Does Permanent Hair Removal Really Work?

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Does Permanent Hair Removal Work?Many women really face the hair removal problem, and to add to this is the confusion as to which device will produce the best results. Eventually it comes down to the questions is there really such a thing as permanent hair removal, and does it really work?

What a lot of women don’t realize is that there are different types of hair, that may need removing. This is one of the reasons why some permanent hair removal products seem to work great for some, then for others the results if any are really poor. Throughout the years there have been many different attempts at getting rid of unwanted hair with the majority of them having to be repeated within a few short days. There has been the age old tweezing, then of course shaving and let’s not forget the somewhat waxing products that many tried, even though there was much discomfort to be dealt with. Then along came the professional laser hair removals that soon worked itself into home hair removal offerings.

The Claim
Every hair removal promoter will have their own unique claims. One of the products that really created a lot of interest was the No No Hair Removal which we reviewed about. Now checking it out we have noticed that there are more negative votes for the product then positive. Again this may very well be as a result of the type of hair the product was up against. Fine light colored hair is definitely easier to banish and even permanently when compared to dark coarse hair.

The Hype
Most of the promoters of hair removal products will focus on the longivity of the results. Some are more blatant than others with their hype but they try and focus on the majority of positive results, and don’t delve into the variations of why some get more success with the hair removal than others.

The Cost
You are going to notice a big variance in the costs for the many different of what are dubbed as permanent hair removal systems. Don’t think that just because it is expensive that it automatically is better. When a new method of what is being touted as the permanent hair removal solution hits the market it is often high priced because of the heavy demand that exists for such a product.

The Commitment
If you are avid about your hair removal then you need no encouragement to use whatever device you finally decide upon. This is where the big challenge presents itself, just which product do you choose. If you are playing it smart and waiting for feed back on a particular product to reveal itself, then often before this happens a new and improved product hits the market and you are torn between choosing it or one that has some positive results documented.

In the past we have done a fair number of reviews on what are being promoted as permanent hair removal products. We were interested in looking back over them to see how they were rating from our viewers. We were not too surprised to find mixed reviews that were pretty well balanced. Some of these products were more popular than others and therefore gleaned more feed backs. For example the Silk N Flash has equal positive and negative feed back and was one of the more popular ones. However, The Pearl System was really attractive to many and has just a few more positive thumbs up compared to the thumbs down.

Final Permanent Hair Removal Review

In our quest to find an absolutely fool proof permanent hair removal system we have yet to reach the challenge. It all comes back to the same problem. The type of hair that is creating the need for removal is the deciding factor in just how effective a hair removal system will be. The hair on our body is unique to each of us although composed of the same components, therefore we will get varying results.

Our Recommendation
First really study the composition of the hair that you are trying to remove. This is going to give you your first clue as to which type of hair removal product is going to be your best choice. If you are fortunate enough to be stuck with the fine light colored hair then you can be a little more relaxed in your choice of the system for removing it. On the other hand if you are the one with the coarse dark hair then you have a more intense study ahead of you to help you determine which hair removal product is going to give you the best results although not total removal.

What do you think? Does Permanent Hair Removal work or not?

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