Does Lumivella Really Work?

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Does Lumivella really work?As we get older, it’s no fun watching our body go through the inevitable changes, but that doesn’t give a company the right to take advantage of our displeasure and promote a product like Lumivella. It’s amazing that in this day and age we live in products like this and the companies behind them can still remain in business.

You’d think there’d be some governing body that could shut a site like this down and recall a product that has no proof of its effectiveness. Disclaimers alone should not be able to give a company the ability to say whatever they want. Also, offering a money back guarantee should not give you the ability to sell anything you can dream up.

Lumivella is a product that definitely makes people wonder if it really works. But first, they probably ask what the heck is it? Lumivella itself states that it’s a “missing link” to beauty science, which is ridiculously vague and a strange thing to call yourself. It is manufactured by a company called NorthStar Nutrition, which produces dozens of different products in the healthcare industry.

The Claim
The claims come fast and furious on a mile-long sales page that has one goal: and that is to get you comfortable with the idea of spending $70 on a bottle of mystery pills. They claim that it is the secret to ageless beauty. They also say that the results can be achieved overnight. They also claim that this secret has been closely guarded through the ages.

They go on to state that it will help you get rid of that papery feel in your skin, the sagging that comes with age, the dark circles under your eyes, the laugh lines around your mouth, crow’s feet around the corners of your eyes, the creases on your forehead from looking surprised or curious, and then one big general sweeping claim that they can help you conquer any other effects of time.

They say that by using their product you can look better now than you did a decade ago. They also refer to Lumivella as “The Great Protector”, as if it’s some North Korean dictator or something.

They also claim that the secret miracle ingredient is called I-GT and it works by neutralizing free radicals in the body, the things responsible for the ageing process. Really, the claims are too many to mention and they really lay it on thick. By the time you get to the end of their sales page your head is swimming with so many promises in such a short amount of time.

Pretty hefty claims. Surely, they have a barrage of factual evidence, user testimonials, or something – anything – to back up the laundry list of claims being made. Au contraire.

The Hype
The hype comes from the makers of Lumivella that have decided to use a pitch page usually reserved for information products to try and sell overpriced, unknown, unregulated “beauty pills”. You won’t find any sort of scientific evidence to back up the claims made, and their only hope is that you’ll just follow along with what they say in their sales pitch and click the buy now button when you get to the end.

The Cost
The makers of Lumivella have gotten one thing right and that’s marking their product price up to give it some sort of added value. You see, companies know that if you put a product’s price too low consumers assume that this means it’s a low-quality product. By giving a product a high price, even though it has a low manufacturing cost, you add to the perceived value of the product.

To say something has been a closely guarded secret and then offer it at a low price would raise a few eyebrows. However, when it’s $70 a bottle people start to think maybe it actually was a secret.

All the products sold by NorthStar Nutrition come with a 60 day money back guarantee, but not only will you have to believe in the product, you’d also have to believe that you’ll get your money back if you ask for a refund.

The Commitment
If you start using Lumivella you’d better be prepared to continue using it, because if it only lived up to half of its claims you wouldn’t want to go back to the way things are now. You can sign up to have the product automatically shipped, and your credit card automatically charged so that you receive it every month like clockwork. Many people are not comfortable with the idea of taking a pill every day for the rest of their life, whether it be a pharmaceutical drug or all-natural wonder pill like Lumivella.

There is absolutely no way to evaluate the situation. This is the snake oil salesman that your mother warned you about. Not a shred of factual evidence is presented at the site, and the sales pitch reads like a checklist of things to tell a desperate person.

At this price point you have to demand a lot more from a company than what NorthStar Nutritionals is giving its consumers. Just because you toss the word secret around a lot and promise the world in a bottle doesn’t give you the right to charge $70 for something that probably costs a few dollars to produce.

If their product actually did the things it said, they would have no trouble providing some sort of research and development documentation. But as it stands, there’s absolutely no reason to believe any of the claims or to be a guinea pig that tries out a product that hasn’t been tested on anyone else prior.

We happily invite anyone that has tried Lumivella to let us know what they think of the product, either good or bad. Our sinking suspicion is that anyone that has tried it is too embarrassed to admit that it doesn’t work, or there may be the very small possibility that they want to keep it a secret if it did work.

