Does Latisse Really Make Your Eyelashes Longer?

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Does Latisse work?Latisse has gotten hundreds of women who suffer from hypotrichosis, or thinning lashes, abuzz and the numbers of those interested in the product are continuing to grow. It is the first and only prescription treatment of its kind to be approved by the FDA. Unlike typical eyelash enhancers available on the market, you’ll need a prescription from your doctor to get your hands on a small bottle of it.

Allergen — the company behind Latisse — created an eye drop to help treat those with intraocular pressure. Many patients claimed that their eyelashes grew longer and darker after use of the eye drop, prompting Allergen to create an eyelash enhancing product commonly known as Latisse.

Hypotrichosis is a condition that plenty of elderly women are aware of. Experts conducting a study were able to conclude from that age can be responsible for the loss and thinning of eyelashes. Losing a couple of strands isn’t usually a problem, but when you’re a female, it’s a really big deal. Luscious eyelashes are every woman’s dream and they try and fulfil those dreams by packing on the mascara. Although it can make it seem like you have full lashes, it’s only temporary and for those who hardly have any eyelashes to begin with won’t see much of a transformation.

The Claim
They claim that with the use of this product, you can obtain thicker, longer and even darker eyelashes within a 16 week period. The market that the company is targeting seems to be older women who have an inadequate count of lashes which is what Latisse is known to help with.

The Cost
Because a prescription from your doctor is needed in order to use this, it cannot be purchased anywhere online and can only be found at your local drugstore. The price of the product will vary, but the introductory price should be around $100.00. In some areas, a bottle of it can sell for about $120.00.

The Commitment
If you want to get the results they are advertising, it could take up to 16 weeks before you even begin to notice an improvement with your eyelashes. An application every night before you doze off is required. Other than that, nothing more is needed but your eagerness and patience. Sixteen weeks is a long time to remember to apply the product, and you may have to learn how to adapt it into your daily regime.

A clinical trial consisting of 134 women over the age of 35 was conducted by Allergen. Results showed that the fullness of eyelashes improved in 91% of the women in the group. This is a fairly large percentage of women to have claimed there was an improvement with their lashes therefore proving to us that it really does work. Of course we all know that these company-sponsored tests should be taken with a grain of salt, but even if it is only half true that’s pretty good odds.

What People Are Saying
So how about people that weren’t in the test? What about people that got a prescription and started using it on their own. Feedback from women outside of the test group seemed to have received the same results. Within only weeks of using it, they observed their lashes growing longer and fuller. Even after 16 weeks, the same women still remain devoted to the product. Not everybody will have the same results though, of course, and anyone that tells you differently is just wrong.

Side Effects
There was a good handful of feedback from consumers who complained their eyelashes were falling out. This is actually a known side effect from using Latisse which is why the company recommends you speak with your doctors first before using the product.

There were also those who claimed they experienced slight pigmentation around the eyes. Discoloration of the skin around the eye area is also another known side effect of Latisse. The company has posted the findings on their website allowing potential clients as well as customers of the product already, to be aware of the issue. Allergen does state that if any pigmentation does occur, it may be reversible.

Lastly, users found that the price is extremely high. Who can blame them when a small 3ml bottle worth $120 is kind of pricey for a product that might not even work for you.

Final Latisse Review

Overall, most women who’ve used or are still using the Latisse seemed satisfied with the product, so we’re giving it a tentative Thumbs Up. If you want it bad enough to get a prescription and pay the high price, it had better work, right? If the list of known side effects doesn’t scare you and the price is seems reasonable, it might just be one of the best cosmetic products you buy, and fix your eyelash problem for good.

What do you think? Does Latisse work or not?

10 Customer Reviews on “Does Latisse Really Make Your Eyelashes Longer?

  1. Latisse works for me. You get this little, tiny bottle and a whole bunch of mini brushes to apply the product. You’re supposed to use one brush and one drop on each upper eyelid. Then wipe away the excess. Well, that, to me, seemed wasteful so I’d just use one little brush, dip it in the cap which is where I put a drop in and apply, therefore saving that stuff and having it last twice as long.

    Something I noticed from one of the women at my doctor’s office…she uses Latisse but her eyelashes look kind of silly. WAY too long and kind of scraggly, especially in the center part of her eyelids.

    When I began to see results myself, I saw that my lashes too grew the longest in the center. And it’s like the tips are longer. Not thicker, just longer. Now I apply it sparingly in that area.

    I am pleased with Latisse. I don’t use it every single night just from laziness. I’ll forget about it altogether but then after a couple of months I notice my lashes are not so long and full so I begin the process again.

    I’ve not had any side effects, no discoloration, etc. I did experiment by wiping the brush, still wet with Latisse, over my eyebrows. They became fuller in about three weeks.

  2. Wasn’t this the product that was endorsed by Brooke Shields? I can be a bit of a sucker sometimes but I think that someone as popular as Brook Shields would have to ensure that the product is at least mostly safe before they would put their stamp of approval on it. As far as the chance of eye color changes, I wouldn’t mind. I have dull, boring eyes. Even my “loving” mother used to say that to me. So if they magically changed to something more beautiful AND I got longer lashes to boot, I would be a happy camper!

  3. Use with caution. Definitely talk to your doctor before you try this since you need a prescription anyway. Reviews say that it works, however, the side effects are quite concerning. If the product is made to help grow and darken your lashes and a side effect is loosing lashes, that is a major concern. Also, since it will darken your lashes, you have to be extremely careful with your application to prevent it from touching your skin which some have reported has resulted in hyper pigmentation. Some may consider the alternative that is growing in popularity these days – which is eyelash extensions. These can be easily applied yourself for a night, or you can get them professionally sewn or glued on which can last up to a month for much cheaper than the cost of this product.

  4. Latisse really does work. It is an amazing product that offers something no other product does- longer eyelashes. Many products claim to do the same, but look at the reviews… For those that are concerned about the change in eye color, if you read the studies, it is very rare. This was a product used IN the eyes and it still wasn’t frequent. The risk is still there, however, the statistics will help you decide if it is worth the risk. (There were no reported changes in eye color while using Latisse, only when applied directly to the cornea as glaucoma medication.) The application is easy and only gets easier with time. Once you hit the maintenance phase, you apply a lot less frequently. If longer, thicker eyelashes are your goal, speak to your doctor about Latisse. You can decide based on the information given if it is the right product for you.

  5. I remember seeing the commercial for this product and having my interest piqued. I have thin, short eyelashes that are blonde so they don’t really show. I’m not very happy with them. But when I heard that one of the side effects is a change in eye color, I thought, no way! I like my eye color…like Wombatish I have blue eyes, and it’s a certain unusual shade of blue that many members of my family have. Also, changing eye color changes the whole look of a person. I grew up with a girl who has dark brown eyes, one day she started wearing green contacts, and she just doesn’t look the same. For this side effect along, I don’t think this product is worth it.

  6. You forgot the biggest side effect… it can change your eye color – permanently!

    Sorry, but I love my blue eyes, and going to brown

    I’ll take my genetically crappy eyelashes over brown eyes any day.

  7. I stand by Latisse 100% – especially over stuff like double-lash which I noticed you also reviewed.

    I have many friends using this, it was in fact recommended by my BFF and I haven’t looked back. It’s wonderful and does wonders for my lashes.

    Just wanted to give yall my two cents in hopes it helps you make a better decision. Thanks for posting and reading.

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