Does the NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop Really Work?

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Does the NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop work?The NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop looks remarkable, and if it works half as good as it seems to it’s going to be a great buy. The idea of being able to have a cooking surface that is cool to the touch yet heats the pan is pretty irresistible. But how well does this hold up in real world tests, and what are people saying about it?

In the future perhaps all homes will have stoves that use induction heating to cook with. It makes a lot of sense to heat up just the pot or pan you’re using, and not the general area around it. However, at this juncture it seems that the best thing to do is just bring in an electric and portable induction cooktop like this. That way you can put it where you need it, and it offers an additional way to cook in the kitchen, but can also travel with you, or be used outside.

The Claim
They say that the NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop uses up to 70% less energy, which is great considering that the average stovetop wastes a lot of heat that doesn’t end up helping to cook the food. Electric or gas, both are inefficient ways to heat a metal pan because they attempt to transfer the heat, and much of it gets wasted in the process.

The Hype
This gets promoted pretty heavily through their infomercial. Perhaps one of the coolest features on it is that it’s cool to the touch. To prove it they have a pot of boiling water with a wedge cut out of the pot so people can touch the cooking surface right next to the pot. They also show half a frying pan with an egg frying on one half and raw on the other.

The Cost
The cost of the NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop is causing some confusion. It’s advertised as three easy payments of $33.33, which is not the issue. The issue arises from the inflated shipping charges on all of the “free” items. This is often a tactic used by manufacturers to keep their advertised price low, but make up for it at the time of the sale. If they said the cooktop was $200 a lot of people would pass on it, even though it works great and is worth the price.

The Commitment
This should represent easier cooking, since you will be able to set the device a certain temperature and you won’t have to babysit foods by constantly stirring sauces so they don’t burn, or constantly turning meats so they don’t char.

The NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop is winning over users with its performance. It’s a shame that the ordering process is getting in the way of people loving this and raving about it. Keep in mind that you are going to need to use pans and pots that are compatible with induction cooking. If you want to use stainless steel, it will have to be a higher grade, and you can test it by seeing if the bottom responds to a magnet. Cast iron pots and fry pans should work well.

Being able to set your cooktop to the exact degree you want it is amazing. You just can’t get that type of precision with a gas or an electric stovetop. It makes it great for things like omelets, and cooking meats, or making sauces. It’s also nice for things you cook a lot because you can find that perfect temperature and jot it down so you get consistent results each time. And since it is only heating the pot or the pan, there’s no wasted energy. It’s also safer than a conventional stove because there’s less surface area to burn yourself on, you just have to mind the pot or the pan.

When you’re running a business there are two problems you don’t want to have. Not enough sales, and more sales than you can handle. It seems that the folks at NuWave are in the weeds when it comes to how many orders they have, and whether they can fulfill them. You’d think after having success with the NuWave Oven that they would have their operations streamlined, but it seems like they weren’t expecting such a response. Some people mentioned that they have hundreds of complaints with the BBB, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re not a good company, it just means a lot of people were disappointed.

Final NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop Review

The NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop is getting a Try rating from us, because if you peer through all of the hoopla surrounding their shipping charges and inability to fulfill orders you’ll see that the product itself is getting good reviews and people are happy with the way it performs. It’s easy to mistake frustration and disappointment for not getting your order in a timely manner as something that distracts from the product, but as far as it working, and cooking the way it’s shown with all of its features, it appears like they have a winning product here.

Our Recommendation
It seems that at the moment they are inundated with orders, and trying to catch up on backorders. They appear to be genuinely trying to dig themselves out of the hole and fulfill all orders. We’d suggest waiting a bit until they are on top of their game. Their Facebook page seems to be updated regularly, so when you see things calm down on their Timeline, it would be a safe time to place your order.

What do you think? Does NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop work or not?

75 Customer Reviews on “Does the NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop Really Work?

  1. The only problem that I actually had was the cheap plastic on the control panel. I fixed it by 1st. cleaning it with Dawn on a napkin then Windex. I applied the thick clear packing tape over it then trimmed the excess with a blade. temperature control for keeping queso warm is awesome. That was the talk of the afterschool teacher jam and tasting! I am planning to move op to the Nuwave Pro Chef Induction Cooktop for its larger coil size to solve my only real complaint. It works with my portable battery as well.

  2. I have a Nuwave Pic Gold, I have had it for a year and a half, I use it for my daily cooking, I ordered it with the 12-inch skillet along with the other pots and pans, I use the steamer pots a lot, I must have got a good one as I read some comments about how bad they work, I have never had any kind of trouble with mine, it works great,

  3. everywhere you find induction cooktops any brand they all say you need induction ready pans. i cant believe how many people are clueless to the need for induction cookware.

  4. My son purchased the NuWave cooktop for me as a Christmas gift, but told me about it prior to the holiday. I was very irritated because I have a small kitchen and not much countertop space. To my surprise, I adapted very quickly to the temperature settings and the wattage controls. Also to my surprise, I LOVE the cooktop! He gave me the pans that came with it and I have to say that I use at least one of them for every meal I cook (nearly every day) at home. Stir fry vegetables with brown sauce is so easy to control; simmering chunky applesauce in a 16 qt. pan is wonderful since I can set the temperature and the time and walk away; omelets come out perfect; steaming vegetables is flawless; even boiling water for mac and cheese seems so much faster than on my regular gas stove top. This product is one of the few items that has truly made my life easier. I give it a 10 out of 10.

  5. I bought 2 of these units, 1 for daughter and 1 for myself. Both blew up just before warranty expired. Had to pay postage both ways so $60 for each unit. My daughter no longer needed hers so gave it back to me. Mine blew up again, just out of 6 mth warranty, so I used the other but it also blew up after about 2 weeks use. I can’t see the point in paying another $60 (or perhaps more now) to return each unit, then have to pay for the repairs. Besides, the units did heat uniformly and the pans had to be rotated to get uniform heat – one side would burn while the other side of the pan heated okay. The special pans required for use with the unit are expensive too. These units have not been an economical purchase nor a good experience. I would not recommend them.