Final Lumivella Review

No, Lumivella does not work. There is nothing on the planet that can provide the plethora of results that Lumivella claims to provide. The fault may or may not lie in the product itself but in the absurdly long and drawn out sales pitch that throws everything but the kitchen sink at the weary reader.

Most companies that try this tactic will at least have dozens of user testimonials. These are suspiciously absent from the Lumivella website which leads one to wonder if anyone has actually tried this product at all. Even though testimonials of this kind are usually made up and phony, it would be nice to see that they went to the trouble to make it appear as if someone had used it before.

A Look at the Ingredients
There aren’t many ingredients listed that can be researched online because it’s all proprietary blends with made-up names. If you want to trust your body to something like “Lumistor” or “Lactium” or whatever else that was dreamed up in a board meeting, no review on this page is going to change your mind.

Our Recommendation
Stay as far away from Lumivella as you can. Your pocketbook will thank you. Getting old isn’t fun, but neither is spending $70 for the privilege of taking a mystery pill from a small company in the hopes that it will turn back the clock.

What do you think? Does Lumivella work or not?

32 Customer Reviews on “Does Lumivella Really Work?

  1. I found that I could see a definite difference the very next day, and it just keeps getting better. I believe that they have found the right blend of vitamins to produce the results that they base their (very lengthy) sales pitch on. It is the only skin product I continue to buy.

  2. There are 2 things that will make your skin sag and wrinkled: Sugar and smoking.
    One thing that helps preserve your skin condition: An egg a day.
    This has been proven my may people who have still good skin well into their eighties.

    Smoking is the worst. It can make your skin wrinkled already at the age of 60.
    Sugar is inoccuous, as it temporarily blows up your face while you put on weight.
    Then your skin collapses as you try to control your weight.
    Eggs give you super nutrition. The yolk contains vitamin E that helps your skin stay supple and many minerals and other micro-nutrients that are not available any other way. Don’t worry about cholesterol in eggs, since it is all good cholesterol and has been proven not to cause any problems.
    Vitamin e containing hair conditioner can also help a dry skin stay nice and moist.

    So just good nutrition and common sense will do it all

  3. I actually had a positive experience with Lumivella. I struggle with insomnia off and on and rarely feel rested when I wake up. Lumivella definately helped me sleep so much better and when I wake up I feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day. No kidding! I had my husband try it since he struggles with fatigue due to pain while sleeping and he can rarely go into the deep state of sleep. A very light sleeper.
    Lumivella most certainly helped him too so I am convinced that it is a good product.
    I agree that it is too expensive so I can’t purchase it very often. I diasppointment.

  4. This product does not work
    North Star Nutrition that is marketing this product is fraudulent
    They are stealing my money from the details of my credit card I provided

    Please please and please someone should stop them

  5. North Star Nutrition is a fraud
    I’ve been buying many subliment from them but none worked in accordance with their clams
    I ordered for Lumevilla they sent me expired products and after three months they again stole money from my credit card
    I’ve been asking them to return my money to no avail
    I want to sue North Star Nutrition for stealing my money
    Something must be done to stop them from Internet Rape
    Please join me to stop them
    Thank you

  6. I feel the same as you Mike, I only just recently signed up and have already unsubscribed after three weeks. I’m from the UK and managed to have the books delivered to an Amercan company that will forward them on to me. I’m so fed up of their constant emailing and videos that I am yet to watch to the end as they do go on and on and on…. as Merelina, above, says.
    When I signed up to receive the books and newsletters from the Health Science Instiute, I thought it would be regarding nutrition and health tips, not a constant bombardment of selling, but I guess they have to make their money from somewhere.

