Does ZQuiet Really Work?

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Does ZQuiet Really WorkCan ZQuiet help you from sawing logs all night long? If you’re a snorer, or have a snoring partner, you know that this is something that you can’t live with long term. A good night’s sleep is important, both for you and the person lying next to you. So many products claim to be the fix, but does ZQuiet deliver?

Stopping people from snoring has earned some companies, like the one that makes Breathe Right nasal strips, millions of dollars. The snoring problem is one that motivates many people to find a solution, and right away! Because of the urgency there are several products out there that shouldn’t be allowed on the market. We’re happy to say that ZQuiet is not one of them, and definitely deserves to be tried in your home if you’ve got the chainsaw thing going on.

The Claim
They claim that it provides instant relief of snoring. They say that both you and your partner will finally get a full night of uninterrupted sleep because you won’t be tossing and turning, waking yourself up with your snoring, or having your partner nudge you or shove you to get you to stop snoring.

They also say that by moving your jaw forward just slightly, that it opens the airway so that you can breath better, with less obstruction, and that it’s healthier for you to not snore.

They also claim that it was designed by a dentist, so that it will fit into your mouth without being too uncomfortable. They say that it is a natural way to stop snoring, and we suppose that they are comparing it to drugs or medication, because it is not very natural to sleep with a piece of plastic in your mouth all night long.

Because of what they call a “living hinge” you won’t need to adjust the ZQuiet to fit your mouth, it will automatically adjust because the hinge allows it to move into the right place.

The Cost
It’s $10 to try ZQuiet, which basically is just the shipping charge so you can give it a trial in your home. If you like it, you keep it and your credit card is billed an additional $60 making the total cost of owning ZQuiet $70. If you return it within 30 days you are just out the original $10 plus return shipping charges.

The Commitment
When you want to quiet snoring you have to commit yourself to using the ZQuiet. Obviously, it can only work if it’s in your mouth, so you have to be comfortable with the idea of having something in your mouth all night. Many users report that at first it feels awkward, but after several nights’ use they don’t notice any longer. Others say that it pops out while they sleep and if they wake up in the night they have to re-insert it.

ZQuiet is made from a flexible plastic, so if you thought it was firm and rigid, think again. This makes it easier to have in your mouth while you sleep. We’re not sure on the scientific basis that they provide about why it works, but you can tell that some ingenuity went into its design. They didn’t just make a rubber mouthpiece.

You don’t have to know how electricity works to turn on a light switch, and you don’t need to know why ZQuiet works to enjoy its benefits. Suffice it to say that they’ve spent far more time researching snoring than you’d ever want to do.

A Note on FDA Regulation
They make it a point to put the FDA Cleared logo on their main page, but what exactly does this mean? Is it the same as FDA Approved? In this instance, since ZQuiet is considered a low risk device, being cleared is as far as the FDA will go with it. FDA Approved status is reserved for more high-risk devices so the ZQuiet doesn’t qualify for this. So being FDA regulated is a big deal for something like ZQuiet, and it shows that the manufacturer is not playing games or just trying to make a fast buck, but are in it for the long term as a viable company.

A Note on Testimonials
Nearly all of the testimonials you see out there for both information products and tangible goods are not to be trusted. Either they were paid or the people in them were compensated in some way. Because of this problem, the FTC has gotten more strict on validating the testimonials that appear on sales pages. The ones you see at the ZQuiet site have been verified as legitimate, which is refreshing in this world where seemingly anything goes.

For Those With Dentures
If you have dentures this is one obstacle that the ZQuiet has trouble with. You can still try it out and see if it will work, but the majority of users have said that because of the way dentures fit in the mouth, it is not conducive to also have the ZQuiet in there too.

Final ZQuiet Review

We like the ZQuiet anti-snoring system. They haven’t overdone it with the hype and marketing as so many other companies do. They didn’t exaggerate the problem of having a snorer in the house, in fact they may even understate how hard it can be. Most feedback has been positive, with users of all snoring backgrounds saying it did the trick. Of course there will be people that don’t respond to it, which is to be expected when you sell millions of these each year. But this shouldn’t stop you from trying it yourself, since no product can claim to guarantee that it works in every case.

Our Recommendation
Definitely try a ZQuiet for yourself. For just $10 you can have it sent to you and from there two things can happen. Either A, it will work for you and you’ll happily pay an additional $60 for the relief it’s giving your and your partner. Or B, it won’t work and you’ll have to pay a modest return shipping fee and be out about $15-$20 total. This is a very low-risk proposition, with a lot to be gained and little to lose.

Official Website: ZQuiet

What do you think? Does ZQuiet work or not?

8 Customer Reviews on “Does ZQuiet Really Work?

  1. Definitely try the breath right strips first and then go see a doctor before spending money on the mouthpiece. The strips didn’t work for me so I asked doc if I should try zquiet and he said it would be worth a try over a sleep study that costs a lot. I need to give it a week yet, but I did find a way to get a discount:

  2. I used this product for slightly less than 30 days but had to return it since it shifted my
    bottom teeth and caused a painful chewing problem in the AM. The anti snore claims
    definitely worked and I can attest to the fact that I had a better nights sleep using it
    but I was frighted by the tooth pain and did not want any permanent damage from using it.

  3. I’m not sure how this product would be all that effective. A higher price tag doesn’t guarantee excellent quality after all. Not to mention that if it looks like it could interfere with the snoring person’s breathing too. I would more likely take Phyllis’ advice and see a doctor so they can determine the cause of your snoring. I know that if I were to apply something like that to myself, I would not be able to breathe. I don’t snore too often but when I do it’s usually because I can’t breathe well and need to snore so I can get the oxygen flow going. Luckily I’m not sharing my room with someone to where it would be a problem. But if you’re willing to make the investment and it works then I say go for it.

  4. I agree with several points such as the possible recycling of the mouthpiece on some other individual. I also agree that it is a pricey endeavor as well. I would say go ahead with the breath right strips and see how well that does for starters. if your snoring is that of someone with sleep apnea then it could be life-threatening so seeing a medical professional and getting the proper help you need for your issue would be best. But if a breathe right strip works then maybe it is good for you to invest in a $60 snoring cure for you and your family.

  5. So A Quiet is $10 to try and $60 more to buy? That seems a little pricey. And it they let you try it for such a cheap price, what are the chances that the product you receive will be a sterilized model that was previously on some other prospective customer’s schnoz? You might as well just try some Breathe Right strips first instead. But for some people, this type of product does indeed alleviate snoring. That leads to longer more restful sleep for you and your partner, which is a win-win situation. I’m not sure if $70 is a good price point, but sound sleep and no more snoring (or at least less snoring) is a much-desired thing for some people. Try it, it may or may not work for you if you’re in need.

  6. My husband snores a lot and I absolutely hate it. I simply cannot stand listening to people snore; it is actually a big pet peeve. Maybe I am wrong for being this way because I, too, snore sometimes, but I just can’t help it. I am definitely going to talk to my husband about this product. It may be more than worth it to invest in it if it will allow him to breathe better while he sleeps. And that will, in turn, allow me to fall asleep faster and actually stay asleep too!

  7. I definitely want my boyfriend to try this! He is the absolute worst snorer in the world! He can literally be sleeping across the house and I can hear him. I have to put headphones on with the volume all the way up to not hear his snoring! It’s quite scary actually. My dad snored badly when I was growing up and he had a sleep study conducted and he’s used an anti-snoring mouthpiece ever since! My mom is a light sleeper so she still can’t sleep in the same room, which is unfortunate! This is definitely worth a try. It seems very credible with little risk.

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