  6. I ordered the Nuwave Pic and they said I would get another unit free. I received my order for $179.00 since I had ordered some extra pots and pans to go with it. I did NOT receive 2 as I was told I would. I called them and they immediately sent me the other one.

    The next week I received another complete $179 set. I called them to say I did NOT order two complete sets. Now they say they will have to try and figure out what happened and it will take them about 5 days to do this! In the mean time I am out $360.00 and have no idea when I receive the other $179 back into my checking account!

    I like the Nuwave Pic but anyone going to buy it be VERY, VERY careful or you will be over charged

  7. If you want a Nuwave cooktop, or a dozen, why not just go to Amazon where they cost $55.00, without all the shipping problems.

  8. Here is the answer you are waiting for: All cookware can be used in any traditional stove including Nuwave cookware because they are cooking pans made of metal. But only cooking pans which are attracted by magnet at the bottom of the pans that get contact with the surface of Nuwave cooktop or any other brand of induction cooktop will work. Aluminum, copper, some stainless steel (not attracted by magnets) or glass cooking will not work on any induction cooktops. I know because I have my own Nuwave PIC cooktop. I tried various cooking pans but magnetic pans work. I purchased new cooking pans, I brought a magnet to the store to test them.

  9. Let me tell you, I’ve had one over three years, I’ll never be without one. Go for it. Better yet, if you don’t like it I’ll buy it.

  10. I’m glad you mentioned that disc to use with any cookware, it’s a simple solution, I don’t get why so many people are so quick to call it a scam,I will get the disc myself if I need it.

  11. I purchased my NuWave PIC at Wal*Mart for $99 plus tax. I also bought a stainless steel device at Bed, Bath & Beyond that allows me to use any of my pots and pans on the unit. I’m as happy as a clam and will probably buy another NuWave PIC so I can quit using my gas stove altogether.

  12. I’ve read all the horror stories about outrageous S&H fees and dealing with sales reps. So I bought a brand new NuWave off of Ebay, without all the extras, and with free shipping and the carry case for $75.00. I assume it was someone’s “free” 2nd unit. Mine will be used specifically in the outdoor kitchen of my camper, and being a camper, I have a complete set of Lodge cast iron already. I also just purchased a smaller version of the enamel coated dutch oven for easier clean-up when cooking outdoors. So no, I haven’t even received my NuWave yet. It’s enroute. But I wanted to encourage others to check out Ebay and similar selling sites if you want to risk no warranty and if you want a new unit without the inflated price.

  13. I agree with you about being objective, I have been waiting for them to get my order right for 3 weeks, but they finally did and although I haven’t used this product yet, I will say that I have used a different brand of induction cooktop and I don’t use my stove at all now. I think the Nuwave will be a good product just wish they would up our confidence by increasing the warranty to at least 5 years. Other less expensive competitors have done exactly that.

  14. This does work and most of the pans I have work with it so that really isn’t an issue. To find out if your pan works simply see if a magnet is attracted to the pan, if it is it will work. The shipping is a monumental rip off, so don’t buy any of the extras from them. I really wanted the grill for steaks so I got it at Walmart where I would suggest you buy any extra pots. But the cooker works wonderfully.

  15. I’ve had mine for over three years now, and truly love it. Does it maintain the exact temperature? No, but it does maintain “a” temperature which means you can adjust the temp up or down to get the temp you want and hold it. I have used the Nuwave PIC to suvee steaks, lobster tails and the like with great success. I use it more in the summer to avoid heating the kitchen. If I had purchased it before I renovated my kitchen, I would have a induction range with 1-2 gas side burners!

  16. NuWave induction oven works really great. I have one in my kitchen. It saves cooking time and makes lesser electricity bill at the end of the month. I love it!

  17. Warning in case you wanted to order from these guys.
    I Bought a bundle set of these for my brother and I. I tried to order online but needed to ask about shipping to different addresses so I called in instead. They made it seem like the 29.99 shipping was for the set when placed in the cart online but when I ordered on the phone they charged 29.99 for one plate than another 29.99 for the other. Even though in the cart it only showed one 29.99 shipping and handeling fee making me believe shipping was around 15.00 a piece. Then they also charged another 29.99 for the pans and stuff they added in as a bonus so shipping came to a total of 89.97. They also did not apply a 20.00 discount I was given by the representative for calling the order in. When I called back they did add the 20 back to my account but I asked to cancel the order because of the ridiculous shipping cost and was told I could not because it had already shipped but if I wanted to return it I could at my own expense and the shipping would not be refunded. These guys are scam artists!!

  18. Question

    My stovetop cooker will not heat up. The display reads E1. Can someone help me resolve this issue?


  19. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing this nice post. “Presto 01362 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker” is a good pressure cooker and takes very little time to cook. I have no complaints about the cooker. I just should have bought a larger one. I tried to cook ribs and had to cut in 3 pieces. Delicious too. My fault. Even if you live alone, as I do, it is still worth getting something larger.

    Kayla Robey

  20. We’ve been using induction for years in Europe,
    I love it! But it’s not true that the plate doesn’t get gets hot from the hot pot or whatever that has been heated, but glas cools off quickly and the device blinks HOT until it’s cool enough to touch.

  21. be carefull when buying pots and pans just becose it says stainless steel dosn’t mean it is. Stainless steel by definition of supposed to be non magnetic but you need a magnetic surface for conduction to work. Almost all stainless steel ups cookware from stores are magnetic which technically stainless steel should not be. It’s all in the science of how the metal was made it’s an art and it’s not done right the stainless steel will be magnetic if done right it will be non magnetic but for convection stoves in NuWave ovens you need magnetic so just bring a magnet next time you’re in a jewelry store check out the stainless steel section get a magnet out and lo and behold it sticks this is where you have to look out Jewelry is supposed to be high quality made the best way possible if you get a fork from the store that says stainless and it sticks you’re fine if you buy a necklace that says stainless and it sticks you’re being ripped off and surprisingly some of the best jewelry stores out there almost all of them rip you off of stainless steel it will either stick or parts of it will stick

  22. I have the new wave cooktop and the new wave oven pro. It was the best money that I have ever spent. The cooktop is amazing, with the controlled tempture u can’t burn anything. Frying eggs is easy no burning. Bacon is cooked perfect. The new wave oven pro is even better. It cooked the best steak that I’ve ever eaten. I will never go to a steak house again and pay their high prices. I fixed corn on the cob and it tasted as good as if it was on the grill. Ive done chicken, pork roast, beaf roast, Italian sausage, onions, peppers and its the best I’ve ever eaten. I did a meat loaf and all the grease was on the bottom not touching the meat and was awesome. If u ain’t got one get one.