  7. My mother, who is turning 86 tomorrow, has taken Lumivella off and on for years. She takes it for a while and her chapped hands get smooth, her rosacea clears up, her age spots lighten, and she LOVES it. But the product is so expensive that every year or so she finds some new product and tries to replace the Lumivella. Within three months or so the lumivella effects wear off and the chapped skin on her hands comes back, etc. Then she goes back to Lumivella because it’s the only thing that makes a huge difference in her skin. She looks 65. She has always had a good complexion and few wrinkles so don’t know how much of that credit goes to Lumivella, but I’m sure it has had some good effects there, as well. I came today to order Lumivella for her, as a birthday gift, because even though it works, she hates to spend that kind of money on it. Better to get her THAT for a birthday gift than something that sits on a shelf and collects dust. Does it work? Absolutely. This negative review was written by someone who hasn’t even tried the product and is probably selling something else that competes with Lumivella. If you have it in your budget, just TRY it. It’s expensive, but just about anything that works these days IS expensive. If it doesn’t work for you they WILL give you your money back so there is no risk to decide for yourself. Worst case, you will end up like my Mother and LOVE it but feel guilty every time you buy it. But how much money have we ALL wasted on beauty creams, etc., that may or may not have made a difference. Most of those don’t offer to refund your money if it doesn’t work. I have drawers full of topicals that don’t make a difference. I’m ordering some of this for myself this time to see if it does wonders for me like it does for her.

  8. The thing that disturbs me most about reviews are the dates. How can anyone respond to something as old as 2012 or later. Yes, I will agree that Jenny or whoever does go on and on. You need to pack a lunch just to get through it. However like you said they tell you nothing really pertinent and the prices are absurd. The temptation to order the product is there and very real. like that some say they sleep well. I have been plagued with insomnia and night sweats and am exhausted most of the time, so I am foolish enough to believe anything. No, I have not ordered anything except the Cardio 7 because I am on 80mg of a statin now generic drug and my numbers never change. The cardo 7 made me feel weird, so I stopped taking it. The reviews are just to old.

  9. While you are not incorrect, I must add that it is inverse thinking in regards to ‘DON”T EVER emphatically claim that a product does not work unless you can prove that it doesn’t work.’

    In the sense that it is reverse-burden, and exactly what companies in gray markets like this want. The burden though should not be on thousands of test-buyers, the burden should be on the seller to prove it DOES work. Of course if this product could work claims 1/3 as good as they say, it would be a very prominent product indeed.

    As a financial investor who is accustomed to doing research, I can say their claims are bogus with research alone, I won’t help them scam by going for empirical evidence, that burden would be on them.. If they had such evidence, it would instead be pitched very clinically with studies, with no ridiculous tactics.

  10. I’m about 3/4 through my second bottle of Lumivella and had been wondering if it is working so I started a search to find out more about the product, which led me to your page. Nothing seemed to have changed on completing my first bottle. I think it is working, but very subtly and slowly. My skin seems a little more refined and is producing less sebum. I don’t want to condemn it, but it is pricey for such apparently small and slow ROI. Having bought 3 bottles at once, I will use them to completion and make my judgement then.

  11. I am 75 going on 76… I was a distributor for a multimillion company who sells a product that supposedly gives you back your youth [stem cells]. Even at the distributor price I had to give it up because of the cost. After years of using the product I saw changes but very slowly while my pocket was dwindeling… Almost a year ago I came across Lumivella…my only regret is that I didn’t discover it sooner. My results were almost immediate (less than 1 week)… a glow, age spots started disappearing, I “NEVER, EVER” would think of going out w/o makeup… oh yes…I certainly do now! I don’t think I’ve ever pulled out my DL so much to prove my age to those that ask (they just don’t belive). Example: while at the doctor’s office after filling out some documents I went to the restroom. Being a small office I could hear a conversation going on outside. …secretary: it can’t be…she put on here that she was born in 1939…that’s impossible. Patient: …never in a million years…she probably made a mistake. All the time I had a grin from ear to ear while in the bathroom…thinking…YES Lumivella thank you! Oh yeah… for me Lumivella has no side effects, I sleep well, and I wake up ready to take on the world. Yes! Lumivella works for me! Willing to send photo if you don’t believe it. One more thing…I was about to have a “lift” …asked for my down payment back! That’s how well Lumivella works!!!

  12. Just so you know it is supposed to be glutathion which is an antioxidant you can get from good veggies, fruits, and more. So why waste money. I am 77 and people are amazed at how good I look with great skin and very few wrinkles. Vanity is good, but sanity is better.

