Does Laser Lipo Really Work?

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Does Laser Lipo work?Laser Lipo is the new supposed upgrade and alternative to conventional liposuction. It is basically going for the same result, but using a different approach that should in theory make a big difference in the results you see, the pain you feel, and your overall look once it’s finished. But does it really work, or is it a gimmick to sell more procedures?

This is one of the first real change in decades to the way doctors have been performing liposuction. It’s interesting to note that it has come under such scrutiny. New procedures always do, as there are the old style doctors that don’t want to adapt to the new technology, so they won’t throw their support behind it. There are also those that don’t want to learn a new procedure, so they will be skeptical. But just like LASIK got a lot of flak when it first came out, it’s something that laser lip just has to deal with.

The Claim
The claim of laser lipo clinics is that the use of lasers makes the liposuction procedure faster, safer, and more effective. They claim that they are using the laser to melt layers of fat cells out of your body, and also to seal up blood vessels as it goes along. The end result is a less invasive procedure, faster recovery, and better results.

They also claim that when you go with the laser version you are able to stay awake during the procedure. By avoiding the use of a general anesthetic, they are making the procedure inherently more safe because they are avoiding all of the potential complications general anesthetic brings with it.

The Hype
The hype is that many people are claiming that this is just a marketing ploy to get people to sign up for the procedure. “Laser” is a good word to add to something when you want to make it sound more technologically advanced, less painful, or more precise. Getting your teeth whitened sounds good. Getting your teeth laser whitened sounds much better.

If you ask someone if they want to get liposuction they might say no, because it involves someone sucking the fat out of you with a big probe. But if you ask them if they want laser liposuction, they might say yes, because they assume that the laser is going to make it better, safer, or speed up recovery time.

The Cost
The other thing about using the word laser is that you can charge more. People assume that laser equipment and training is more expensive than conventional liposuction, and will be prepared for a higher price tag.

The Commitment
As with any cosmetic procedure, you have to commit to going through with it, and putting up with any pain that it causes. Obviously this is all less commitment than losing the fat through diet and exercise, but you should still try to adopt a healthy lifestyle so you don’t grow the fat back and have to continually go in for laser lipo treatments.

Laser lipo is facing its fair share of scrutiny, but it’s hard to argue with results. The conventional way of doing it just seems so medieval. Sticking a big straw and sucking out fat is about the simplest thing in the world to understand. By using a laser though, they are able to melt the fat cells and then suck out the oily mess that remains. It seems like a solid way of going about this, and is a little more sophisticated than the surly approach of traditional liposuction.

Don’t Be Like Sisyphus
Sisyphus was the king of Greek mythology that had the misfortune of being punished to roll a heavy rock up a hill just to have it come rolling back down. If you get liposuction make sure you change up your eating habits and get more exercise so that you can maintain this new appearance. You don’t want to find yourself back in the doctor’s office for another round of these because you can’t get your lifestyle straightened out.

A better way of going about it is to first change your habits, and then get liposuction done on the parts that you are having trouble with. For example, if you lose a good portion of your weight on your own, but can’t seem to lose your tummy or your arm fat, get lipo in these areas so that you can enjoy the results now, and then keep them with your new healthy habits.

Final Laser Lipo Review

Laser lipo seems to work really well, as several before and after videos, as well as videos of the actual procedure seem to show it working quite effectively. Of course it’s not going to work for everyone, and some people won’t even be eligible to have it done. But if you are eligible, and you can swing it financially, and you’re going to get some sort of lipo done no matter what, it’s probably the better option.

Our Recommendation
If you’re dead set on getting liposuction, and have the extra money to get the laser version, you should probably go with it. However, traditional liposuction has a longer track record of success, so if you choose a well-reviewed cosmetic surgeon you should be able to get just as good results from them than you would with any of the new offices offering laser treatments.

What do you think? Does Laser Lipo work or not?

158 Customer Reviews on “Does Laser Lipo Really Work?

  1. I am going to my second treatment today. I would be happy to show you the way for donations to keep all my appointments. I am starting at 190 and going to a gym. Again I am on my second treatment.b

  2. Please let me know if you see results… I am trying to figure out if I should do it

  3. I have 6 session for laser lipo and after the first session, I have not see any difference at all. I believe this is all just a gimmick for what I can see for myself. But I guess I will just see it I see any difference after my rest of my 5 sessions are complete.

  4. Isn’t that a violation of privacy to disclose? Not appropriate to for medical professionals to confirm or deny if someone has been in there facilities without the patients consent

  5. Adam, Lazer lipo is offered in many clnics here in California. There is one right around the corne from my home.

  6. Hi Lanie,

    SAF Lipo is only offered by New Heights MEDSPA in Houston, TX. I did not see you as a client, when we’re you in our facility?

  7. Hi Lanie, When is your next session? how many have you signed up for? I’m very interested in this procedure so I would to follow your treatments.
    Thanks and good luck, I hope you se great results soon.

  8. I just had my first SAF Lipo session on my stomach area yesterday. They said that I would see results immediately. However, today, I look exactly the same and measured beforehand. No change so far.

  9. According to the articles I’ve read so far, the surgical lyposuction is a lot more dangerous than advertised. Don’t take my word for it and do the search yourselves. I plan to work out and keep my body healthy once I go through my procedure, but it’s not going to be the traditional liposuction. I heard some great things about laser lipo and it has better safety track record from the information I’ve gathered. I’m really excited for this!

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