Does Miracle Hand Repair Cream Really Work?

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Does Miracle Hand Repair Cream work?If you’re a habitual hand washer, you probably need something like Miracle Hand Repair Cream to keep your hands from drying up. It can also be hard living in harsh climates like places with snowy or frosty winters, or places with dry, hot summers. There are so many moisturizers out there, we had to test this out to see if it’s the one to go with.

Developing the perfect hand cream is no easy task. You need something that provides moisture without being too oily, and without needing a ton of it each time you use it. You also want something that will work quickly, and doesn’t require constant applications over several days before you start seeing results. The last thing you should look for is the price, because some premium hand lotions like to charge a premium price, which makes long term and continued use something you really have to rationalize.

The Claim
Miracle Hand Repair Cream claims that it instantly takes care of dry, cracked and flaky skin on your hands from the very first time you put it on. They say that they have a proprietary blend of ingredients that consists of mostly aloe, but not just any aloe they say, this is supposedly the most powerful aloe you can get, as it uses the entire leaf to make the aloe vera gel.

They claim that they can make your hands appear 10 years younger, which may put the idea in your head to apply it all over your body, but it’s specifically for use on the hands. All of their claims are guaranteed, so they don’t want you to keep it or pay the money for it if it doesn’t work for you. The feedback on this suggests that you will have a good experience, and our own in-house evaluation showed that this is a winner.

The Hype
Hand moisturizes are something that people will swear by when they find one they like. They’ll also have no problem recommending it to a friend, so when you hear about a cream from more than one friend it starts to get hyped up, and becomes something you’ve just got to try.

The Cost
Miracle Hand Repair Cream is less than $10 on Amazon, and is therefore competitively priced with all of your other hand moisturizing options.

The Commitment
Just like any moisturizer, you simply need to apply this directly to where you’re experiencing dryness. Many people find that it works best on the knuckles, since they can take a real beating and since they’re a joint that can crack up from constantly being stretched and un-stretched.

The first thing you’ll notice about Miracle Hand Repair Cream is that it’s thick, so you don’t end up using a lot of it with each application. A little goes a long way as you rub it into your hands. Many creams out there are too creamy, which leads to you having to wipe off the excess moisturizer when minutes of rubbing don’t soak it all up. The next thing you’ll notice is that it makes your hands start to feel great right as you’re using it, which is proof that their “instant” claim is valid.

The other cool thing about this is that it’s got its guarantee right on the front label, so if you’re not happy with it you just return it. But at this price point it’s really just something that you can forget about if it doesn’t provide you the results you’re expecting. We’re typically fans of low risk high reward situations, and that’s really what this represents. Having properly moisturized hands might not be a life-changing experience, but it definitely creates that moment of Zen where you can bliss out for a little bit and have your hands get back to the way they should be.

The Hand Cream Dilemma
The reason it’s so hard to get hand creams right is because we use our hands so much. Any hand cream that doesn’t absorb into the skin well ends up becoming a nuisance because sooner rather than later we’ll have to use our hands, either to turn on a light switch, type on the computer, or brush our teeth. That’s why you don’t want to go with an oil based cream, and also why an aloe vera gel based product like Miracle Hand is so effective. It absorbs fast so you can get back to your life without waiting for your hands to de-slick.

Final Miracle Hand Repair Cream Review

Miracle Hand Repair Cream is getting our Thumbs Up review, as it totally lived up to its expectations during our real world test. We were even a bit skeptical at first, since we’ve tried out dozens of different hand creams in the past, and knew better than to think it would be the solution, but it has really worked again and again at getting hands ultra soft and touchable again.

Our Recommendation
We definitely recommend going with this, and it comes in various sized tubes, so you can get the travel size to put in your purse, or keep in the glove box of your car or truck. It’s great to have around, and when you do have it available you’ll notice that you think to use it more often and don’t settle for dry hands any more.

What do you think? Does Miracle Hand Repair Cream work or not?

64 Customer Reviews on “Does Miracle Hand Repair Cream Really Work?

  1. I tried a lot of big name dry skin products and none of them worked. I saw this miracle hand cream at my local grocery store and decided to try yet another product. I had a large patch of skin on my heel that was so dry and cracked I could peel off pieces of skin. I started putting miracle hand cream and in a few days it was 70% better. I love it because its not greasy, it actually drys and disappears in a few minutes. You should be able to get it at Bed bath & Beyond or wallgreens.

  2. My hands get really dry in the winters more so than in the summers and when it’s really bad my fingers even bleed from the cracks. I have four kids in my household, that’s including my husband and that means I’m constantly doing something with my hands. Even if they’re are not wet the hands of the mothers are always abused by all the chores we have to do. The creams from the big name brands haven’t helped much, so I think it’s time to try out a more niche product like the miracle hand repair.

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