  23. Heat is heat and heat by induction is no different, except for being more efficient and precise.
    I have cooked on induction cooktops in Europe for years. Beats resistance coils and gas 10 ways to Sunday.

  24. what an awesome company! I had a fire, on November 9th, 2014.I lost everything, my husband had just bought me the whole set. of course I was heartbroken, up on calling the company, asking them if there was anything they could do, they sent me out a 5 piece set, of which, I was tickled to bad can a company be, to replace something they didn’t have to,under the warranty!
    Look,how many companies would do that seriously?I am so grateful thank you

  25. Patricia, Ishmael meant the water was boiling well below the boiling point according to the digital display. He may have set the temperature to 200 degrees and the water boiled. This could be because he used a different pot or pan than the ones they sell with the units. It could also be due to altitude. We all know water boils at a lower temp at higher elevation. I can’t wait to receive my NuWave and and use it on my patio, no more fried fish smell in the house.

  26. Water does NOT boil at well below boiling temperature. It’s physically impossible! You might want to invest in a quality thermometer. 2 or 3 would be even better!

    For a year and a half, I have owned a $2,200 Electrolux Freestanding 5-burner Induction Range with much higher powered burners, so I have no need for a NuWave, but for those unfamiliar with induction cooking, I can share the benefit of my knowledge and experience.
    Cookware was not a problem for me since I invested in All Clad at least 20 years ago. Every piece works wonderfully in addition to the limited cast-iron I own. I also have less expensive (but still conductive) cookware pieces as well.

    My 1960’s home is all-electric. In the past, I’ve owned electric coil and glasstop (non-induction) ranges. The induction technology blows away all conventional means of electric cooking. It is as precise as a gas range even though it can boil a pot of water in 90 seconds or less, but also can be set low enough to melt chocolate without fear of burning.

    I could go on about the virtues of induction ranges, but since this is supposed to be about the NuWave, I’ll just say if you can’t afford or don’t have 220v wiring for an induction free-standing range or induction cooktop, this is probably the next best thing. I personally would only consider buying the NuWave Pro model, which boasts 1800 watts. The small burners on my range peak out at 2650 watts, so the Pro model is the closest you’ll ever get in a 110v appliance, provided your home wiring can handle it.

  27. They “appear” to work as it seems that you can accurately set and maintain temperatures but alas, it leaves a lot to be desired. When you realize that water is boiling at well below boiling temperature you’ll began to wonder.By using peanut oil and a laser thermometer I found the settings to off by as much as 30 degrees. Using the cooking timer with an inaccurate thermostat ia a recipe for disaster.
    Luckily I didn’t have have to worry about that because it stopped working completely in less than 2 months. I can’t hey my money back and I don’t even want another one, so I threw it in the trash!

  28. I have read most of the reviews. You can purchase the Nuwave cooktop at Walmart. You can buy a disc(Ebay) for induction cooking that you can use your existing cookware. The Nuwave cookware is great and it is also $100.00 at Walmart. I ordered my Nuwave Oven from Ebay and am still trying to get use to it. I have ask the question “can the nuwave cookware be used on a traditional stove, I have not gotten an answer yet.

  29. I absolutely love this product! I literally have EVERY NuWave product, from the Nuwave oven, PIC, Flavor Locker and all the cool accessories! I did my research before purchasing anything, and what i notice a lot of, is people make mistakes in only seeing what you want, yes it advertises “buy one get one free” but it also advertises “plus shipping and handling” or “just pay an additional s/p” it’s not rocket science, read between the lines. if you think about it, it’s a really great deal!! I’ve had my oven for a little over 4 years now and I wouldn’t give it up for anything. With proper care and usage this thing can last forever. Not everyone will like this product that is a given, but if you are willing to test new things and get creative with your own recipes, i don’t see what there is to hate. Everyone in my family has Nuwave products, my parents LOVE the cookware, my husbands best friend loves the oven…. having a crab fest? you’ll love the PIC for keeping the butter nice and warm. Give it a shot, REVIEW THE WEBSITE before ordering, read the fine print and you will be fine. The customer service is phenomenal! they took their time helping me understand all the buttons, and even provided me with recipes they use in their home and for that i am grateful.

    Enjoy the product, if you don’t like it, give it as a gift, or return.
    Have a blessed day everyone.


  31. it dowsnt just use regular pots and pans so u have to spend another 100 on that .my opinion its not worth the money

  32. Same as everyone else is saying, as long as the panwear is the correct type, it’ll work.

    HOWEVER that being said… it really would behoove someone to get the information out there in a more readily noticed and understood fashion that the need for specific pans really is a need.

    Its great for their pockets that the sale pitch works, that purchasers find their product exemplary and proclaim so, that U buy it…. and, oop! Need pans too, suddenly. So.. either U fork over more money… or put it in storage or throw it away or give it away or sell it… having found yourself with a useless product and perhapse no funds to fix that fact.

    Perhapse it would be worthwhile to fund a more forwardly honest company, with less confusion of critical details from “information haze”.

    Irregardless, if it works when I get one, I’ll rate it honestly…with a purchasers notes of yay or woe.

    Thankyou for the very thorough heads up. To U and others… note to purchasers “infomercials bad!” Lol. Use Ur discretion, and find all the facts before handing over those precious bucks or card numbers. 😉

  33. That’s the question I’m trying to find an answer to… an answer seemingly hard to find.

    The utilization of a cast iron pan seems innocent enough, for efficient heat conducting… but what is the exam t heat source,and how exactly is that affecting the food and it’s nutritional profile? Does anyone know?

    Please and thank you! 🙂

  34. The best thing to do to purchase this item from or buy it directly in any walmart store.
    This way you don’t have to mess with the shipping ripoff, and you still have full warranty on the cooktop.

