Does the Love Handle Really Work?

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Does the Love Handle Work?If you are trying to judge what this product may be by the name, then chances are you are way off base. However, the Love Handle just might be a cell phone gadget that you truly do fall in love with.

This is one of those “oh so simple” gadgets that just may have the potential of becoming one of your most favorites. If you have ever dropped your cell phone then you know the instant panic that comes with this. Did it damage your phone, or were you lucky this time? Either way the memory of this unfortunate event is going to stick around with you for awhile. But, it may no longer be an issue with the Love Handle. This is just a simple device that you stick on the back of your cell phone so you can slip your finger into while holding your phone. It is a universal elastic grip that is held firmly in place with 3M adhesive.

The Claim
The company claims that once you affix the Love Handle to your phone it is there to stay. It allows you to complete one hand texting without having to put a death grip on your phone in fears of dropping it.

The Hype
All the company had to do is reach out to those who have a worry about dropping their cell phone, which is most cell phone users. This is such a big problem that most users want to avoid that they will pay tons of money on protective shields just in case they do drop their phone. It is an easy thing to do, and these cell phone devices have become such an important part of our lives that we will utilize almost anything that is going to protect them.

The Cost
For $10. plus $.95 shipping and handling you will get two Love Handles plus a bonus gift of a Powerbank battery backup.

The Commitment
All it’s going to take is for you to follow the instructions to attach the Love Handle to your cell phone. You may want to use the second one for your tablet or give it away as a gift.

It’s clean and simple and certainly not expensive, but it really is important that it works, because otherwise you are using it with a false sense of security. Once you have followed the directions and you are sure that it is firmly fixated to your device, then test it to make sure that it is holding.

Final Love Handle Review

We are going to give the Love Hand a solid Try/Buy because anything that can help prevent a mishap like dropping your devices is worth trying. It may be ideal for the little ones who have iPads but they have difficulty handling them. This gives them some extra security. Elastic is a pretty durable material, and 3M adhesive as a good reputation, so overall the Love Handle has some good components.

Our Recommendation
There is always something new coming out that on first appearances looks like a great accessory for many of our electronic components. A good example is the GripGo Phone Mount. On the surface it looked like it might be a great product, but unfortunately the feed back is saying anything but that.

What do you think? Does the Love Handle work or not?

13 Customer Reviews on “Does the Love Handle Really Work?

  1. Love it!!
    Have given several to friends and recommend to everyone!
    It comes in especially handy when you don’t have a pocket and just let it hang on your finger so your hands are free!

  2. I used one for several years, until my phone died. The guy at the craft show where I bought it affixed it to my phone, and it lasted longer than my phone did. I simply never dropped my phone again. I swear by this product.

  3. Well, so far this stays attached to my phone fine, but be aware that elastic is very, very tight. My fingers are small and I have problems getting my fingers under the elastic. Too tight for my liking.

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