Does Nozovent Really Work?

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Does Nozovent work?Nozovent by Scandinavian Formulas is said to be a relatively inexpensive solution to you or your partner’s snoring problem. It’s basically a clear plastic insert that holds your nasal passages open so that you can breathe more easily through your nose, helping to keep your mouth closed and making you snore less. But can something this simple actually work on an age old problem?

It’s easy to picture our cave-dwelling ancestors getting fed up with a snoring partner, and not having anything to help with the situation. Today we’re privy to all sorts of new inventions that can help with snoring problems. Some of them are good, and some of them are bad, so it’s important to find the one that makes the most sense to you, and has a simple design so there is less room for error.

The Claim
Nozovent claims that by keeping your nasal passages separated you will be able to breathe easier and therefore snore less. This is similar to the concept of Breathe Right Nasal Strips that were popular several years ago. They claim that it is easier to use and more reliable than strips, because you don’t have to fuss with the adhesive, and it stays in place better.

The Hype
The hype is that this seems to be a quick fix for snoring that doesn’t require you to wear any headgear or have anything in your mouth for the entire night. Anything that helps people stop snoring will get hype, because getting lousy sleep is a big motivating factor.

The Cost
Nozovent comes in packs of two for less than $15 at Amazon. It’s a pretty reasonable price, but when comparing it to other snoring aids you should keep in mind that this is not a one-off purchase, you will need to replace it at some point in the future if you like it.

The Commitment
It only takes a few seconds to insert this into your nose, and after that it’s just a matter of getting used to the feeling of having it in your nose while you sleep. If you are a side or stomach sleeper you might have trouble with it, as it could be less comfortable than if you sleep on your back. Compared to other snoring devices, this one ranks pretty low on the commitment chart, especially once you’re used to inserting it and the feeling of having it in your nose.

A lot of users have said that Nozovent is an inexpensive and reliable way to snore less and get better sleep. The consensus is that it does take a little getting used to, and can take some experimenting in order to find the right way to wear it, but after that process is completed it can provide months of use.

When first looking at it, you might not be able to figure out how to use it, because it is very simple, just a piece of plastic really. That’s why it’s a good idea to see someone put it in the right way so you don’t have to experiment with your own nose in a process of trial and error.

An added benefit of this system is that it reduces the amount of mouth breathing that you end up doing. Breathing through the mouth is never recommended, as it is the way we breath when we are under the influence of adrenaline. You should aim to do all of your breathing through the nose, and this can help you with that at night when you are more prone to breath through the mouth. It can also help keep moisture in your bronchial areas.

Final Nozovent Review

Nozovent is a pretty good stop snoring aid, and a better alternative to nasal strips. It has also been said to be a solid alternative to mouthpieces for those that want to snore less but not be required to have anything in their mouth all night. With so many people giving this a positive review, there is a strong chance that it will work for you. But there’s really no way for a company to make a snoring product that works for every single person every single time.

So we’re giving this the Try rating. Chances are that you’ll experience success with it, but it might not work as well for you as others, due to different nose shapes and degrees of snoring. At this price point it is definitely worth trying out to see what sort of results you get.

Our Recommendation
It’s important to understand that these are not meant to last forever, and you’ll have to replace them at some point when they lose their effectiveness. If you want to go with something that is meant to last for the long term, you could try ZQueit, which is an anti-snoring mouth insert that has gotten very good reviews.

What do you think? Does Nozovent work or not?

13 Customer Reviews on “Does Nozovent Really Work?

  1. My problem is that I do not get enough air during my sleep. I tried the mouthpiece, but that works against me: I wake up desperate for air when my nose is not providing the air and my mouth is blocked by the mouth piece.

    I have used Nozovent for over a year. After the first night it has been a breeze ever since. My first set still had not lost its springyness, so while it is not a one time investment, it is not something you will change every year.

    It is a cheaper solution than the Breathe Right, and it is easier to use.

  2. It works when it stays in but it always falls out of your nose during the night and you wakeup and have to search the bed in the dark to find it and put it back in

  3. I have a mouthpiece that works for me but I’ve never felt comfortable sleeping with it. My dad uses the mouthpiece just fine and he really likes, but I never sleep well with it in my mouth. I don’t know how this will feel in my nose but I think it has to be better than wearing a mouthpiece to sleep.

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