost of the Sit N Cycle is not what you would call cheap. First it starts off by offering you a 30 day in home trial for the cost of $20. Then if you decide to keep the product you will be asked to make a monthly payment of $40. for 5 months. So your total cost is going to $220, which includes the 5 monthly payments and the trial fee. They do state that if you decide to return the unit within the 30 days that the $20. is refundable.

The Commitment
Just like with any exercise equipment or program you are going to have to be dedicated to following through with the use of the product. Many people start off with exercising with great enthusiasm, but the novelty soon wears off. You will need to determine your start up level of exercise then put together an exercise plan with the use of this product so you can increase your use of it accordingly.

There are some great convenience features about this product that make it appealing. It is lightweight, plus it is on wheels so this makes it easy to move it to where you want to use it. It really is quite attractive looking compared to a lot of similar types of equipment and you have 5 options for choice of colors. You could easily leave it set up in the corner of a room that you would most likely use it in and it wouldn’t look unattractive. A key benefit also is the flexibility in the resistance. This bike is focusing on users such as active seniors and baby boomers. This is beneficial for this age group as they are less likely to over exert themselves.


Final Sit N Cycle Review

We are going to give the product a thumbs up mostly because of the 30 day trial period. It gives the user a really good chance to determine a few things. First you can decide if the type of exercise it can provide is going to be beneficial for you personally. Next you can really look it over to see that it is made of quality components and is going to be durable. Finally, you can decide whether it is innovative enough to keep your interest in using it on a regular basis. It is true that there are less expensive products on the market that will give you more options such as a combination exercise bike that includes an elliptical workout like the Confidence Fitness 2-in-1 Elliptical Trainer with Seat, but the question is would this be the best choice for active seniors or baby boomers?

Our Recommendation
Overall we feel that this would be a viable exercise solution for those individuals that really don’t want to invest a lot of time, money or effort into large and expensive exercise equipment. It is important to realize that with this particular product you are only getting a lower body workout. If you are looking for something more robust then you would be better off looking at the Panther unit which we also reviewed.

What do you think? Does the Sit N Cycle work or not?

42 Customer Reviews on “Does the Sit N Cycle Really Work?

  1. Have u lost any weight or has it toned u up any??? I just got mine & I wasn’t sure if it’s working or not.. please let me know when u get free time thank u.

  2. I like to sit sit in cycle you can do about 20 minutes on the sit in cycle 20 minutes on your Elliptical. half hour with your weights and you have a great workout
    I also have a bike and I like to walk we also have a swimming pool so I get a variety of exercise in yes it takes diligence you gotta get up and just do it and went you see the results you’re happy so don’t quit and don’t forget drink lot of water

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