  13. Need the product but don’t have credit card or cheque no other option to pay I am in Johannesburg
    My contact is 0710398391

  14. I’ve been using Lumivella for 3 years. At the age of 67, I’m thrilled with the results. After decades of acne and the resulting purple blotches, the Lumi has improved the scarring by 90%. And for the first time I feel like I have beautiful skin. Other people comment on it as well. My skin has always been delicate, as everything that goes systemically wrong in my body seemed to come out on my skin. I feel like I’ve discovered the ingredient my skin was always missing. My skin is tougher, has fewer wrinkles, and is less reactive to everything.

    I consider the Lumivella my most valued supplement. If I buy Northstar’s sales, in quantity, the price is reasonable. I also dropped to a half dose after 2 years, and the good effects seems to continue.

  15. I love Lumivella I’m 62 and not only am I sleeping better after one month on it I already look younger.
    I well continue to take Lumivella also I might add I ordered a product my husband was allergic to from North Star Nutrition and I sent the bottle back half used and they refunded every bit of the cost back on my credit card. They stood good on their guarantees no question asked.
    Thank you North Star Nutrition.

  16. I just wanted to say by the time you add up the price of phytoceramides, quality milk thistle, reduced glutathione and…(I can’t give away all my secrets) you are way over the cost of $70 a bottle. I prefer to stay away from milk based products, but I believe it works because I know what the ingredients do.
    I consume them daily except for the lactium which does make sense.
    I was thinking of getting a bottle as a standby if one of my antiaging components was out of stock and I needed to maintain my regimen for a week or two.

    The body is a machine and as we continue to kill mother earth, the nutrients that make this machine work grow weaker and weaker.

    I wasn’t impressed by this review. This is nay saying at it’s worse. I mean you haven’t even tried the product or the ingredients outside of the proprietary formula and your attempting to bash it.


  17. I am on my first bottle of lumivella. I don’t know if it is working or not. by the time I use the first bottle up I will see if it really does work

  18. This is my 4th day taking this product and for the first time I was able to sleep like a baby, I took it an hour before bedtime and it did worked for me. I will continue using the product hoping it will help me with my skin too. Thank you Northstar for making this product.

  19. I never listen to the videos of these sales pitches. I click off the web broswer (firefox), then it says do you want to leave this page. Click NO, and then the printed version of the video pops up. Do not read the printed version, just scroll down to the bottom of the sales pitch and there you can read what the product actually is, then just google that product and then you can get a better perspective of what is going on. Sometimes you can do a YouTube search of the product. I would never buy this product. Just take your basic nutritional vitamins and minerals, get good sleep, exercise, and put coconut oil on our skin, practice visualization, practice Qi Gong, practice good thoughts and your skin will be wonderful.

  20. I have to say, I also bought this product online, been using it for about 7 weeks now, and my Rosacea has gotten much less, I also have stopped having heat “flashes” for a while now. i am happy with the product, and will keep using it.

  21. I totally agree with Bill here! Where are your “test group” results?
    I’ve been using this product for well over a year, and it is one thing I really love!
    I don’t want to exaggerate, but I get lots of comments on how much younger and healthier I look, and health care professionals have remarked that I have grown noticeably younger – Could it be the Lumivella? I’m not going to stop taking it to find out!

  22. I have been using it only 2 weeks and I myself have noticed a difference in my skin. But, when two other people noticed and asked me what I was doing different, that made me a believer! I have Rosacea and it has noticably changed that! I did not order it from Northstar. I looked online on Ebay and found 1 bottle for $41 and decided to try it. If my changes continue while I am taking the ‘cheaper’ bottle, then I will be forced to buy the $70 bottle because it is worth it to see the difference it has made in my skin. I will not be an ‘unbeliever’ until it proves differently on my first bottle. Then, and only then, will I say that it does not work! I am 61 yrs. old and am always looking for ways to make my skin look better due to the Rosacea. So since this has helped (?) I will wait and see if it is in fact the Lumivella or just my luck that it has cleared up ‘all of a sudden’!

