Does Inflamazol Really Work?

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Does Inflamazol work?Inflamazol says it can help you get right to the source of the uric acid in your system and help to get rid of gout symptoms. This would be a godsend to those that suffer from the occasional gout attack, so let’s see if it actually works.

It’s long been established that high levels of uric acid is the primary factor behind gout outbreaks. Treatment options typically involve dietary changes so that you’re not eating the foods that generally lead to increased levels of uric acid.

The Claim
The claim made by the makers of Inflamazol is that it uses a five step comprehensive process in order to free you of your gout concerns. The first thing it does is help to relieve the pain you’re experiencing, including the burning sensation in your joints. Next, they say it helps to not only control, but also block the production of excessive levels of uric acid. Third, they say it helps to effectively rid the body of too much uric acid. They also say it provides support to your kidneys and urinary system so that you’re properly eliminating the acid and preventing build up. And lastly they say it will help to prevent the occurrence of future attacks.

The Hype
Those suffering from gout can be considered motivated buyers because they want something that will work and work quickly so they don’t have to go through another attack. This strong motivation can sometimes be responsible for overriding logic and reason and leading to purchases that otherwise wouldn’t be made when thinking clearly. That’s why it’s a good idea to do your due diligence on products that are claiming to help with a very painful and chronic condition.

The Cost
A one-month supply of Inflamazol is $39. They have an optional auto-ship program but there doesn’t seem to be any benefit in going with it other than you won’t have to remember to reorder. Usually a company will give you a cost discount if you agree to a monthly program, but with this they actually charge you a dollar more. You can get the price down to $24.50 a bottle if you buy a year’s supply upfront. It’s always interesting to see this pricing structure, because obviously they are still making a profit at $24.50 so why are they selling it at $40?

The Commitment
They recommend taking it consistently for 3 months, which is either a way to sell you a 3 month supply, or it really does provide more benefits the longer you use it. We see this alot with all natural products, and it makes sense that these natural herbs and ingredients would take time to build up to maximum effectiveness. It can be hard to be patient with a painful condition like gout, and limited results can be seen early, but it’s best to take a long view with this product before coming to a conclusion on its effectiveness.

Those that have tried Inflamazol have given it pretty good reviews. Of course with a health product like this there are going to be those that didn’t experience the sort of results because there are too many factors at play. Perhaps they didn’t take it as directed, or stopped taking it before it had a chance to work. It’s interesting to note that it’s not just consumers that have rated it highly, but also professional reviewers. We’ve determined that there is a high likelihood of success for those that have a low to moderate case of gout, and use it as directed over the long term.

So if this applies to you it is definitely worth giving it a shot. If you are experiencing a chronic case of gout you may need to take more drastic and immediate measure to get it under control. And as with any health condition it is best to work in tandem with your doctor and ask them if they think this is the right choice for you and your specific condition. You may find that a combination of following your doctor’s orders and taking a natural supplement like Inflamazol is the key to total gout control.

Final Inflamazol Review

We’re giving Inflamazol the Solid Try rating. They seem to have done a good job of identifying the cause and the source of excess uric acid, and have developed a product that can help in some cases. The price is reasonable if it works, and they stand behind their product with a real guarantee. They’ve withstood the test of time, having been on the market for a few years now and only growing in that time. When you offer a product that is guaranteed you can’t survive if everyone is returning it, so there is proof in their ability to survive and thrive.

Our Recommendation
The guarantee behind this is what helped give it its rating. You have a full 3 months to evaluate it, and that’s how long they ask you to take it before making your final determination. You are allowed to send back opened containers, so they want you to actually use it and are confident that it will help and that you’ll keep it and order more. There is free shipping within the United States, so this isn’t one of those shady setups where you’re paying a large shipping price, you’ll get a refund on your entire purchase price, less return shipping costs.

What do you think? Does Inflamazol work or not?

8 Customer Reviews on “Does Inflamazol Really Work?

  1. I have used Inflamizol for seven months and have had only one flare up of gout in the first month, none since and I will continue using it, because it has proven to work for me. Thanks Inflamizol for helping me get rid of a very terrible pain.

  2. Worked for me. Goes to the source by eliminating uric acid and is all natural unlike uloric which gas a gazillion side effects

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