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Does Magic Minerals work?Magic Minerals is a foundation cover-up that is suggested for use by those with light to medium colored complexions. It is designed to cover over acne and other skin imperfections, while not causing any further outbreaks by clogging the pores. We all want to look our best in this image-conscious society, so how well does this work and can a beauty product be effective, and still be reasonably priced?

If you’ve tried mineral make-up before and ended up looking orange, or that you’re caking your make-up on in order to give yourself a new face, you might be a hesitant to try something like this out again. They insist that this is not the same sort of product, so you don’t have to worry about this making you look greasy, or giving you an older look. If you’ve got a big event coming up or you plan to use this every day, you’ll want to make sure that it lives up to what it says and really does give a natural look.

The Claim
When it comes to beauty products, the claims can get pretty outlandish. Magic Minerals manages to keep the over-the-top statements to a minimum, but they do put a lot on the shoulders of Jerome Alexander, whom they tout as an International Beauty Expert with 40 years of cosmetic experience under his belt. Among the claims are that this is an all-in-one product, which makes it very easy to use compared to the kits that have multiple products that you need to apply.

They also say that it’s translucent, so you don’t need to worry about it looking caked on or fake. They say it’s hypoallergenic so if your skin is sensitive or breaks out easily, it shouldn’t upset it or irritate it. It also acts as a natural sunblock, and doesn’t have any smell to it. It should last you through the entire day, and you don’t have to worry about color matching it, as they say it adjust to your skin tone automatically.

The Hype
Most of the hype that this product has received is due to the advertising campaign on TV. Since it’s a concealer and not a cure for any ailment, there might be a misunderstanding that this is helping the skin, or that it’s somehow beneficial other than a purely aesthetic fix. It should be pointed out that it doesn’t necessarily help your skin, even though it doesn’t claim to, it might be perceived as being something that will improve your skin or complexion for the long term.

The Cost
It’s $20 which includes shipping, and the package includes the Magic Minerals foundation, a brush to apply it, and a mascara as a bonus. Unlike a lot of products that you see for $19.95 they don’t pad the order total with shipping charges, and don’t charge you extra shipping for the bonuses, so they’re actually free. It really seems like they are trying to break the commonly held belief that cosmetics have to be expensive to work, or that cheap make-up means lousy results.

The Commitment
This is designed not so that it doesn’t take very long to apply, allowing it be used as part of your daily getting ready routine. If you currently have a system in place with lots of different steps, this will give you some of that time back. It also plays well with other make-up, so that after you apply it as a foundation you can put the finishing touches before you head out.

Sometimes with facial flaws it’s easier to just conceal them rather than heal them. It also can be a good strategy to treat the cause and cover up the symptoms until your efforts start to have an effect. For example, if you’ve got bad acne you might want to use a concealer in conjunction with an acne treatment so that you can have immediate results while your other methods take the time necessary to work.

The feedback on this has been mostly positive, with the majority of users saying that it works as advertised. When you consider that beauty products are notorious for getting moderate reviews, this is pretty impressive. There are big expectations put on cosmetics and the results that users get will typically vary. That’s why you’re basically going for a product that has a high likelihood of success based on overall user feedback and not just one or two testimonials or reviews, and this passes that test.

Final Magic Minerals Review

Magic Minerals is getting a Solid Try rating from us, as long as you fit the parameters that they recommend. They’ve done everything in their power to make this an easy decision, and even have a 30 day money back guarantee, and since shipping is free you don’t much to lose. For those with a darker complexion you might want to pass, because this only comes in one shade and is not recommended for darker tones. Since it is supposed to adjust to your skin, it can only go so many shades in any direction, making darker shades harder to match.

Our Recommendation
If you’ve got light skin, or even medium-colored, this is a definite Try as those that have these lighter shades have expressed the most delight with the results they get. It seems that most of the people that don’t give it a positive rating are those with complexions that just aren’t recommended for it, and therefore get less than desirable results.

What do you think? Do Magic Minerals work or not?

53 Customer Reviews on “Does Magic Minerals Really Work?

  1. This product has been the best product I have ever bought as far as makeup goes. It has 100% coverage. I recently just had a major accident and had two black eyes and this makeup allowed me to go out in public and not worry about people staring at me because I had two black eyes it covered all of it I will never use another product other than this.

