Does Mario Badescu Skin Care Really Work?

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Does Mario Badescu Skin Care work?We’d heard good things about the Mario Badescu Skin Care lineup, but had to delve further to see if it really does work as well as everyone is saying, or if there was some discrepancy in the reviews. Sometimes when the hype machine gets going a product can get blown out of proportion, and before long it becomes something of legend.

This line of skin care originated as a way to fight acne, and has expanded into anti-aging products. It’s not surprising that these are two industries with problems that are pretty hard to fix, and markets where there is a flood of ineffective products, both prescription and non-prescription. So it’s quite a challenge for a company to come in and offer support, and quite a feat to get several people to agree that it’s actually working.

The Claim
Each product in the Mario Badescu portfolio makes its own subtle claim: it works. They basically say what the product is supposed to be used for, which ingredients are responsible for providing the results, how to use the product to achieve the results, and which products to use with it to maximize the results. It’s a very “it is what it is” way of listing what the product can do, and how it can do it, and is quite refreshing when most skin care products will resort to making outlandish claims and citing non-existent clinical studies.

The Hype
Even though they’ve been around for decades, their ticket to fame was being featured on the Martha Stewart show. But word of mouth and positive reviews have kept the fire stoked and they’re still riding a wave of friendly feedback. Many times you’ll see products like these making big claims with accompanying infomercials and aggressive advertising. The approach they’re taking is very laid back, and it’s basically just listing the features and saying how it works, not promising to have your face looking 100% in a matter of days.

The Cost
Each product in the Mario Badescu skin care showcase has its own price, with the range being anywhere from $!2 to $46 for an acne kit. Overall the prices seem rather reasonable, with some of the products only needing to be dabbed on, so even the smaller sizes should last you as long as regular-sized options.

The Commitment
Treating the skin is something you have to stay on top of, and should be attended to daily no matter which product you go with. This is especially true if you are using anti-aging products in an effort to delay Father Time. You have to be extra diligent, but also patient with yourself and keep a long-term view in mind so that you’re not looking in the mirror after just a few treatments looking for instant results. With acne you have to remain hopeful that even though you may have gotten your hopes dashed in the past that a new product can be the answer you’ve needed.

Mario Badescu products get excellent reviews across the board. We cross-checked that with what professional reviewers are saying, and it all seems pretty unanimous. This is a peculiarity because most of the time skin care products get mixed reviews due to so many different skin types and varying degrees of problems. When you look at acne fighting systems it seems no one can ever agree on whether a product works, so that’s doubly impressive.

The acne products have a lot more feedback than the anti-aging, since they’ve been around longer. Preliminary feedback on some of the anti-aging products is good, and it’s not surprising that they’d deliver because they don’t want to jeopardize their reputation by putting out products that don’t work. It’s clear they’ve been around for awhile and want to be around in the future.

Drying Lotion – Take for instance their drying lotion. This is claimed to be their best seller when it comes to clearing up acne, and it supposedly does so by drying them up. It can handle big whiteheads, as well as smaller ones, and goes for $18. If used in conjunction with cleansers and toners you should see a dramatic reduction in the number of pimples you get, and how long they stick around when you do get them.

Buffering Lotion – Their buffering lotion is another product in their line that gets amazing reviews and is meant for those real nasty pimples that seem to form roots in your skin. The cystic acne that even dermatologists can have trouble treating are supposed to be calmed down and kept to a minimum with this lotion. Users say that nothing else was able to work until they found this. It goes for $17 so it’s not as if they’re keeping it out of arm’s reach by charging a ridiculous price.

Final Mario Badescu Skin Care Review

We’re giving the Mario Badescu skin care line the Thumbs Up rating, due to so much positive feedback not just from professional critics, but from regular users. Acne products are really hard to get right, but they seem to have done it, and they don’t use gimmicks like making a 3 step program, or making you follow a complicated routine.

Our Recommendation
You should definitely try out one of these products, depending on what type of problem you’re trying to treat. The prices are reasonable, and the likelihood of getting results is high. Of course there’s no guarantee that it will work for your particular situation, but in this industry it’s about trying the products that get the highest ratings, and this one qualifies.

What do you think? Does Mario Badescu Skin Care work or not?

89 Customer Reviews on “Does Mario Badescu Skin Care Really Work?

  1. if my comment makes it through the screening I hope you see it!
    If not; please google Mario badescu destroying skin.

  2. If it weren’t for the fact the Kardashians used this and the brand employs armies of social media wizards; Badescu would’ve faded into oblivion after the class action lawsuit (which mislead consumers by using harmful pharmaceutical grade steroids by not disclosing ingredients and harmed many users).
    Anyone still buying this line can thank social media ‘influencers’ for being brave enough to use this.
    It’s been found out that not only are the products sub-par, no active treatment levels… a quick look at the ingredients will show you how the costs stay down- cheap fillers, cheap dyes, and mostly fragrance!
    I work at a retailer with this line and we do our best to educate our consumer into buying better quality then this garbage.
    You get one face in life, treat it well, not with this.

  3. This is all I needed to hear or read 😛 I knew Mario Badescu Skin Care products were quality products because of all the great reviews I’ve read about them so far, but I had a tiny bit of suspicion due to the fact that it had so little negative feedback. But I’m being stupid, there’s got to a good reason why it’s getting so many good reviews and I’m not very comfortable about making purchase. I hope I’m right keke~~

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