  35. I didn’t get my NuWave via the promo slot on TV. I got mine from a local Bed, Bath, and Beyond so I was spared those ridiculous shipping and handling fees. Mine came with a small-ish 9″ fry pan with a ceramic non stick coating (sort of a copper color). I have several glass lids from other cookware in the house and one of them fits that fry pan perfectly.The damned thing works exactly as advertised and I use it regularly. I live alone, so the pan was just the right size for me. Being able to control the temperature so precisely means that I burn nothing anymore and the foods are cooked perfectly. I also use non-metallic spatulas, forks, and tongs, so that coating on the pan is scratch free, and it really is non-stick! This is the best kitchen device that I’ve ever bought.

  36. Bought my Nuwave at Canadian Tire for $119.00. Bought my pans at Winners from $14.99 to $24.99 for the huge frying pan with a lid. If a magnet sticks to the bottom of the pan, it will work.
    I’ll NEVER use my stove top again.

  37. It is amazing how much experimentation the reviewer above, E J, did and yet he still did not get it. For example, he says “the best they can do is measure the temperature of the bottom of the object being heated (bottom of the pan, pot, oven, griddle, etc. you are using) where it contacts the surface of the cooktop unit.” No, the problem with the NuWave PIC/PIC2/PIC Pro is that the temperature control is fake. It is not wildly inaccurate, as so many people have concluded. It is totally fake. There is no thermometer in the NuWave. The engineers at NuWave calculated how much energy would be needed to heat up the included pan to a certain temperature, and then programmed the unit to output that amount of energy when set to that temperature. If you are trying to heat twice the mass as the included pan with that same temperature setting, the actual temperature will be half what the programmed temperature is. I had to set it to 400 degrees in order to boil a small amount of water.

    Having said all of that, this does not make the device useless. The temperature settings are actually fixed power levels. The overwhelming majority of other cooktops, gas or electric, use settings that indicate power levels. Very few cooktops measure temperature. This leaves you no worse than normal cooktops, but with the advantage of a very fine degree of control over power. The question is whether the lie about temperature control is reason enough to boycott the product. It is still a good feature set for the price. It is also very portable. If you have a special diet it may be the best option when travelling. The fake temperature setting does come in handy if you are pan-frying, because it allows you to avoid smoking the oil. You just have to accept the fact that the temperature setting is a power level that has no relation to actual temperature when doing any type of cooking except pan-frying with the included pan. You have to use trial and error to figure out what power level to use in each situation.

    The fact that the temperature is fake might limit some of the potential for programming it to cook unattended. As water boils down, the same amount of power will cook the food progressively harder. For slow cooking, it is not a big deal as long as you have a tight lid, after all, many dedicated slow cookers get by with power settings instead of real temperature control.

    So, if you are buying the NuWave specifically because of the temperature control, prepare to be disappointed. However, it still might be the best product for your needs. If you know the truth ahead of time, you can make a better decision. If you do buy it, I recommend buying it retail, to avoid shipping costs and to make returning a defective model easier. Bed Bath & Beyond and, surprisingly, the ubiquitous drug store CVS, sell it in their stores.

  38. I phoned NuWave for clarifications BEFORE I ordered via their website 11-14-2013. Their sales reps also confirmed I can simply pay all at once, which I preferred. I think some super-villain like Lex Luther designed their online ordering process. It made me feel like I was being challenged by a wily opponent, or running a cyber-gauntlet, but I read each succeeding question/offer carefully and ended up doing OK.
    I went for their “BOGO” 2-cooktops-for-1 offer, and I opted to upgrade to the “PIC Pro” model. PIC PRO unit #1 base price was $129.94 ($24.99 more than the PIC2’s price of $99.99). S&H on that unit was another $29.95, for a total of $154.93. For PIC Pro unit #2, I paid a $24.99 ‘premium’ for getting the ‘pro’ version, and paid another $29.95 for S&H. Total cost of the 2nd unit was $54.94. So both Pro units cost a total of $209.87, or $104.94 apiece, including the S&H. I also went for the free “Complete NuWave PIC Cooking Package”. This introduced another $29.95 for S&H. The final charge against my credit card was $239.82. The charge showed up Nov. 17th NuWave sent me prompt e-mail confirmation of my order, but I had to email them on Nov. 18 to request a UPS tracking number. They promptly sent me the tracking number, and the shipment arrived intact on the morning of Nov. 20th.
    In a single 32-lb. box, I rec’d the two PIC Pro units (model #30301AR), and the cookware set (consisting of: a 9″ frying pan; a 10½” frying pan; a 10 ½” dia. x 3” deep stainless steel pot; a 10½” dia. glass lid; a stainless steel steamer insert that can be used with the pot; a fondu-ring insert that can be used with the pot, and; eight fondu forks. I missed the fondu-thing in the 1970’s, looks like I now get a 2nd chance. The frying pans are stainless steel on the outside, with a copper-colored, “Duralon” nano-ceramic non-stick coating inside. Their bottoms are almost ½” thick. The stainless steel pot also has the thick bottom (but has no non-stick coating inside). The glass lid fits either the 10½” pan or the 3”-deep pot and has a little steam-vent hole in it.
    Each PIC PRO unit is about 12” dia. x 2½” high, except it is 14” dia. in the front area where the push-button controls are. The cooktop’s red circle is 6½” in diameter. The outer white ring is 9½” in diameter. As I’ll describe better below, the unit’s induction coils seem to be centered beneath the red circle. All controls except ‘program’ (staged cooking) are EZ to figure out without the manual. A big, red LED displays your settings. Panel has six temperature presets: Low (100F); Med. Low (175); Med. (275); Med. High (375); High (425), and; Max. Sear (560F or above). You select a preset, then adjust the temperature up-or-down in 5F degree increments to your desired setting. (The PIC2 limits your adjustments to 10F increments: the PIC Pro allows finer adjustments in 5F increments from 100F to 560F, for a total of 94 possible settings.)

