Does the iRenew Bracelet Really Work to Increase Balance, Strength, and Endurance?

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Does the iRenew really work?If you’ve seen the iRenew ads where people put on a bracelet and they can immediately feel the benefits of wearing it you might have wonders does this really work? On the outside it doesn’t really look like much, just some plastic and a little metal logo. Could there really be some technology behind it where it actually has an effect on the way you feel?

One trend as of late is celebrities and other high profile people like professional athletes wearing necklaces and bracelets that are purported to give them special benefits, either with increased stamina, balance, energy, or just good feelings. As technology keeps improving each year, these sort of products seem more and more likely to work. The scientific side of us wants to believe that one day we’ll be able to slip on a piece of jewellery and it will make us feel better.

The Claim
Put on the iRenew and you might have increased feelings of balance, strength, and endurance. If you take what the people in the commercial say as a claim then it also provides increased energy and better feelings all around.

The Hype
The hype arrives when they show people putting on the bracelet and being shocked that they are already feeling the sensations that it claims to provide. If a product like that really existed all it would take is one or two sales for word of mouth to spread like wildfire. Since this hasn’t happened, and they are still relying heavily on infomercials, it’s safe to say that the majority of users buy an iRenew and then sheepishly put it in their sock drawer after a few days or weeks.

The Cost
iRenew is conveniently priced at that favorite as-seen-on-TV level of $19.95 plus shipping and handling. At the time of this writing their official site will not let you order just one. They make you order the buy one get one “free” special which requires paying extra shipping for the second bracelet. This brings your order to a total of $35.85 for both bracelets, or a per bracelet cost of $17.93.

They don’t show you that total, you’re just encouraged to enter your credit card information. If you aren’t careful you’ll end up thinking you’re going to pay the $19.95 plus a modest shipping fee, but then they get you for nearly double that buy the time the card is processed and you’re able to see what happened. It’s all there in the fine print if you’re savvy enough to look.

The Commitment
There is next to no commitment involved, all that is required is to slip on the iRenew and let it do its thing.

These are the most dangerous products to be introduced to as far as your money goes, because they will talk right to your human nature. We all want the quick fix, no effort solution. You shouldn’t feel guilty for feeling this way, but you should use reason and rationale to fight off the desire for products such as these.

User Feedback
The reviews coming back from users that have tried the iRenew are overwhelmingly negative. There are more Poor ratings than Excellent by a 2 to 1 margin. If that were an election it would be considered a landslide, but it does beg the question as to why there are any positive reviews at all if the product doesn’t work.

Our Final iRenew Review: Does it Live Up to the Hype?

What most likely is working here is the placebo effect. If you desperately want more balance, strength, and endurance in your life and you’re under the impression that an iRenew bracelet will give you these qualities, you might bring yourself to believe that it works. No matter how much of a quack your product is if you get enough people to try it out you’ll eventually stumble upon people who say it works or who love it.

And if that doesn’t happen you can always pay people to give a positive review.

Our Recommendation
A healthy diet and regular exercise are a time-tested way to get more balance and energy in your life, and over time they will increase your endurance. All of the pseudoscience involved with the iRenew just complicates the matter. Stick with the tried and true methods towards better health and well-being and leave the gadgets alone.

What do you think? Does iRenew really work?

346 Customer Reviews on “Does the iRenew Bracelet Really Work to Increase Balance, Strength, and Endurance?

  1. Have had the bracelet for a few years. Kept losing mine. Found one and put it on. My backpain was relieved. Was wearing it on my left arm, my right arm started aching lately where I was actually having to take ibuprofen every day. I switched the bracelet to my right arm, and haven’t had to take any ibuprofen, or had pain to that right arm yet. I love it.

  2. Check out the ancient use of bangles for healing in “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa
    Yogananda. The belief in and science of IRenew wrist band is nothing new and a pure materialistic
    understanding of the phenomena falls short of understanding a cosmic harmony of mind, body, and
    spirit that is a key factor of success with those that have achieved positive results.

  3. How tiny is you’re arm for it to be able to fit above your elbow? I was given one by a family member and when I tried that it snapped.

  4. Seriously? Sounds like you just found a trigger point and…be smart. Also, please stop commenting a barka. You are actually hurting your case by being so defensive, you make this bracelet sound like a damn cute all…it is not!

  5. It’s not possible for a bracelet to increase your balance. There is nothing in it that makes that possible. It is a placebo. Try exercise and a good diet.

