Does Muscle Milk Really Work?

Does Muscle Milk Really Work?
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Does Muscle Milk really work?Muscle Milk has built a name for itself in the weight-lifting and body-building community, but is it justified? With such a crowded marketplace it is hard to sift through all of the different products and know which one is the right one to go with. Just because Muscle Milk has managed to secure itself a lot of shelf space at GNC it does not necessarily mean it’s something you should spend your hard earned cash on.

Muscle Milk is manufactured and distributed by a company called CytoSport. They have a full line of protein-containing products including Muscle Milk, Monster Milk, CytoMax, and several others. They’ve even branched off into protein bars, regular whey protein, cereals, carb conscious products, and more.

Muscle Milk is basically whey protein that is masquerading as something different. It has 33g of protein per serving. It is also lactose-free, since it is not really milk at all.

The Claim
The slogan for Muscle Milk is Drink. Evolve. So by drinking Muscle Milk they’re saying that you are furthering your evolution in some way. They also claim that you need a certain amount of protein every day in order to build muscle. For example, they say that for a 200 pound person that’s moderately active you would need 120g of protein to satisfy your daily requirement.

They claim that it tastes great and that it has a unique blend of proteins, fats, and carbs. After tasting it first-hand we can say that it doesn’t taste any better or worse than other whey protein supplements out there. Also, anything that tastes good probably has sugar or a sugar substitute in it, making it unhealthy for the body and counterproductive to the work done in the gym or through dieting.

The Hype
The hype comes in the form of big-name sponsors such as Clay Matthews from the Super Bowl-winning Green Bay Packers, or Chrissie Wellington the IronMan World Champion. Whenever you have celebrities endorsing your product you’ll make more sales, everyone knows this, which is why celebrity spokespeople are so popular.

To say that a professional athlete like Clay Matthews got his physique from drinking Muscle Milk is very misleading. Maybe because of his contract with Muscle Milk he has to drink a certain amount to fulfill his obligation, but at this level of of athleticism there is no way he relies on just one product.

The website itself, is very good at not adding too much hype to their products. They don’t make any outlandish claims, or feature cut bodybuilders next to their products. Many companies in this industry usually feature trumped up promises and claims of building pounds of muscles in a short time. These claims are refreshingly absent here.

The Cost
Muscle Milk is priced just about average when it comes to things like whey protein and workout supplements. The industry as a whole is generally overpriced for what it is, but they are able to charge these prices because people are willing to pay it.

For a 2.5 pound tub of Muscle Milk powder, you can buy direct from their website and pay $54 with free shipping. You can find similar prices at GNC, but Amazon has it for $26 which includes free shipping to your door.

The Commitment
You have to commit not only to using Muscle Milk, but also to a somewhat rigorous training routine to get the full benefits of what it can provide. Most people will not be able to stick with a workout routine long enough to see any results regardless if they’re using Muscle Milk or not. However, if you’ve been sticking to a workout regimen and are unsatisfied with the results you’ve been getting, you may want to add some high-quality protein to your diet to see if you notice any difference.

Although many people swear by it, there is very little in Muscle Milk that can be said to help the body recover from a vigorous workout. Also, there’s nothing in it that is by nature healthy for the human body. Looking at the list of ingredients, it’s easy to see that there are also things in it that could potentially be harmful with continued use.

Another problem with Muscle Milk is that it’s hard to determine what sort of results you get with it. For an individual it’s nearly impossible to differentiate between the results you get from no supplementation, versus taking supplements. It’s hard to be your own control group. Also, it’s very difficult to tell whether or not Muscle Milk works better or worse than an ordinary whey protein. It’s all subjective, and you have to go by your feelings most times.

This guy really doesn’t like Muscle Milk:

Final Muscle Milk Review

Muscle milk may show some benefits for some users, but overall it is not worth ingesting all of the extra chemicals that it contains when there are other competing products that offer the same results without them. The makers of Muscle Milk have done little in the way of bringing a product to market that contains all-natural ingredients.

You also have to buy into the belief that you need to consume a certain level of protein every day in order to build muscle. This is a fallacy that is perpetuated by makers of nutritional supplements like these in order to get you to use their product religiously, and daily.

But when it comes to getting positive reviews Muscle Milk has their fair share, so if you’re dead set on taking it you may get the results you want. We give the green light on giving it a try.

Our Recommendation
We don’t recommend using Muscle Milk as we believe it is mostly a well-crafted marketing campaign, packaging, and promotion. Sure, there may be many testimonials and people saying that it works, but at what cost to your body, and potentially your mind? The body can heal itself naturally with or without large amounts of protein being consumed. Also, if you choose to supplement your diet with a high-protein shake there are other products that are more natural than Muscle Milk, and would get you the same or similar results.

What do you think? Does Muscle Milk work or not?


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coach allen August 31, 2012 at 5:47 am

i think it does work. i’ve been working out this summer and have lost 10 pounds of fat from my stomach. everyone that sees me with my wife beater on says that i have gotten bigger. i drink a muscle milk after every work out of weight training. i see results in the mirror. muscle milk works for me


buff gorilla November 6, 2012 at 2:07 pm

The key to any fitness program is a well planned, well balanced diet. Most body bulders looking to gain mass utilize a plan that follows a certain ratio of protiens to carbs to fats. Protien powders such as muscle milk simply make it easier to adjust that ratio. While there are other products out there that are more natural, I used muscle milk as part of a mass building diet from April to September of this year and went from 145 lbs. and 19% bodyfat (BF) to 190 lbs and 15.5% BF. That’s 45 lbs of lean muscle mass in just over 6 months. I’m not saying that Muscle Milk was the sole reason for my transformation by any means. However, it did make adjusting my meal plans much much easier.