    I did some quick tests on both the PIC Pro units I’d received. I performed identical tests on each of them, and found they both produced exactly the same results, which frankly surprised me. Here’s how I tested each of them:
    I placed the 10½” pan onto the cooktop, sprinkled perhaps ¼ oz. of water into it. Since I know water will always boil at 212F (at sea level), I used that fact to gauge how accurate the cooktop settings were. I turned on the cooktop, and initially set it to its lowest setting, just 100F. The empty pan got barely warm to the touch almost instantly and stayed that way. So that setting seemed about right.
    I then set it for 150F, and gave it a couple minutes to stabilize. Once I heard its electronic controls rapidly cycling off-and-on, I knew it was stabilized. I slowly raised the temperature setting in 10F steps until it was set at 200F, and sprinkled more water as needed. Then I raised it in 5F increments, pausing each time to wait for the faint sound of the electronics ‘cycling’ to hold the new setting. At the 210F setting, the water droplets didn’t boil, at 215F setting they did. At 210F again, they didn’t. This told me that the temperature settings are accurate when the cooktop is used with their own empty 10 ½” pan, and that the cooktop can hold a temperature that varies no more than 5 degrees F. There is no way to predict whether YOU would get the same results with a different pot or pan, because it may have different induction/magnetic properties, or thickness or something. Some pots & pans heat up differently than others, even if they are all rated “induction ready”. Your best bet is to perform the same little test with your own cookware and see how it behaves. All I can say is this: …both PIC Pro units they sent me were highly accurate and behaved identically when used with their own 10½” pan (model #32004), when that pan was EMPTY except for a few drops of water.

    The cooktop settings became less accurate when I poured 10 cups of water into the 10½” pan…. I placed the 10½” frying pan onto the cooktop, added 10 cups of room temperature (72F) water, and turned ON the unit to its highest “Max Sear” setting. It took 7 minutes to bring the water to a full, rolling boil. My home’s line voltage was 122.5V. NuWave’s “less than one minute to boil” claim needs to be clarified.
    I then set the LED display to 215F: the boiling quickly stopped and the water temperature dropped to 190F before stabilizing. This was 12% lower than the 215F setting I had entered, as measured using my ASCI-certified Kessler lab thermometer at proper immersion. To maintain a gentle boil (212F), I had to input a setting of 275F. Thus, the actual temperature produced (212F) was 23% lower than the unit’s LED readout of 275F was indicating.
    I noticed that the boiling bubbles would initially concentrate in a circular band that was about 6 or 6½” in dia., roughly corresponding to the red circle on the cooktop’s surface. Obviously, this traced the location of the induction coils that were heating the pan. As the gentle boiling continued, the bubble formation became more uniformly distributed, showing that the 10½” pan was doing a good job of distributing the heat input.

    I performed the exact same test with each unit and they again performed EXACTLY way. They were both “off” by the EXACT same amount. I was impressed by how consistent they were with each other. Something like that doesn’t happen by accident.
    As I mentioned, my 215F settings on each unit produced an actual water temperature of 190F. I allowed the electronics to stabilize into that rapidly cycling off-and-on state and remain that way for 10 minutes while I monitoring the lab thermometer readings. When the LED was set at 215F, both units maintained the water within a narrow temperature range of 188-191F degrees. The PIC Pro cooktops I received really are able to maintain a precise temperature. The only problem is that, once I added 10 cups of water, the LED readout no longer matched the actual water temperatures being produced.
    In all fairness, let me point out that a 10½” dia. pan is shallow and has a large surface area to “lose” (dissipate) heat, as compared to a narrower, deeper pot. And water heats up differently than cooking oil. If I’d heated up 10 cups of oil instead of water, or maybe only 4 cups, perhaps the LED readings would’ve been closer to being reality.
    I have to give NuWave credit for the fact that BOTH my units performed identically, and BOTH of them were able to maintain a temperature that varied by less than 3 degrees (F). That sort of repeatability is not easy to achieve. These things are definitely not toys.
    I’ve seen NuWave induction cooktop reviews on (mainly the 4-star ones) that thoughtfully try to explain some of the physics and performance characteristics, to fill the info-void NuWave appears content to leave us with. That’s cool. Here’s my own contribution to the ‘cause’.
    OK. Regardless of manufacturer, I believe there is almost always going to be a temperature difference between the setting you enter into these induction-type units and what you actually get. Variations in your own cookware’s dimensions and induction properties, and the manner in which it is being used (as griddle? as oven? as oil fryer? as water steamer?), can produce widely varying results. Dumping some water or oil into the cookware introduces yet another variable which will have an effect on the temperature you end up obtaining. The only way any of these induction-type cooktops could be truly accurate is if they came equipped with a means for the cooktop to measure the temperature of the water, oil oven, griddle, etc. that is being heated, -such as a wired external probe you could stick right into whatever is being heated. Otherwise, the best they can do is measure the temperature of the bottom of the object being heated (bottom of the pan, pot, oven, griddle, etc. you are using) where it contacts the surface of the cooktop unit. Other than that, these induction-cooktops are running ‘blind’.
    Apparently, NuWave calibrates their PIC Pro cooktop unit for use in combination with their own cookware (such as that empty 10½” pan I’d received from them). My results matched theirs, when their pan WAS EMPTY. But once I added the 10 cups of water, everything changed. The cooktop settings were now inaccurate.
    Since we are not provided with an external temperature probe, we are left having to come up with our own means to independently check the true temperatures being produced. So, I suggest you may want to go out and buy an inexpensive (but reasonably accurate) candy thermometer for maybe $5. If you’re using the induction cooktop to heat a dutch oven, also buy one of those cheapo (but accurate) in-the-oven thermometers for maybe another $5. Using these inexpensive items, you can determine, thru trial-and-error, what setting you need to enter into your NuWave PIC unit (or any other similar induction cooktop) to produce your target temperature.
    For example, let’s say you’ve entered 350F into the cooktop unit and you’ve allowed your pot of cooking oil to reach a stabilized temperature, but your candy thermometer says your pot of oil is only at 280F. Now you know you need to enter a higher cooktop setting, -maybe try 440F. OR…let’s say you’ve entered that 350F setting and your oil is getting way too hot. You know you have to enter a lower setting. Once you’re successful, write down the ‘good’ setting you’ve figured out, and note which pot or pan you used, and how much oil (or whatever) you were heating in it. (Remember: some pots/pans are “hot” induction-wise, some are “cooler”.) The next time you do it, you’ll know exactly what to do and what to expect. Gradually, you will develop a ‘feel’ for how your own induction cooktop behaves with your own cookware.
    I’m not making excuses for NuWave or any other manufacturer. I’m just a person who has purchased an induction cooktop and is now trying to figure out the best way to use it to get consistent results. I’m sure there were plenty of complaints about microwave ovens in the 1960’s and 70’s when they were the ‘latest thing’.
    On a positive note, –the cookware they sent me is the bomb! No complaints at all about the quality of NuWave’s cookware. Time will tell whether that Duralon non-stick coating holds up on the frying pans, but there’s no doubt that the cookware I rec’d is top notch.
    In summary, I figure I got TWO of the bigger Pro model PIC’s for about $105 apiece, including S & H. Not bad! These things may have their quirks, and they may not boil 10 cups of water in 90 seconds or whatever, but I don’t feel as though I got ripped off. (I’m giving one of my PIC Pro units to my sister as a holiday gift.)
    Plus, I got some really high-quality ‘free’ cookware for only $30. The 9” pan alone is worth more than that. And, I like the technology, with its relatively low consumption of electricity. Hurricane Sandy left me without power for 8 days, and I was using a 6500W generator to struggle along. My home’s electric stove would’ve been too much for my little generator to handle, so I had to cook on my outdoor BBQ grill. If I’d had an energy-efficient induction cooker, I would’ve still been able to do some indoor cooking.
    ( According to NuWave, the PIC Pro’s power consumption ranges from 600 watts on “Low” setting, to 1800 watts on “Max Sear” setting, at house line voltage of 120V.)