  2. I have fair to medium skin with freckles and some sun spots. I was always on the look out for a good foundation that had full coverage and did not look “caked” on after several hours of wear. I bought this to try as it claimed to cover imperfections and since it was a powder, I could pack it in my carry-on bag for flights. I was amazed at how well this foundation works! I use just a primer, then a little bit of concealer on my worst sun spots, I then apply the mineral powder foundation. I look like I’m not wearing any makeup but all the imperfections are covered….amazing! I’ve been using for over a year now and have zero complaints other than I wish I could just buy a replacement cartridge instead of having to pay $19.99 for a full kit. I have very sensitive eyes and cannot use the mascara. I give this product “two thumbs up.”

  3. I love this makeup. I have light skin and break outs . I’m in my 50s. I have a hard time believing the bad reviews. This covers the best of any,make up I have tried. Just,bought the air cushion foundation and it’s just as awesome!

  4. I bought it because it was cheap. IT DID NOTHING! Don’t buy cheap, but don’t buy expensive either!

  5. I love the airbrush foundation. BUT I got a serious rash irritation on my neck and around my face. Dr. Recommended hydrocortisone 1% cream with soothing aloe. Medicated for a week and finally back to normal. SO, The product that I am allergic to: Magic Minerals, Contouring & Highlighting and The Ultimate Sculpt & define kit Highlighting & Contouring. Warning message on each product reads “For external use only; If product causes irritation discontinue use.

  6. I just purchased this product about a week ago. So far I really like it. It blends in perfectly with my skin color and is not heavy nor does it cake on my face. By reading the reviews it seems to work on older ladies. I am 54 and it also covers by dark spots. When I purchased it, it did come in different shades. My complaint is that the brush that came with it, all the bristles are falling off. I just used another one bigger and similar. I find that there is a lot of waste when it is sprayed onto the brush. I usually line my bathroom sink with paper towels so the over spray doesn’t get on the sink. All in all, I really like it and would purchase it again.

  7. What or who is JML? I thought these were reviews and comments about Jerome Alexander Airbrush spray on makeup.

  8. I have used this powder for over a year,and love it. I have many brown spots from sunbathing in my youth, i use a concealer on them, then the powder. I’m 77yrs old and I think it works well..

  9. I tried it and I really like it. I’m 62 and I don’t wear makeup anymore. But, I have a fair complexion and burn very easily. I have red hair and this product brightens up my skin and gives it a glow. I like the way it makes my skin look, with no heavy foundation. I will be buying it again. I recommend it for certain women but, I know it won’t please all.

  10. I have age spots and acne scars. I am Italian and have a medium olive skin tone. I purchased this at Ollies for 19.99. It is mediocre but I have found that if I take concealer and apply it to my trouble spots, then go over it with this it seems to work alot better.
    FYI: I have been doing research on how to correct my acne scars and dark spots. Youtube has been a big help for face hacks. I am tryi g a potato and lemon face mask that claims to completely rid the face of dark spots. Hopefully it will work.

  11. I’m a little surprised you gave it a “solid try” & said overal ost review’s were good.
    337 reviewers rated it a 2.3 out of 5 star. That’s not that great. And if you read reviews most are not good.
    So being new to this site I’m wondering if you are giving “sponsored ” reviews?
    Because you didn’t seem to provide an actual tried review nor accurate reporting of reviewers opinions.

  12. I will never buy it again It didnt cover up any spots on my face The mascara was so old It went it in the trash I had a reaction to the powder My face was irritated and it made my face burn real bad Disappointed

  13. Amazing product. Over Foundation it makes your skin flawless. On its own it’s quick and simple to use.
    Been using it for years now.


  15. I feel like this product is just a scam….. I bought it at my local supermarket. It’s definitely should not be considered as coverage, (unless you are going for the sick look, the shade is really weird) but I thought it made a nice setting powder for over my foundation. I used the compact for a little while and as it started to empty (only used less than 1 quarter of the product) the powder was completely set and couldn’t be used at all, like my make up brush couldnt pic up the product. I’m not sure how this could have happened but it was done before I got the product. So I assumed that particular compact was damaged, threw it out and bought a new one. A few days after getting that one my mother bought me one also, so I had 2 brand new compacts. Both were the exact same as the first one….. Such a scam. I emailed JML twice and didnt get any response. I called them to follow up and Elaine told me that this isnt a problem that this product has (her way of saying they had no intentions of fixing the problem). Her attitude was so unhelpful, she never actually got rude but she made it very clear that I didnt have a receipt so I wouldnt have any come back….. I admit it was so incredibly foolish of me to 1. assume JML produce decent products and 2. to assume they would rectifiy their mistake. Dont buy this product people!