Josh B August 5, 2013 at 2:18 am

I never like drinking Muscle Milk and found to be absolutely disgusting. It really didn’t give me the results I wanted. If anything it made me gain weight (fat) on top of my muscle. But at that time I was idiotic enough to think that I could eat whatever I wanted. So if you do want results from these then you need to balance it out with a healthy diet and exercise along with it. Otherwise too much protein will just end up turning in fat. Honestly there’s better drinks and powders out there than Muscle Milk. These can be misleading if you think you can achieve muscles from only drinking this stuff. But other people had success too. So it really depends on who you ask and how it ends up working for you.


jesse March 3, 2015 at 7:06 pm

I’m a pretty small guy I weigh about 140 pounds and basically trying to gain muscle I do drink muscle milk after every work out but I do have a fast metabolism what can I do to have a healthy diet and what should I eat can anyone please help me out……


Colin March 25, 2015 at 2:48 am

What are the other natural choices? You said they are out there but not what they are or where to look. I want to gain muscle strength and I’ve been sticking to my routine but i want that extra boost.


Bayj September 24, 2015 at 2:19 am

Disagree with this article 100%
This product does work. Incorporate it with a strength training program, when switching routine designed around lower reps & max weight my core strength increased dramatically over 6 months. gained nearly 1″ on my arms. Drink it in the locker room right after working out most of all stick to it.
Remember this stuff only works when you are depleted from grinding out your routine.
If you are screwing around and not busting a nut but drinking this stuff you are just going to get fat and have to take a dump. This stuff was designed around serious athletics and designed to help you push through the mental and physical limitations.
That’s when you see gains


Tony October 2, 2016 at 8:20 pm

Garbage? I disagree 100% I just bought this product and it seems to work good for me. I decided that I want to be healthier and I wanted to work out more… Firstly let me say YES it’s gross af, WHEN YOU USE WATER. I use very vanilla soy milk and it tastes sooo much better. Works for me just fine. I too wanted to lose weight in my stomach and it seems to be making at improvement, I need to work out more that focuses on my stomach but my typical self-made diet I use and showing results for me is….

Nothing fake in a can, box or bag – Fresh veggies only (No corn)
Ease away from fried food.(Hey, treat yourself but do that every few months or so)
Fresh rice, whole grain (I have awesome flavorful recipes for this too)
Potatoes YES, fresh potatoes only, only a half or 1 small potato
Fresh chicken(As all of them are stuffed with steroids, we can’t avoid it) Try to avoid the “big” chickens.
Start eating more beans(I won’t get into the joke but yes, when that happens, your body is releasing those “crappy” toxins out of your stomach, through your large intestines and into the air. It’s good for you). if you are a baked beans person, their are alternatives to Bush and the red baked bean flavors that don’t pertain all the fake crap to keep it fresh in a can that your body ends up eating.

No iceberg lettuce
Romaine and spinach only

Yes, ranch… ya gotta go sorry buddy
Move to those olive oil blends like Raspberry Walnut and so on(Still pertains extras but much healthier than those cream types. French Italian and Catalina seems to be OK.

No sodas or anything carbonated yes Sprite too
Avoid those overloaded sugary drinks like fruit punch including Welches
Those Peak tea brands are awesome so those
Gatorade or Powerade which ever the road leads (Me, Gatorade, taste better without the chalky after taste like powerade but that’s me.)

You guys will think I’m kidding around but serious… a glass of red wine at night does wonders. No drunk feeling but you will rest better, your mind is not going a hundred miles an hour in your dreams, you wake up more peaceful unless it’s Monday through Wednesday, it kills toxins in your body. So yes drink you a good 10oz. Drink it with steak dinners and maybe 8oz before you go to bed. Don’t have to do it every single night. Once a week or so is just fine. Get a good brand too, not a gas station knock off lol.

Move to Sea Salt
Ease your sprinkles if you are a loader
Move to Olive oil (Avoid veg and Canola oil as much as possible) Crisco, avoid it too
Oil oil os a perfect foundation for flavoring so use little spurts of seasoning.

No whole, half, 2%, low fat, Skim yea avoid it
Me, I drink soy milk, been drinking it for 5 months now and my body alone felt better and no so weird like I had with regular milk. I am lactose intolerant to so maybe that played a role but it wasn’t good.

Soy milk, find a Vanilla if you are a sweet milk person. Mix this with Muscle milk and it tastes like heaven compared to water mix. I did that the first time and smelled it and I’m not kidding, smelled like someone literally farted in my cup and closed and sealed the top lid. THUS, I took a sip and it wasn’t that bad although I knew milk would have been better.

I’m looking at this muscle milk now and whatever that guy is talking about seems nothing relevant to what i have, i don’t see no MSG and all of that he was talking about. Anyways you guys hope you like my post, not some tv person, just an average guy that is tired of walking around with a stomach bulge and wants to be healthier. This post is from my own personal experience and results happened


Brodeo August 2, 2017 at 8:37 pm

Good input man, I eat/drink almost exactly what you recommended and can say that it’s definitely a good guideline to living a healthier lifestyle and feeling and looking better.


Tony October 3, 2016 at 1:13 am

We did my first post get denied?

I disagree with this article 100% as well . Muscle Milk works for me and has done good. If you’re not drinking it and sitting on your bum, you will see results. I drink it before i go work on cars or fitness center. Been doing the job just fine. I use it with soy milk instead of water though. Water makes it extremely gross.


Lee October 7, 2017 at 8:15 pm

Compared to other protein powders that have 100 % iosolate protein with no sugar or fat Muscle Milk is complete garbage.


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