    I just rec’d these things from Nu-Wave recently. I have no experience with actually cooking with them yet, but am very intrigued with their ability to maintain temperatures within a precise temperature range, -especially at the lower settings. I have every reason to expect that of I had wanted to, I could have set either one of my PIC Pro units to some setting, say 115F, and it would have maintained my (empty) 10½” pan at 114-116F, once I’d allowed a few minutes for the electronics to stabilize. I am not aware of any other way to do that in the kitchen. I’m looking forward to checking it out.
    I will mention that the NuWave sales reps I spoke with were a bit on the aggressive side, but not too bad. They pushed a little, and I simply pushed back. But they seemed overly ‘guarded’ and weren’t very open. I didn’t get a ‘warm & fuzzy’ feeling. Something one of them said led me to believe I could save myself a few bucks by placing the order via their online site, instead of doing it via phone. When I began trying to say goodbye, they both tried talking me into going for a ‘cruise trip’ deal. Really? Very weird…
    I did not like NuWave’s tricky online ordering sequence at all!! It first required that I submit my credit card info etc, and then it hit me with a series of maybe 15 successive questions about whether I want to buy this or buy that. I can easily see how lots of other people could become annoyed with it, and take their business elsewhere. If the online ordering process had unnerved me, I would’ve stopped, and clicked OFF the entire site. I would’ve known I hadn’t yet given my final approval to bill my credit card until I’d OK’d everything in the final “review order” window, at the very end of the process. If I’d backed out, I would’ve closely monitored my credit card to make sure no unauthorized charges appeared. But everything went smoothly online, my credit card was billed Nov. 16/17th in the correct amount, and I received the correct items via UPS quite quickly.

    As I mentioned before, I feel NuWave/Hearthware is negligent in their failure to present their customers with the sort of performance information that I (and some other reviewers) are trying to provide you with. I feel that NuWave should be upfront and explain that ALL induction cooktop units (not just the ones they are handling) will produce temperatures that can significantly vary from the settings we input. It all depends on: the induction-characteristics of the cookware being used; the cookware’s size & shape; the type of material being heated in the cookware; the volume/amount being heated; etc. These are all things that are out of NuWave’s control: why not acknowledge that these sort of temperature differences come with the territory (for NuWave and for all its competitors) and maybe give us some general tips or guidelines for dealing with these inevitable differences?
    Back in the 1960’s, when the first microwave ovens were being marketed, consumers had to get used to the idea that placing tin foil and metal cookware/utensils placed in a microwave would produce frightening results. But the people got used to this limitation and quickly learned to accept them, because the microwave benefits far outweighed the negatives. To me, NuWave is at a similar junction right now. They should be teaching their customers how to better use this new ‘induction’ technology they are marketing –not stonewalling everybody.

    NuWave’s marketing mindset seems to be 25 years behind the times, acting as if the one-way medium of TV still holds sway. Make a glitzy ‘infomercial’ loaded with hype to lure buyers, and then throw them to the wolves. Really? We’re well into the 21st Century, guys. The “audience” talks back now. They communicate and exchange opinions instantly on the internet, FaceBook, Twitter, etc. PEOPLE ARE READING THIS REVIEW, RIGHT NOW !!
    I’m a bit more fearless than most, and decided to purchase directly from NuWave, using their annoying online ordering site, even though I’d read so many, many, many negative reviews and warnings about them. The person next to me may have read that same negative info and taken their business to a competitor. NuWave will never know how many customers they’ve already chased away
    NuWave has a decent product, -why not just sell it at a decent price (for a decent profit) and dispense with all the clever sales gimmicks? Their excessive hype is creating unrealistic expectations in peoples’ minds. It’s sowing the seeds for customer dissatisfaction. They’ve even managed to earn the worst possible rating from the Better Business Bureau (an ‘F’). They’re an unattractive company selling some beautiful products. Beauty and the Beast.
    The negative blogs and reviews and comments are going to catch up with them. If they want to stem that tide, they need to start embracing ‘openness’. It seems to me this sort of “openness” approach would be a major step in the right direction toward improving consumer confidence and trust. Hey, maybe NuWave has a ‘take-the-money-and-run’ business model and doesn’t care about tomorrow. But if they want to secure a stable and lasting market niche, they’re going to need to change their entire marketing/sales style, and dramatically improve customer relations.

    Nevertheless, they did sell me some fine quality products at a decent price, and delivered them as promised right on time, so I’m still giving them 4 stars. My own personal experience with them has been fine thus far. I can’t say whether you would fare as well.
    But I would recommend purchasing their PIC Pro induction cooktop (model #30301AR), and I am quite pleased with the “Complete NuWave PIC Cooking Package” that I also received from them.

