Does It Starts with Food Really Work?

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Does It Starts with Food Work?In keeping with the possibility that you may be going to set some New Year’s resolutions and this includes losing some weight we thought that this might be something to use as a resource.

The It Starts with Food is a best seller book on Amazon written by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. It has a different approach because it focuses around how you should eat whereas a lot of dieting books start with focusing on what you should eat, although this is also part of the success.

The Claim
The authors seem to indicate that your choice of foods may be having negative effects on you in many different ways. They claim that what they have to offer is backed with scientific research.

The Hype
Anyone that is looking for resources to help them lose weight will be the first to tell you that this comes with a super challenge. There are just so many promises out there when it comes to weight loss how do you know who to believe. This book has some good credentials behind it so that is all the hype that is needed.

The Cost
If you buy It Starts with Food  in the Kindle version you will pay $7.63, and the hardcover is $16.52.

The Commitment
Like anything when it comes to losing weight no matter what system or program you are trying you are going to have to be prepared to work at it. This means following the advice that you are going to be receiving in It Starts with Food.

It Starts with Food has a 4.7 star rating at Amazon out of 2,672 reviews. It looks like it has been listed since 2012 so that’s three years of reviews which affects the overall impact of the ratings. At the same time it is still receiving almost daily reviews and most of them seem to be positive.

Final It Starts with Food Review

We are going to give It Starts with Food a thumbs up rating. It is reasonably priced and the more you educate yourself about food the better understanding you may have as to how it affects you and your weight issues. It is definitely popular so if you are struggling with finding the right weight loss resource for you then this just might be what you need.

Our Recommendation
We urge you to do further research on the It Starts with Food to see if it peaks your interest. If it does then once you get it be committed to following through with at least reading it in its entirety. There is so magic pill or quick fix when it comes to getting rid of excess weight. We have reviewed a lot of different resources in the past. Some have seemed promising and have worked for many while others didn’t live up to their expectations. Remember that weight gain is a individualized thing and so is weight loss. Another one that you may want to check out is Your Weight Is Over.

What do you think? Does It Starts with Food work or not?

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