  16. I love this product. I use my moisturizer and regular make-up, Then use this powder. I am fair skinned and it covers well. I’m out to buy some more !!

  17. Junk brought at Walgreens for 20 and it makes my face itchy and look yellow waste of money

  18. I am blonde with fair skin that has a lot of red/pink undertones and therefore have the hardest time finding concealers or foundations that don’t look yellow/orange on me. This worked well for me, even covered the rosacea. I believe from most reviews I’ve read that this product is particularly for fair/light skin with pink/red undertones. I love it and would buy it again

  19. I received this product this morning and tried it on. It did not cover anything so I applied more and more of it. All it does is make me look pasty. I am a mature woman so obviously it is not for an older group of women as it settles into the wrinkles and makes them more apparent.
    Definitely would not buy again and will be asking for a refund

  20. Bought tonight just tried it can’t really tell I put anything on I have eczema and Im very very pale with a vitamin d deficiency and I still can’t tell that I used it the buffer didn’t do anything but wipe it off the brush hairs just fell out so I tried my own which worked a bit better. Other than my face feeling like someone slapped both cheeks I don’t see a difference can’t even see it.

  21. After reading the original reviewer’s conclusion regarding this product, I would like to extend an apology for mistaking her description of the cosmetic as having a pink undertone for her actual skin having a pink undertone! How embarrassing…I really need to slow down when I read. Please accept my apology! I also have yellow undertoned skin but my results varied greatly. Unsure why unless it was my method of applying step for step?

  22. I would like to respectfully add that most people fall into two skin tone categories – blue undertones = cool and yellow undertones = warm, and are only familiar with those tones. I have honestly never heard of skin with “pink undertones” and I am skeptical that most average women (we’re no makeup artists) have either.

    That said, I have yellow undertones and have written my own review in further detail to be of help to anyone on the fence, but this product works wonderfully for me as I have described. 😃

    If this tells you anything – I have not found a foundation/coverage product that I was ever impressed with enough to write a review about before in my life. Heck, like most people, I typically only review products that have been disastrous!

  23. Use a great color correcting primer such as Maybeline in my experience (a drugstore cosmetic for around $7-10, that works JUST as great for uneven skin tone as the $30+ “high end” primers found at “Makeup Stores”), then apply these minerals making sure to apply even coverage, then buff well with the pad provided, and it works very well!! I’m 50 yrs old, med ivory tone, uneven skin tone (redness) and freckles from being a sun worshipper using no sunscreen for literally decades. I DO still need to conceal the circles under my eyes but in fairness they are VERY dark ones. Hope this helps ladies!

    Oh! And if you can stick with your own mascara, you can buy this w/o included mascara at any Dollar General store in their “as seen on TV” section for $14.99 + local tax. ☺

  24. I really like this product, works great for me.The only thing is I bought with masscarra and it was all hard and the brush broke trying to get it out.

  25. I have fair to medium skin. The color of this product while not too light or dark is simplynot flattering to me. I normally use products with yellow undertones. This is a pure beige with brownish pink undertones. The coverage and texture are not bad but the overall look is flat. I believe I coul use this product of a different shade was available.

  26. I bought this product last night at Walgreen. I figured , if it works , awesome. If not , it’s only 20$ wasted. I’ve used so many products to cover my skin problems , what’s another 20$. Tried it as soon as we got home. It covers my rosacea and scars really well. Not 100% ,but it looked way better than any other product I’ve tried in the past. I know a lot of ppl who would benefit from this product. Only issue is the creator needs to bring out a selection of different shades. Would probably make more profit of his line of cosmetics if he did.

  27. I love this product. I have light skin and really bad acne. With Magic mineral I can leave my house with confidence and not feel like everyone is staring at me. It covers all of my acne and dark spots. I can’t live without it. It has help me so much. I hope they never stop making it.

  28. I have a fair complexion.
    Used this for the first time this morning.
    It was flat-looking and 2 hours later I cannot even tell I bothered.
    Personally speaking, please save your money.


