Does Latavi Really Work?

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Does Latavi really work?Many women are not happy with the size of their chest, which means companies like the ones that make Latavi have a ready audience at all times. It’s not very hard to figure out what women want in regards to their breasts. They want them to look like the ones on the supermodels and celebrities in beauty and tabloid magazines. At the very least they want them to look the way they used to when they were younger.

So of course there is a flooded marketplace of products promising women bigger breasts without having to resort to expensive surgery. Many of these products claim to be all-natural, and make no bones about the fact that they are tinkering with mother nature to produce results that are actually not natural. What sets Latavi apart is the claim of permanent results when using the product. We just had to investigate further.

The Claim
Latavi claims that you can increase your breasts by up to 2 cup sizes. They also say that you can lift, tone, and enlarge your breasts. They go on to say that it eliminates sagging, and increases volume.

These are some impressive claims for something that comes in a bottle, and for what many women pay thousands of dollars to have a plastic surgeon do for them. It also sounds a little bit like a miracle drug for women that are unhappy with their chest size.

They also claim that the results you get from using Latavi are permanent, so you don’t have to keep taking it indefinitely once you reach your desired results. This is one of the first products in the industry that makes this claim, and most others say that when you stop taking their products your breasts will go back to the way they were.

This is perhaps the biggest claim made by Latavi, which should raise eyebrows from anyone that’s done their research in the breast enhancement product market. How in the world can something give you permanent results from a bottle? Up until now the only thing that has provided somewhat permanent results is breast enhancement surgery from a qualified professional.

The Cost
A one-month supply of Latavi is $90 plus shipping and handling. You can get a discount if you have it automatically shipped to you every month, but this doesn’t make sense because you don’t want to have something automatically shipped to you if the results are permanent. As soon as you reach your goal size you would want to stop ordering, and not have to remember to cancel a membership.

The promoting of an auto ship system is also suspicious because they say you will have quick results, so why would you need something automatically sent to you every month? The conclusion must be that either it doesn’t work, the results aren’t permanent, or takes much longer than they say it does to see results.

The Commitment
It can be hard starting a new routine, especially with something as easy to do as taking a pill. You have to remain consistent with your dosage if you want to see the best results. If you habitually forget to take your Latavi pill, you will just delay the process and push back the time it takes to see what it does.

Latavi is big on claims but short on factual evidence to back up those claims. You basically have to take them at their word and believe what they say because there aren’t any scientific studies referenced, any reports to go through in order to find out how much testing has been done, or what kind of research and development went into the actual product.

Since there is no regulation on natural substances, many of these companies do zero research and just throw together herbs, fruit, and vegetable extracts and call it a day. Since the FDA won’t get near these sorts of products with a 10 foot pole there’s really no authoritative branch of the government to keep consumers safe.

The problem with trusting all-natural ingredients when used in a product like Latavi is that just because something comes from the Earth doesn’t mean it’s safe, or effective. Makers of breast enhancement medications don’t really have a lot in the way of scruples, and will put just about anything into a product if they think it sounds good on the label.

Final Latavi Review

Latavi is not the only breast enhancement pill on the market, but it is the first one to say that the results you get are permanent. We find it highly unlikely, and since there is nothing else given at the site in regards to proof or verification of their claims, we have to say that Latavi does not work, because in the world of herbal supplements its guilty until proven innocent.

Our Recommendation
We don’t recommend Latavi because there isn’t anything available to make a sound decision. The amount of reliable user feedback is so low, and there’s so many things that leads to suspicion that we just can’t certify this as a solid purchase.

What do you think? Does Latavi work or not?

4 Customer Reviews on “Does Latavi Really Work?

  1. I too have used it in the past and also had a huge increase in size. I even showed my husband and even he was amazed. You could clearly see where it was increasing. My results have been permanent for about 7 years now & I’ve even had a baby recently. I am now searching for it again & came across this. My advise would be to take the review of people who have taken it & seen results especially permanent results. I would most definitely recommend this product. I hope to find more.

  2. I used it and did notice a great deal of increase in size. I have since lost weight and some size in my breasts. I have been searching the Web trying to find it again. I loved the stuff.

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