  6. they have been using strong magnets in leg wraps/boots for high dollar racehorses for years to promote healing to leg injuries & increase circulation to area which naturally has poor blood flow. horses do not respond to placebos yet improve with treatment so maybe this bracelet does work>>>if u need it. if u do not need it maybe why you do not see results? i’m gonna give it a try. just found it in my drawer & have no idea where it came from. maybe it will help my memory ha-ha. magnets are also fed to cows to aid in removing heavy metals. no idea where heavy metals came from yet as this is common progress there must b something to this? i plan to rotate bracelet on wrists & ankles to see it it helps.


  8. Well if you were interested in this product I have one u will absolutely love and want to buy. It’s a bracelet that if u buy and wear you will never have to wipe your ass again.

  9. @John…Actually the “iRenew Bracelet” has been on the Market since about 2010. That’s 6 years now. If you do a “Google Search” for it, it’ll show Reviews dating back to, at least, 2010. So, it’s possible that A Barka has had his/hers for 5 years.

  10. You might want to make life style alterations such as typical workout or
    relaxation strategies. Several men and women discover that allowing a lot more time for relaxing before,in the course of and soon after
    meals assists.

  11. @Grammarnator, you are cracking me up. Everytime this ‘a barka’ jerk posts something, I see you popping up below correcting it. You never troll this twit back, you just keep posting the correct words. It’s hilarious, please keep it up.

  12. How could you have had yours for 5 years when it’s only 1 year since this product has been on the market. You are obviously a dumb seller of this fake product.

  13. *life changer

    Buy a fucking dictionary instead of this shit.

  14. I agree with a barka, it does work. I pick up my mail at the P O late at night after work. I was in a lot of pain in my right knee & my left elbow. I tore open the pkg. & pushed it all the way above my elbow. Within 10 seconds the pain was gone! Woohoo!

  15. Earlier this year I began to experience vertigo. I also have a pinched nerve in my back causing my right arm to remain tingling. 2 of my daughter’s were give irenew bracelets. They each gave them to me. My vertigo lessened greatly and my fingers stopped burning. I wouldn’t say energy, Ha ha but the relief from vertigo and less arm tingling. Is very much appreciated…except I seem to have to wear them constantly. ?Thanks.

  16. You are truley an idiot. This is the answer for those that need the exact issue. I have used mine for 5 years now. It truley works.

  17. This has been a life change for me, dont listen to the cronic criples who want a miracle for there bad life style. This works !!

  18. This bracelet works amazing! I am very active and sprained my foot during soccer. This helped heal the pain. It also got rid of pain in my forearm which I had consistently for two years prior to wearing the bracelet (pain was from a tear caused by throwing huge rocks into the river). Highly recommended.

  19. What a waste of time and money. A piece of crap. It doesn’t do anything except give a rash on your arm.

  20. A friend of mine was on cloud nine when they purchased this, raving and raving about how it was changing their life. No offense to my sweet friend but the iRenew Bracelet did not change their balance issue in any way, shape, or form. I can only imagine that they felt better because of a placebo effect or something like that. I hope no one else gets sucked into the hype because it will be a sad, disappointing waste of $35.85. You will be left with two useless bracelets and feeling like a complete and utter fool. Don’t buy!

  21. The iRenew Bracelet doesn’t work. Don’t get your hopes up thinking you are going to feel great if you wear the bracelet. When I saw the iRenew bracelet I thought maybe it was a product from Apple as with the name ‘iRenew’, but boy is this product off big time. You pay forty dollars for a bracelet that isn’t even cute nor does it work. I suffer with balance problems and took the test and that didn’t even work. Please don’t waste a penny on this hopeless product. You will regret buying it as I do. It’s total junk!

  22. It’s sad that this has tricked so many people. Not only do they claim their product will do something for people that it doesn’t, but then they trick them into paying almost $40 for two useless not very attractive bracelets. Somebody should sue this company or something. That’s just really terrible business.

    I’ve seen infomercials for bracelets that will increase balance, and I’ve seen kiosks at the mall that sell the same thing. I’ve tried their balance test, and it actually worked a little bit, but it was definitely the placebo effect. There’s just no backing to their claims, and it’s sad that a company would still try to scam people out of so much money for a fake product.

  23. does not work…i have MS with balance issues…my mother, hoping that it would help me, bought one for me….i wore it…(for her, mainly…i dont believe this bs…) its just a piece of plastic w/a piece of metal w/a logo…nothing more….dont waste your money…

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