  30. Are you still loving Magic Minerals with your Rosacea and sensitive skin? I have the same issues and searching for a new product.

  31. I’ve just bought magic minerals couldn’t wait for it to come what a letdown

  32. I purchased the Magic Minerals yesterday due to the commercial, and thought it could hurt to try and hoping it worked. I am fair skinned, and have a few spots and dark circles under my eyes I was hoping it would cover. Even though what I wanted to cover is not very dark, Magic Minerals did not conceal any thing, everything was still noticeable. It was however like a foundation that does not cake, streak or crack during the day. There are several mineral foundations on the market for half the price I’ve tried that give the same results, the difference is they don’t claim to cover the flaws Magic Minerals claim. So don’t bother purchasing the product unless you like paying twice the price.

  33. I just tried this makeup. I have some discolorations from sun damage and aging on my face. Don’t bother-it is horrible. I have a medium complexion and it makes me look like a zombie, plus it doesn’t cover the age spots. It looks like I put talcum powder on my face. It cakes and doesn’t look natural at all. I just wasted $20.00

  34. I like the product but am a little worried by the fact it contains talc. Hat do others think?

  35. Just say its not for African American women …….I wasted my Money it should be for women of all colors and should have been made with different shades ……

  36. I was disappointed with this product it didn’t work for me at all. It didn’t cover anything and the color does not favor my complexion at all. It was truly a waste my money.

  37. Years ago I used Jerome Alexander under eye dark circle product. It cam in a very small jar with a screw on lid. It was called something like “wild iris eye or something like this”. Have not seen it in years. Does anyone know what the product was. I loved it. It did not crease, left my under eye circles looking so much better. HELP, if you know what this product was. I am thinking the under eye dark circle concealer in the lipstick tube is a better option for me. Back then they did not have the mineral products.

  38. This MagicMinerals is a scam and it is a waste of money. Don’t bother. What a bad product!

  39. I’m with you linda watkins i have the same complexion medium tan and i bought magic minerals and tried it and it made me look like i was ready to put on a act at a kids birthday party as the clown, so say who it’s really for please and people can stop wasting they’re money!

  40. I`ve been using this for several years & love the stuff , I used to suffer from acne rosacea but that has completely gone since using this as I am no longer clogging up my pores in an attempt to cover the bad skin. I usually buy it under the name of Italian mineral powder but now only see magic minerals OR mineral magic (all by Jerome Alexander so guessing it`s the same ? ) At one time there were 3 shades available which was great as O could change accoeding to the time of year & my tan. If I only have the lighter shade I just blend in some of the same brand bronzer or blusher.

  41. Why dont they make it for darker skin types we need to look pretty too. My skin is medium tan and i tried magic mineral it made me look like a clown. Ladies of dark skin type please dont waste ur time

  42. I purchased hundreds of $$$$ worth of Make up and Mineral Powders over the years. I have rosacea and fair skin, prone to allergic reactions. I am having the hardest time to find make up that actually looks good and is not caking up my face. I used Bare Minerals for years with great success, until they changed their formula and I was almost scratching my face raw!

    Anyway – all you girls out there with rosacea and very sensitive skin, know what I am talking about!

    I purchased Magic Minerals yesterday and tried it right away. It does not cover 100% – however – it covered the red spots enough without caking up my face. It actually gave my face a natural glow. I didn’t even have to use that much. I left it on over night, to see if I have any allergic reactions to it. Nothing!!! No reactions!
    I Love it!!!

  43. Unless you have very pale/pallid skin, then dont waste your money. It did absolutely nothing for my complexion only give it a matt look. In fact, I looked quite unhealthy, like I was ill or unwell.( I have a medium complexion) Perhaps the manufacurers should point out specifically that it isnt suitable for other skin types.

  44. I agree. You can’t get decent cosmetics for under $20.00 and with a money back guarantee, then you can’t lose with it. I have a light skin tone and many cosmetics out there that are supposed to be for light skin is still way to dark so I have wasted a lot of money on make up. I will give this a try to see if it works for my skin.

  45. With a reasonable 20 dollars price tag and with a 30 day money back guarantee, it’s pretty much win win no matter what happens. Actually, it would be sort of a waste time on my part if it doesn’t pan out, but I’m always willing to experiment with new cosmetics as long as the price is reasonable.

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