Does Lumivella Really Work?

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Does Lumivella really work?As we get older, it’s no fun watching our body go through the inevitable changes, but that doesn’t give a company the right to take advantage of our displeasure and promote a product like Lumivella. It’s amazing that in this day and age we live in products like this and the companies behind them can still remain in business.

You’d think there’d be some governing body that could shut a site like this down and recall a product that has no proof of its effectiveness. Disclaimers alone should not be able to give a company the ability to say whatever they want. Also, offering a money back guarantee should not give you the ability to sell anything you can dream up.

Lumivella is a product that definitely makes people wonder if it really works. But first, they probably ask what the heck is it? Lumivella itself states that it’s a “missing link” to beauty science, which is ridiculously vague and a strange thing to call yourself. It is manufactured by a company called NorthStar Nutrition, which produces dozens of different products in the healthcare industry.

The Claim
The claims come fast and furious on a mile-long sales page that has one goal: and that is to get you comfortable with the idea of spending $70 on a bottle of mystery pills. They claim that it is the secret to ageless beauty. They also say that the results can be achieved overnight. They also claim that this secret has been closely guarded through the ages.

They go on to state that it will help you get rid of that papery feel in your skin, the sagging that comes with age, the dark circles under your eyes, the laugh lines around your mouth, crow’s feet around the corners of your eyes, the creases on your forehead from looking surprised or curious, and then one big general sweeping claim that they can help you conquer any other effects of time.

They say that by using their product you can look better now than you did a decade ago. They also refer to Lumivella as “The Great Protector”, as if it’s some North Korean dictator or something.

They also claim that the secret miracle ingredient is called I-GT and it works by neutralizing free radicals in the body, the things responsible for the ageing process. Really, the claims are too many to mention and they really lay it on thick. By the time you get to the end of their sales page your head is swimming with so many promises in such a short amount of time.

Pretty hefty claims. Surely, they have a barrage of factual evidence, user testimonials, or something – anything – to back up the laundry list of claims being made. Au contraire.

The Hype
The hype comes from the makers of Lumivella that have decided to use a pitch page usually reserved for information products to try and sell overpriced, unknown, unregulated “beauty pills”. You won’t find any sort of scientific evidence to back up the claims made, and their only hope is that you’ll just follow along with what they say in their sales pitch and click the buy now button when you get to the end.

The Cost
The makers of Lumivella have gotten one thing right and that’s marking their product price up to give it some sort of added value. You see, companies know that if you put a product’s price too low consumers assume that this means it’s a low-quality product. By giving a product a high price, even though it has a low manufacturing cost, you add to the perceived value of the product.

To say something has been a closely guarded secret and then offer it at a low price would raise a few eyebrows. However, when it’s $70 a bottle people start to think maybe it actually was a secret.

All the products sold by NorthStar Nutrition come with a 60 day money back guarantee, but not only will you have to believe in the product, you’d also have to believe that you’ll get your money back if you ask for a refund.

The Commitment
If you start using Lumivella you’d better be prepared to continue using it, because if it only lived up to half of its claims you wouldn’t want to go back to the way things are now. You can sign up to have the product automatically shipped, and your credit card automatically charged so that you receive it every month like clockwork. Many people are not comfortable with the idea of taking a pill every day for the rest of their life, whether it be a pharmaceutical drug or all-natural wonder pill like Lumivella.

There is absolutely no way to evaluate the situation. This is the snake oil salesman that your mother warned you about. Not a shred of factual evidence is presented at the site, and the sales pitch reads like a checklist of things to tell a desperate person.

At this price point you have to demand a lot more from a company than what NorthStar Nutritionals is giving its consumers. Just because you toss the word secret around a lot and promise the world in a bottle doesn’t give you the right to charge $70 for something that probably costs a few dollars to produce.

If their product actually did the things it said, they would have no trouble providing some sort of research and development documentation. But as it stands, there’s absolutely no reason to believe any of the claims or to be a guinea pig that tries out a product that hasn’t been tested on anyone else prior.

We happily invite anyone that has tried Lumivella to let us know what they think of the product, either good or bad. Our sinking suspicion is that anyone that has tried it is too embarrassed to admit that it doesn’t work, or there may be the very small possibility that they want to keep it a secret if it did work.

Final Lumivella Review

No, Lumivella does not work. There is nothing on the planet that can provide the plethora of results that Lumivella claims to provide. The fault may or may not lie in the product itself but in the absurdly long and drawn out sales pitch that throws everything but the kitchen sink at the weary reader.

Most companies that try this tactic will at least have dozens of user testimonials. These are suspiciously absent from the Lumivella website which leads one to wonder if anyone has actually tried this product at all. Even though testimonials of this kind are usually made up and phony, it would be nice to see that they went to the trouble to make it appear as if someone had used it before.

A Look at the Ingredients
There aren’t many ingredients listed that can be researched online because it’s all proprietary blends with made-up names. If you want to trust your body to something like “Lumistor” or “Lactium” or whatever else that was dreamed up in a board meeting, no review on this page is going to change your mind.

Our Recommendation
Stay as far away from Lumivella as you can. Your pocketbook will thank you. Getting old isn’t fun, but neither is spending $70 for the privilege of taking a mystery pill from a small company in the hopes that it will turn back the clock.

What do you think? Does Lumivella work or not?

32 Customer Reviews on “Does Lumivella Really Work?

  1. I found that I could see a definite difference the very next day, and it just keeps getting better. I believe that they have found the right blend of vitamins to produce the results that they base their (very lengthy) sales pitch on. It is the only skin product I continue to buy.

  2. There are 2 things that will make your skin sag and wrinkled: Sugar and smoking.
    One thing that helps preserve your skin condition: An egg a day.
    This has been proven my may people who have still good skin well into their eighties.

    Smoking is the worst. It can make your skin wrinkled already at the age of 60.
    Sugar is inoccuous, as it temporarily blows up your face while you put on weight.
    Then your skin collapses as you try to control your weight.
    Eggs give you super nutrition. The yolk contains vitamin E that helps your skin stay supple and many minerals and other micro-nutrients that are not available any other way. Don’t worry about cholesterol in eggs, since it is all good cholesterol and has been proven not to cause any problems.
    Vitamin e containing hair conditioner can also help a dry skin stay nice and moist.

    So just good nutrition and common sense will do it all

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