Does Joint Juice Really Work?

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Does Joint Juice work?Joint Juice is a suite of three different products all designed to promote joint health by supplying you with the base amount of glucosamine your joints need. Taking one supplement like this daily would make it easy for most to get the vitamins and nutrients they need, but it only makes sense if it provides the desired results.

As the American population continues to age, namely the baby boomers, more and more people will look for relief from their aching joints. Look for more and more products to hit store shelves and online shops that are geared towards relieving pain and inflammation. There’s a huge market, and pain is a big motivator for action, which is why so many companies want in on this growing trend.

The Claim
The makers of Joint Juice say that it contains 1500mg of glucosamine, and that it was developed by a doctor. They say that studies show that 1500mg is the magic number for how much glucosamine you should take daily to insure healthy functioning of your joints, but we were unable to locate these referenced studies. It would be nice of them to supply the PDF or similar documentation showing which studies they’re talking about since it’s the main crux of their argument for drinking their juice.

The Hype
With Joe Montana as your pitchman, how can you go wrong? He’s got plenty of credibility being a football hall of famer that’s taken is share of hits over the years. Plus he’s not endorsing everything under the sun like some celebrities. Of course he’s a paid spokesperson, but chances are he does use this. But any time you get a big name celebrity to pitch your product you’re going to get some hype, and generate some sales. They’re also running a “challenge” which is basically a marketing tactic that double dog dares you to try their product.

The Cost
You can find Joint Juice for as $4.42 for a six-pack at Wal-Mart. There are also several other retailers offering it at different prices, so it’s simply a matter of finding it at a good price so you don’t overpay. Compared to other glucosamine supplements it seems regularly priced, but they expect you to take it daily, which can add up and make it a bit expensive for some.

The Commitment
They recommend drinking a bottle of this daily, for best results. You always have to wonder when a company gives their suggested usage of their product, because there’s so much room for ulterior motives. Is this something that really needs to be taken every day, or does it just make the most financial sense to the company to have their product purchased daily. In this instance they do cite studies that say getting 1500mg of glucosamine daily is the best way to go.

Joint Juice comes in a pretty convenient form, and is easier to consume than trying to mix a powder, or take pills to get glucosamine into the body. The feedback it has received, while limited, points to it working, with most people saying that it did ease some of their pain. Of course others said that they didn’t notice much of a change, if any. It’s hard to make a pain relieving product that everyone likes, because pain is so relative and subjective. What one person considers pain relief does not hold true for another. Also, there are such varying degrees of pain, what one person things is painful another would just write off as normal.

Final Joint Juice Review

Joint Juice is getting our Solid Try rating. If you can purchase it at the right price it appears to be a bargain. Those that don’t want to consumer artificial ingredients won’t like it because it contains it in the carbonated versions. There are a good number of side effects associated with taking glucosamine, so you should consider that before going ahead with this, and do your research to see if there are any contraindications to trying it. It’s also best to talk with your doctor to see if there are any other treatment options that might provide better relief.

Our Recommendation
Even though there isn’t much clinical evidence that glucosamine works for joint health, there are plenty of people that have said that it helps them with joint inflammation. If you’re currently not taking anything for your stiff and aching joints this may be a good place to start, or if you’ve tried other treatments with no luck, this is at a good price point to try out to see if it provides results. But it’s best to keep a level head, and try it out as an experiment rather than betting the farm that it will work for you.

What do you think? Does Joint Juice work or not?

10 Customer Reviews on “Does Joint Juice Really Work?

  1. I have osteoarthritis pain in both hips which kept me from a good nights sleep since I wasn’t able to sleep on my sides or roll over. I discovered Joint Juice at Costco for $16.xx for a case and decided to try it. At the same time, I started taking the liquid Turmeric from Costco. Although I am not totally without pain and I don’t know which, or if both, are making a difference but I am now able to turn on my sides during sleep. I’ll keep purchasing both. The Joint Juice is actually a tasty refreshing drink.

  2. You hit 60 and you start feeling it. You never imagine that you’d ever feel joint pain 24/7, but it happens to all of us eventually, because age doesn’t discriminate and we all age. The price is good and it’s very conveniently packaged. I drink starbucks all the time, so I might as well cut down on that a little and drink joint juice instead. Maybe it’ll help with my joint pain or maybe it won’t, but at least I’m trying something.

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