Does NutriDiet Really Work?

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Does NutriDiet work?NutriDiet is a pill that contains a series of probiotics, prebiotics, and green tea elements that are supposed to combine to help your digestion and improve your metabolism. They say it can help you be fit, inside and out. But how well does this mix help you to slim down, and are there any reasons not to give it a try?

They make several correlations to the Japanese diet, and Japanese women in particular due to their thinness. It’s hard to deny that on a whole Japanese women are far thinner than American women, in regards to BMI, which takes into account height and weight. Of course you wouldn’t want to go by just weight, since Japanese women are generally shorter than American women. Body Mass Index is factored as a

The Claim
The big claim with NutriDiet is that it approaches weight loss from three different angles. First, it sets your body up with probiotics. These are healthy bacteria that helps your digestion improve. The next ingredients are considered prebiotics, and these are meant to get your digestive juices going so that you can properly break down your food. The last is green tea extract, which is meant to give you all of the benefits of drinking green tea without having to actually drink it.

They say that the prebiotics are sourced from vegetables that are common in a Japanese diet. They say that the amount of catechins – one antioxidant found in green tea – these pills contain is the equivalent of drinking 12 cups or more green tea each day. They say you’ll feel lighter, thinner, and more confident when you take it. They do note that you should combine this with a healthy diet and regular exercise, which is something that many diet pills steer you away from.

The Hype
The hype to all diet pills is that the solution to your weight loss problems is somehow in a bottle. With this they are saying you can get as skinny as a Japanese woman by taking these pills, and not by actually eating what they eat, drinking what they drink, and getting as active as they are.

The Cost
A 30 day supply of NutriDiet is $40, with $6 shipping. They will send you a free bottle with just the $6 shipping charge, but this involves getting signed up for an auto-shipment every month at the $46. It’s up to you which way you want to go. If you want to avoid the automatic charges you can buy it outright for $46 and be covered by a 30 day guarantee. You can also call their customer service to stop the auto-enrollment so you can get the free bottle without having to have your next one shipped.

The Commitment
The big draw to pills like these is that you don’t really have to commit to much more than taking a pill. We’re all looking to lose weight without having to resort to eating bland and boring health foods, and exercising like crazy. But you should strive to feed your body wholesome foods, and give it the exercises it really needs to function at its best. If you do take this a single serving consists of 7 pills which may be daunting for those that don’t like to swallow pills.

Everyone seems to have an opinion as to why Japanese women are thin. The makers of NutriDiet say that it’s because they eat a diet high in both prebiotics, probiotics, and they drink a lot of green tea. Trying to boil down an entire culture and lifestyle into a pill is tricky business. It doesn’t take into account that many Japanese people are more active than their American counterparts, that they eat smaller portion sizes, that they eat more fish and vegetables, and that they have a history of this for thousands of years.

There’s also an intense amount of pressure for young Japanese women to be thin, and the government is actually trying to get the numbers up as far as Body Mass Index goes for women in their twenties. There is an underweight problem, much different than in the USA where we’re battling an obesity problem. You don’t need to deal in extremes and use Japanese women as the ideal body type to strive for, but you can take good eating and exercise habits that help them be at a reasonable weight.

Final NutriDiet Review

NutriDiet is getting the Solid Try rating from us, since it is taking a different avenue to weight loss than most diet pills do. It isn’t using a stimulant to get the job done, it’s using ingredients that your body needs anyway, plus adding components like green tea catechins that have been proven to help rev up the metabolism. With the $6 trial offer, and the 30 day money back guarantee in place if you want to buy it upfront, we feel this is a good pill to try out to see how it works for your specific situation.

Our Recommendation
Diet pills can work when they’re used for the short term as a catalyst to a healthier lifestyle. This is the first one we’ve seen that takes the approach of using probiotics and prebiotics, and adds the metabolism-boosting effects of green tea. If you can look past the correlation to Japanese women it does seem like a reasonable pill to take, and provides elements that just aren’t found in the Standard American Diet.

What do you think? Does NutriDiet work or not?

6 Customer Reviews on “Does NutriDiet Really Work?

  1. Yes I have to agree. I have had plenty of friends try everything from Ephedra (dangerous) to Alli (inconvenient) to not much avail. This is because you need to help the pill along. Dieting is more your attitude towards food than a pill. You still have to exercise and take the pill as a supplement. If you take the pill and still eat the way you used to , then you are just fooling yourself and draining your wallet. You will also end up discouraged. Most people end up failing with one pill and taking a myriad of others in a never-ending cycle. So, would I do it or recommend it? Yes as long as you are serious about the “process”.

  2. One common knowledge is that green tea helps you lose weight and it has been proven over and over again to be beneficial for our body in many other ways. I don’t believe that a pill can help me lose weight all on its own, that just doesn’t happen. If someone actually made something like that they’d be a billionaire. However, I do believe it can help me shed the pounds and if that’s the case I would gladly take one each day. Would nutridiet really work? Who knows, but I guess I’ll find out.

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