  23. My feelings are this. Why pay an inflated price to try something, when you can but the individual ingredients for a really inexpensiveprice, and take them individually. That is what I have done. The total cost for the same ingredients and percentages cost me a mere $25.00 on the Swanson site. bIUT IO agree with the other nay sayers, that you should not disparage the use of a product based soley on you perceptions and not on clinical trials. If they do it, that’s one thing, but you are doing the exact same thing in reverse. Pot calling kettle black is not a solution. Do a clinical trial, and then if it doesn’t work, you have something to base your conclusions on.
    And who are you, and are you scientifically educated enough to make these remarks? I am.

  24. I used Lumivella for a while and only stopped for financial reasons, but I plan on going back. After about 4 weeks I started receiving compliments from people I have known for 40+ years saying I looked much younger. I like hearing an honest evaluation from people who don’t know what I am doing.
    I’d like to know what you base your claim on saying it doesn’t work. Where’s your scientific data? Did you try it? You can look at the label to see what’s in it before you buy it. I agree with others that I don’t like the long sales presentation via video and could do without it. I don’t even listen to them, just set the head phones down until I get the name at the end and then I research and decide if I want to try it. But honestly, to say North Star Nutritional are cheats and liars is going to far. They have some good products and I don’t like to see you slam them.

  25. Your review is EVEN MORE NONSUBSTANTIAL than the Lumivella claims of effectiveness. It smells very badly like counter-advertisement, and it is highly probable that you are doing it to sell your Natox to the people who read your “review”. This is unethical and it didn’t convince me in the least that you know what you are talking about. Your aggressive critique is completely lacking ANY evidence and is milking the emotional charge that can be associated with the relative high price of Lumivella.

  26. First off you asked the question “Does Lumivella Really Work”. You Answer that question toward the bottom of the review with a definite “NO”. My problem is you base that on the sales pitch and the price point more than anything else. You should have actually used the product or had a group of test users and see what the results were to be able to formulate any real conclusion as to the products effectiveness. DON”T EVER emphatically claim that a product does not work unless you can prove that it doesn’t work. Also be aware that there isn’t ANY product on the market today that works 100% as advertised for every single person that uses it.

  27. I used to like North Star Nutrition, especially some of their products that actually work, but I hate their whole video sales tactic. I used to receive their Nutrition and Healing Newletter, but I found most of the time they tell you about some “shocking secret,” yet they never tell you what it is… I’m unsubscribing from their “Health e-tips” that don’t give you any tips at all. They simply try to sell their products. I know other newletters and companies that actually tell you what the compound is, and then tell you why their product is better, and then let you decide for yourself what is best. If they would actually give you some health tips, then I would be singing a different tune. I’m getting rid of this spam. I hope others wise up. I might order some of their products that actually work, but I don’t want to be a victim of shady marketing for some other products, not knowing what I’m getting until I actually receive the order and see the ingredient list… and that’s if you’re lucky, lol. If they change the way they sell their products, I might change my mind. But for now, I’m annoyed of how much time they take away making you listen to their presentations, and not giving you any real facts to back up their claims. The give the alternative/nutritional health movement a bad name, and that makes me sad.

  28. Maybe the power of suggestion, but I noticed the difference and everyone I know has told me how young I look. I am 60 years old and people can’t believe I am even close to my age. I feel it has tightened my skin and added a soft glow. I do not wear any complexion make-up.
    I have been using Lumivella for about 7 months, It also lets you fall asleep gently after 1 hour of taking it.
    I have to say I found it to be a very good product.

  29. How true your comments are. All the waffle that went on and on and on ………..!!!!

  30. I could not be bothered to listen to the whole long sales pitch!! Had to wait till the end to get the name of the product to be able to Google it and read what I wanted to.
    Product is far too expensive for me!

  31. Thank you for your excellent review. I listened to that whole long Company sales pitch and it was loooong. All I could think of was that Jenny Thompson had cloned herself. Over the last ten years I must have paid way too many dollars because of this kind of hype for many different products put out by North Star Nutrition. Not one of them was worth it. All I can say is you are absolutely right; a ton of flowery rhetoric without any scientific backing. I have also tried many other products put out by other companies that did work. I find North Star Nutrition, the products and their other partners, some of whom are financial writers and ‘experts’ are in a class of their own.

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