  39. I bought my Nu-wave about a year ago, But sense I bought it, I had medical problems keeping me
    in & out of the hospital until now, I got to try both Pic.s one works and the other reads E1 no matter
    which pan I use, How can I get this unit repaired? where do I send it to?
    Thank you, Joe Helvey

  40. I bought 2 for one price end up costing me 279.00 .99.00 just for shipping . Both cook tops seem to lose their temperature when frying. And seem to cook only in the center of the pot. They seem to cook or melt chocolate great. And the pans I got with them.are very good . Not happy with the extra high shipping cost . So much for buy one get one free.

  41. I bought 2 for one price end up costing me 279.00 .99.00 just for shipping . Both cook tops seem to lose their temperature when frying. And seem to cook only in the center of the pot. They seem to cook or melt chocolate great. And the pans I got with them.are very good . Not happy with the extra high shipping cost . So much for buy one get one free.

  42. It’s a shame that such a decently designed product using a promising technology is probably going to sour a lot of people because it is being sold by a rip off retailer.
    Induction cooking has been around for years. Unfortunately, cooktops sold with these burners are overpriced when compared to typical ones. But a single, separate burner seems a decent solution at the right price.
    Things you should know: 1) I have seen these, or their equivalent, for sale at brick and mortar stores from $90-$120. I assume you can buy them on line at about the same price. So, given that this company overcharges for shipping, I would buy from Best Buy or Amazon and either pay the tax or standard shipping.
    2) The types of cookware required is by no means highly limited or exotic. So, unless your pots and pans are all aluminum, glass and copper, you are almost certain to have at least a few that will work. Otherwise, either look for the symbol for induction compatibility or take a refrigerator magnet ad see if it sticks on the bottom.
    3) I think that the exact temperature control that induction allows is something that is indispensable for some types of cooking, very useful for others and impossible to achieve with other types of cooking.
    In short, I would recommend this technology in a minute. But there are plenty of other companies that are reputable that sell them; I would avoid this one.


  44. I bought two of these from the infomercial. When it came time to check out I asked myself if the total bill with handling was a fair price for the products I was getting – my answer was yes. I am extremely happy with my induction cookers. I love to cook and these allow me to cook things that I could not before. For example, I use my cast iron dutch oven to do deep fat frying. I have never been able to get the temperature control necessary to use this cooking technique. This hot plate controls and recovers the oil temp perfectly! I am even able to make the notoriously difficult tempura.
    From past experiences I knew about shipping charges before I called, so I expected them. Still I am satisfied with the overall cost of the products I received, and I was pleasantly surprised at the high quality of the pans that came with the units.

  45. Go to a store and buy an induction cooktop for under $100. If you want 2, the S&H charges may balance out the cost of your “free” one.
    About induction cooking –I love it. Fast and safe. I use it for tea kettle, boiling water, extra burner, on patio, in camper… Already had some stainless steel and cast iron pans and I take a magnet to check out new purchases.

  46. The pic is for sale on for $100, $110 with the grill. FREE SHIPPING!

    The Nuwave accessories are way over-priced, but theere are 1700 induction compatible pieces or sets availablle.

  47. They actually do say on the infomercial that you need INDUCTION pots.
    They dont have to be expensive to work, just magnetic. After watching the infomercial & finding ut hat magnets are attracted to induction pots I grabbed a magnet & went to go check which of my pots would work & the cheapest ones worked. Soo you dont have to waste money on a new set of pots. Just take a magnet with you next time you shop

  48. Any kind of good Stainless steel, enamelware or flat bottomed cast iron will work. Try JC Penney’s for good prices. Also try Ikea for really good prices and look for the induction symbol: It is a coil. I have a cook top which I have used for seven years and I would not go back to the others for anything.

  49. Seven years ago I bought a induction cook top for the new home we were building. While doing research on this type of coking I realized you needed good stainless steel, enameled or cast iron for it to work. I bought my cookware from JC Penney’s and have been using it for seven years. I love the induction cooking and would never go back to gas or regular electric stoves. Please everyone do your homework when buying something new. For you who need new cookware for induction take a magnet with you when you shop.

  50. Hello.
    I have bought the new vave stove top, 2 for one deal. The stovetop works fine, but the shipping for the 2 items was $ 60.00 (59.99 to be exact) which is way too much. The price for the 2 was 99.99 and the shipping was 59.99. Dont you think is outrageous ?

  51. I wanted to know how it was powered so called to inquire.. Matthew talked me into purchasing one. He did not disclose the shipping and handling charge.. After I hung up I realized it was too costly for me since I’m in my 80’s and needed to get rid of my years of pot and pans. I called right back to cancel and was told she would cancel the order but to call back next day to verify that it was cancelled. Called the next day and was told After one day they cannot cancel the order. If I refused the shipment I would be charged $199.80. It would cost me $200 to cancel the order. What a rip-off!
    Called my credit card company and they put me through Nuwave customer service. I explained my situation and they will verify that I did not want express shipping and they have not contacted me yet.
    .Buyer beware: always ask for shipping and handling cost. If I knew s&h would cost $199.80 I would not have given my o.k. for the purchase.

  52. After reading about the virtues of induction cooking, I had been looking into replacing my current in-home oven/stove with an induction cooktop but was intimidated by the prices. The NuWave cooktop is a good way to get into it without the capital committment required for a full appliance. But know, going-in, that only magnetic cookware will work with it – and that there is an active and aggressive marketing scheme in-place to get you to purchase the add-ons, at vastly inflate shipping rates. Get the two-for-one deal and limit your purchase to that. HOLD THE LINE!!

  53. I have ordered appliances on line, like this, and the Shipping and Handling is Outrageous.

    It does not surprise me that you need special cookware. This makes it cost too much and for this reason, I would not purchase it. I was looking online to see what reviews indicated, So I will Not order the NuWavePIC.

    Thank you.

