Does Mega-T Really Work?

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Does Mega-T work?Mega-T offers a line of green tea diet and weight loss supplements that claims to provide antioxidants and other nutrients as well. It also has diet and exercise recommendations as far as what you should be eating, and what sort of workouts you should be doing. We were intrigued by the way they’re promoting their products, and after receiving several inquiries as to their effectiveness we decided to look into it.

Losing weight is not easy, and proof of this is in the fact that there are more overweight people than there are fit in the USA. It’s a product of evolutionary roots meeting our current modern day lifestyle of limited motion and thousands of calories being advertised to us daily. If you’ve found yourself on the wrong side of the scale and have made your mind up to come back from the dark side, you might have thought a diet pill might be the way to get you there. In some instances it can be, so lets see how this one stacks up.

The Claim
The claim made by Mega-T is big and bold on their packaging and says that you can lose up to 20 pounds. This in itself is not saying very much, and to downplay it even more in smaller print they say that this happens over a period of time with diet and exercise. This relegates their claim to not being a claim at all, and if it is it is the claim made by most health and fitness gurus that promote healthy eating and regular workouts. In essence they are just saying that their pills can assist you and give you more willpower to turn down food and have more energy to workout.

The Hype
The one thing that companies have going for them when they decide to create a diet pill is that it has built-in hype. People are already on the verge of buying it, they just need to be put over the edge in order to give it a try. Often it just takes one unique angle, in this instance the use of green tea as an all-natural ingredient, and the hype machine is in place. With so much being reported about EGCG as an effective weight loss ingredient, it’s no wonder why these are getting attention.

The Cost
Mega-T pills and products are readily available at many corner drugstores, as well as supermarkets and big stores like Target and Wal-Mart, and of course online retailers like Amazon. A one-month supply of 30 pills is well under $10, and you can get a 90 day supply for less than $20. This is cheap in the world of weight loss pills, which is probably another reason why so many people are wondering if it works or not.

The Commitment
Any time you consider taking diet pills you have to determine what sort of strategy you want to take. They’re not meant to be used for the long term, because often they are pretty powerful and come with at least a few side effects. Therefore an appropriate exit strategy needs to be in place so you don’t become physically or psychologically dependent on them. You need to be clear about what your goal weight is, what sort of foods you’re going to eat, if you’re going to exercise, and how you will wean yourself off once your goal weight is achieved.

It’s nice that Mega-T offers food and exercise guides, most diet pill manufacturers try to lure people in with the premise of not having to change your lifestyle. The dietary recommendations come in two different varieties: one regular and one extreme. But both are going to require some willpower, and both eliminate so many unhealthy foods from your life that just following their eating guidelines would have you losing weight on its own. Their strategy is to help suppress your appetite and keep you alert so you don’t feel hungry and groggy while you’re cutting calories.

The thing that sets this apart is that it’s derived from green tea, and is supposed to provide you with antioxidants. The only problem is the price is so low you have to wonder what kind of ingredients they are using, and what quality the green tea is that they’re extracting from. We’ve got plenty of diet pill reviews, so know all of your options before deciding.

Final Mega-T Review

With Mega-T being available in so many places, we expected to see more users come back to say whether it’s working for them or not. There is very limited data available and what has come back in is split down the middle. This is often the case with diet pills, with about half the people that try it finding success, and the other half complaining that it did nothing or caused problems. Very rarely do you see weight loss pills getting lopsided feedback with everyone happy with the way it works, and if you do it’s usually cause for suspicion.

Our Recommendation
You have to weigh the pros and cons of taking a weight loss pill such as these that have a stimulant. Being overweight or obese has its own set of risks, and taking a diet pill might be less risky than continuing on the path you’ve been going down. In all instances you should consult with your doctor to see what their assessment of the situation is. If they say that your heart is healthy enough for exercise and a diet pill with caffeine in it, then it’s up to you to use these pills responsibly and take a long-term vision of your weight loss efforts.

What do you think? Does Mega-T work or not?

37 Customer Reviews on “Does Mega-T Really Work?

  1. I am trying to locate a place to purchase this particular product. No longer sold in stores or at Amazon. The thing that I like is the energy it gave. Everywhere I’ve gone to sells Mega T w/prebiotic and that is not what I want. Have they completely taken it off the market. Dont want the fat burner.. please help. Thanks in advance

  2. I just stared my second box of Mega T with probiotics and I love the product, but it needs to be taken as a supplement only. You have to have a healthy diet and work out. I do have more energy and it does curb my appetite. Also, I have a very busy lifestyle. I work all day and am on my feet almost 12 hours straight and then try and add in exercise as well and I have noticed a boost in my energy and a kick start in my weight loss, especially when I meet a plateau

  3. The effectiveness of green tea on weight loss has already been proven scientifically, so the question you should be asking is not if green tea is good for weight loss but if this particular product is good. I haven’t seen that many reviews on mega t either and that’s why I’ve been a little hesitant as well, but 10 dollars for a 30 day supply it’s just too cheap to not give it a try.

  4. Well, you do hear lots of great things about green tea and how it supposedly helps you lose weight. Look at the Chinese people and how greasy their foods are, but it’s tough to find Chinese people who are fat. Maybe it has something to do with green tea you know. I know some people drink green tea only to lose weight, I wonder if this is something similar to that, like purely relying on the ingredients of green tea to lose weight.

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