Do Online Divorces Really Work?

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Do Online Divorces Work?No married couple likes to face the fact that they are prepared to divorce. This decision comes with many mixed emotions, and added to this is the extra burden of the legal costs in order to make the divorce legal. A lot of people are now looking at online divorces and taking the do it yourself approach, but does this really make it legal and is it actually possible?


Every state has its own specific divorce laws and proceedings. If you are thinking of going through this legal process yourself then you have to first be very familiar with the rulings for your state. There is a massive amount of paperwork that comes with divorce proceedings, and this is where the bulk of your efforts are going to take place.

The Claim

Online divorces are gaining in popularity simply because the crux of the proceedings are based on the numerous forms that have to be filled out. There are companies like My Divorce Papers that walk you through the entire process from start to finish. It begins with you signing up, paying a small fee then going through an online interview. As you go through this interview all of the pertinent forms according to the State that you are filing your divorce in will be completed. Once all the forms have been completed, you print them off, serve your spouse, then file the applicable documents with the appropriate court.

The Hype

The My Divorce Papers services states that all of their forms are readily accepted by all Family courts, and they even offer a full refund if for some reason they are found unacceptable.

The Cost

The cost for online divorces it would seem will depend on your State and the number and types of documents that you need to file. The cost will not be revealed until you register with the service. At that point you can decide if this is a financially feasible option to you, but no doubt it will be far less than what you would be paying in lawyer’s fees.

The Commitment

You are going to have a lot of questions to answer when it comes to online divorces, in order to fill out all of the necessary forms. So grab a cup of coffee and be prepared to sit at your computer for awhile. Make sure you are going to be able to answer all of the questions accurately, they are only going to be as good as the information that you provide for them.


One thing that has to be kept in mind is that in order to be able to make use of online divorce services they will more than likely only be applicable to uncontested divorces. This basically means that both parties are in agreement with what is being filed in the documents that are going to be going before the courts.

Final Online Divorces Review

With many states introducing the no fault divorce regulations it makes it much easier to file for a divorce. If it is uncontested then the success for attaining one is basically reliant on all of the proper paperwork being produced and submitted. With a Company such as My Divorce Papers being available there should be no need for legal representation. We are giving My Divorce Papers a Thumbs up rating because of several factors. They have been featured on several different types of well known media such as CNN and Fox news to name a few. They have a well laid out and very informative website. They stand behind their documents with a money back guarantee. Out of 1681 certified testimonials they have received a overall 4.8 star rating. Plus, they offer other several other related services.

Our Recommendation

Before even getting to that final step of divorce think about looking into something like the Save the Marriage System. It is getting some impressive thumbs up reviews. If you can salvage your marriage then that would be well worth the effort. In the event this is not an option then do consider the online divorces services of My Divorce Papers.

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