    Elaine Travis

  54. I bought 2 of the NuWave PIC Units and “WOULD” love it, if it worked with the cookware I already have. I have expensive, very nice cookware and can’t use it with this unit. Because my cookware isn’t metal. I can use my cast iron skillet on the unit but nothing else. BUMMED! They should tell people that in the Ads. The shipping price was WAY TOO HIGH! The Unit price was a very good price but add the shipping and it is tooooooooooo costly! I will NOT recommend this product to anyone. I feel like I have been duped and I’m not happy about it. Because of the need for special pans to cook with.
    I bought 2 of these NuWave PIC. One for myself and one for another person. The other person can’t use theirs either because their cookware don’t work with the Unit either.
    I’m NOT going to go and buy more cookware from the site that will work on this Unit. WHY!? Why would I go and buy MORE “special” cookware to work with this Unit. I already paid “high dollar” for a nice set of cookware. Now, buy MORE to use with this Unit?!? 2 sets of Cookware?!? NO! I don’t think so!
    I feel it is a SCAM…
    I first saw the NuWave for Sale on an Infomercial. Since then I have watched several short videos Online and I have yet to see anything about needing “specific” types of Cookware for the Unit to work! With the exception of the person in the Video telling you to buy “their” pans/pots/skillets/grills that are sold on the NuWave Website. But they don’t say “These types of pans/pots/skillets/grills are the only ones that will work with the NuWave Unit. AND The pans/pots/skillets/grills are over priced and I’m sure the shipping cost will be HUGE as it was for the NuWave PIC itself.
    NuWave got money from my pocket and there is nothing I can do about it but I will not be spreading a “good word” to others if they ask me about this item. I will tell them straight up how very unhappy I am with the NuWave Unit!!!!!!!!

  55. John,
    You can order the digital separately for 65.00 dollars. I don’t have one for my oven but I am going to order one. I think it would be a lot handier for my cooking.

  56. I got it as a gift from a friend who purchased 2 for a price of 1 and paid big money for a
    Shipping . So I tryed to use it and couldn’t because it doesn’t work with my cookware and I have all expensive one , so I called to find out what’s wrong and been told I need special one which is comparable with unit , so here is a catch . If u order a unit be sure u order the rest of the stuff or u can just keep it on ur shelf as an advertisement for their product.

  57. I just ordered the Nuwave PIC. I saw the shipping charges and expected it, I just asked myself the simple question when viewing each item that they offered as FREE but with S&H charges, was the S&H price worth each item presented. Take the FREE part out of it and just ask yourself is the price worth the item . In college I had the Nuwave Classic, I used it almost every day and 4 years laterI still have it. My only regret is that I dont have the digital top.

  58. Don’t get taken on the outrageous shipping charges from NuWave. Induction cook tops are made by a large number of manufacturers and can be bought at many big box stores and online dealers (from GE to Electrolux to Wolfgang Puck) at prices similar to these. Many offer free shipping. NuWave is not worth the hassle.

  59. I have had mine for about 2 months now. I absolutely love it. Since I received two for the price of one, I have been able to prepare a meal in record time. I love the quick clean up and the precision teperature control. It has done everything I saw it do on the informercial. The cookware is the best I have ever owned. I give it two 10’s and 2 thumbs up!

  60. I’m sorry for anyone who has purchased this product via the infomercial with all of the added baggage plus extra processing/shipping and handling. My experience and that of a plethora of ‘posters’ here and elsewhere on the Internet serve to reinforce P.T. Barnum’s proclamation, a sucker is born every minute. THAT NOT WITHSTANDING, this cook top, reviews of which are freakishly scarce here (most are about the purchasing experience) is something of a wonder to behold.
    I bought mine retail, on sale, at a fraction of what others seem to have been duped into paying. I’ve used it 3 times and quasi-like it although after this morning, it scares me a bit. FIRST OFF, conventional cooking begets pre-heating one’s pan, DON’T DO THAT WITH THIS DEVICE it gets plenty hot FAST. Oddly, it also gets cool in a similar fashion. What I would expect to be freakishly hot was found to be tepid when plated. I have to wonder if the magnetic induction isn’t affecting the food within the pot and like with microwaves degrading the chemical composition of the food itself. Am I eating dead, nutrient ridden food once again? Inquiring minds want to know!

  61. I could see going through the hassle of their ordering process if this was a “unique” product, but it’s not. There are no less then 30 models of single burner induction cookers to be found for purchase under 100 dollars with free shipping at all the common places that sell such things. Infomercials are suppose to be for newly invented or unique products. Not something that’s been available at all the big box stores for the last 10 years.

  62. Also very easy clean-up! Love it so far! I may need to take this to my step mother’s house tomorrow for thanksgiving, as her stove always blows a circuit just using the oven and one burner!

  63. Ordered this Saturday and received it on Wednesday. Waited and took advantage of their BOGO offer. After hearing how much the shipping charges, I declined ordering the second free cookware package, and received only one. They did say I could always order the 2nd cookware package later for free by paying only S&H. Shipping was definitely higher than it should have been for a 45 lb package. I also ordered the extra grill pan, and used that first. It was fantastic to grill indoors and use one pan for everything. The vegetables I grilled turned out to perfection, as did the reheated chicken burger, and a hogie roll. The entire meal only took 5 minutes to make. I then tried steaming some asparagus. The water boiled in 2 minutes, compared to an average of 5-7 on my stove top. Getting used to the cooking controls will take a few times, but they give you a recipe book that can serve as a great foundation for learning how to use the very controllable and powerful heat temperatures. This unit will work as a replacement for a crockpot as well, with presets available for adjusting time and temperature by increments of 10 degrees. I suspect I may not ever use my stove again, and have both units sitting on top of my stove covers. The pots and pans also maintain heat very well once you turn off the unit to keep food warm. I would definitely recommend this to anyone

  64. This sounds wonderful but…..There is always, ALWAYS a problem ordering from an informercial when it comes to payments. I have ordered several thing and been clipped every time so now I refuse to order. Why can’t we order this from the company direct….It really is a useful item.

  65. I’m tempted~ very tempted. This would be perfect when we go camping and at times when we have a party with all our families it will really come in handy as an extra cooktop. We have kids all the time so there’s a safety issue as well with regular gas cookers. $100 seems like a real good deal to me so I just have to find a way to convince my wife now 😀

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