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Does Tabtor Math Work?As the school year progresses parents gain a better insight as to what educational weaknesses their kids may be developing, and Math is usually close to the top of the list for needing extra help. Fortunately there are additional resources available for kids having math difficulties like Tabtor Math. Is this a math learning solution that could help take the pressure off your youngster?

Tabtor Math is a math tutoring program that has been gaining a lot of recognition in the media,as a valuable resource for helping  math students. The program focuses on the age groups five to fourteen. Their approach is going back to basics,getting rid of the traditional metrics and focusing on the point of learning as well as observation and feedback. All of this is accomplished through an ipad platform which makes for easy learning.

The Claim
Tabtor Learning indicates that their mandate is on personalized learning and by implementing the right tools. While there are lots of math apps to choose from, the Tabtor offerings are much more streamlined and personalized, and includes instructors. Learning behaviors are tracked through application with the Tabtor technology. There are multiple strategies that can be implemented to help with learning curves.

The Hype
The big factor with Tabtor Math for parents is that it has a personalized component. It doesn’t leave parents stranded in trying to help the kids when they reach stumbling blocks or learning curves. This math help program addresses each child’s math learning difficulties and implements structures to overcome this.

The Cost
The cost for Tabtor math is based on the monthly plan that you choose. The basic runs at about $33.cad. per month while the most popular plan is the “Plus” plan which goes for $65.cad. per month with a sibling discount available.

The Commitment
Most likely your young one will balk at the concept of the Tabtor Math help simply because they are frustrated with their weaknesses in this subject already. On your part it will take some initial encouragement to get them to give the program a fair try. Being as it is implements on a ipad app this will hold some appeal to it and should get you started. By approaching this extra learning math help with enthusiasm and encouragement your youngster may be more willing. Once they have become integrated into the learning system they should no longer need constant encouragement to participate. As their math challenges become less severs as a result of what they are learning it should begin to lift the stress and frustration they are dealing with. You may be quite surprised to discover that the young one who once hated math is now adopting it as one their favorite subjects.

It really is easy for our kids to get lost in the classroom setting, especially when there are many students that just one teacher is responsible for. The key components of Tabtor math really help to address some of the major needs of the student who is weak in the math subjects. Personalized planning for learning is really important because everyone learns differently.

Final Math Help Review

In general we are going to give good quality Math Help programs a Thumbs Up, and this includes the Tabtor Math program. There are other learning approaches that can be beneficial as well for example some of found Brainetic to be a useful approach that many adults have found to be helpful especially for memory retention.

Our Recommendation
We suggest that if math is the biggest academic problem that your young one is currently facing that you check out Tabtor Math, and see if it might be the best learning approaching to give a try. By choosing a math help program such as this you are at least being pro active in helping to lift the math frustrations the youngster may be experiencing.

Official Website: Tabtor Math

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