Are Pajama Jeans Really Comfy?

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Do Pajama Jeans work?Pajama Jeans are supposed to look like jeans, but feel as comfortable as pajamas and without the hassle of getting into tight jeans. The first question most people have is how comfortable are they really, and will they fit me?

A pair of form-hugging jeans really does a good job of showing off the goods without showing too much, but they can be really hard to get into. Many of us can relate to the twisting and Lamaze it takes to get into our favorite pair of jeans. And once you do get them on the discomfort can make it hard to want to keep them on. They say that you have to pay a price for beauty, but what if there were a way to get the same look and effect from a pair of comfortable pants.

The Claim
The big claim made by the makers of Pajama Jeans is that they’re supposed to fit like a tight, sexy pair of jeans, but without cutting off your circulation and making you lie on your back and wiggle into them, the way you have to with a normal tight-fitting pair of jeans. They say it’s a fashion sensation, and these days you do see more people walking around in leggings and other form-fitting clothing that just a few years ago you didn’t see.

They say that this is a cross between a pair of jeans and a pair of pajama bottoms, and that they have a mock fly and cross stitching so they really resemble a pair of fashionable denim.

The Hype
The infomercial for these provides some of the hype, but they’re also getting some positive word of mouth from those that have tried them and liked them. There’s also the broader “jeggings” movement going on, so products like these

The Cost
You can get one pair for $48, which includes shipping, or you can opt for a second pair and get two for $70 with free shipping. So basically the per pair price is either $48 for one, or $35 each for two. Compared to designer jeans these are a bargain whether you get one or two pair, but if you’re comparing them to jeans you can find locally at JC Penney then they’re a little more expensive than some, and right around the same price for others.

The Fit
It all comes down to whether or not these will fit the way you want them to or not. They have a sizing chart at the website to help with the matter, and users are saying that they run a bit small so you should order a size up. With so many different body shapes and sizes out there, it’s little wonder that this would become an issue.

For a pair of jeans made out of pajama material these are getting pretty good reviews. There is such a range of sizes that finding a pair that fits you is just a matter of lining up your dress size and accounting for the fact that they’re stretchable. They have a 60 day money back guarantee on them, so you have plenty of time to try them out. If you get the two pair with free shipping then all you’ll be out is the return shipping costs. If you just get the one pair you’ll have to absorb the $8 shipping charge in addition to the return shipping fees.

One thing that is might be a stopper is how long it takes to receive them. You might be able to find these in store locally, or order them from a different online retailer in order to get them faster.

Final Pajama Jeans Review

We’re giving Pajama Jeans a Solid Try rating, but be sure that you spend enough time deliberating on the size. If you get that right you’ll join the growing list of fans, and if you get it wrong you’ll be stuck with a pair that doesn’t fit exactly right, or you’ll have to do the returns-by-mail process which is never fun. You’ll never be able to find jegging style jeans like this that everyone can agree on, because some people won’t like the quality, and others won’t like the way they fit. You simply can’t please everyone when it comes to clothing.

Our Recommendation
Whether you leave the house with these on is another matter, but as far as providing a pair of comfy fitting pants to wear around the house, or for a pair of comfy jeans to don during that time of the month. Because of the rivets on them they’re not really good for use as pajamas, but for quick errands to the store or other activities around town these are a quick and easy pair of pants to put on.

What do you think? Are Pajama Jeans comfy or not?

51 Customer Reviews on “Are Pajama Jeans Really Comfy?

  1. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY! If there was a negative star that’s how l would rate them. The ORIGINAL ones that came out years ago had a better fit. I have 2 pair of them l have actually worn out of the house. I ordered capris & a couple different pair of pajama jeans a few months ago, size “L” like my original ones. I took a picture to send to the company to show them the 4 different sizes of “L” l received. They failed to post the new sizing that their new manufacturer goes by. ??? I now have 2 new pair in size XL by their new size chart.
    These pants are awful. They don’t come up evenly around the waist, the backside dips down. When l walk the back slides down where the pockets are on the back of my thighs. I stuck my hands inside against my back & pulled them up from the pockets. Then the front is above my waist & the back is still pulling down. Then the thigh area is too big, saggy wrinkles, & the seams make a huge wad that rolls around under your crotch between the thighs when you walk. Gross. These “new” style pajama jeans are nothing like the originals. Don’t waste your money.

  2. i actually have a pair of these they are soooo comfy!! i wouldn’t trade them for any other jeans or jeggings, they look nice and definitely hug your curves they are a 10/10 for me!!!! i would recommend to all

  3. I have to agree. Every time my daughter and I see this commercial we laugh. Who would wear these anywhere, but around the home? Then I think to myself the last time I went to Walmart the young girls wearing their actual pajama pants to shop. If you are too lazy to put your clothes on before you go to the store, then I say stay home. Pajama jeans are probably comfortable, but a nice pair of sweats are only ten bucks instead of fifty dollars for flop pants as what I call these type of pants!

  4. I agree with Isabelle. Pajama jeans? But seriously if they look good and they are more comfortable, than I would definitely give them a try. But then I looked at the price and now I must defer to no way jose.

  5. I agree that these aren’t really a substitute for a nice pair of jeans to wear to school or when you want to look nice, but as a comfy pair of pants that look nicer than sweatpants, these are perfect. I definitely wouldn’t mind wearing on the weekend or something, or when I’m home but want to feel more dressed than being in pajamas. I wouldn’t pay over $40 for a pair of these, though, since I only spend like $30 on a pair of nicer jeans. But I have seen these in Wal Mart for only $20 a pair. And that way you can try on a size and not worry about having to return it in the mail. I would definitely spend that much on a pair of cute and comfy pants.

  6. These cost more than I would normally pay for a pair of jeans (I’m not much of a designer-label type gal) so I probably won’t buy them just because of that. However, I do think the concept is great. I think I’d end up just using them as pajama pants or lounging-around-the-house pants rather than something I’d wear outside, because I think once people notice they aren’t real jeans, they won’t look as nice. Again, it’s a fun idea, but not worth $48.

  7. Pajama jeans? Seriously? Hahaha~ I would never wear this thing outside of my home, but I can see why some people might want them for home use. I could think of some use around the house, like when I’m working on my backyard or cleaning the windows, I think it’ll feel much more comfortable to work in these than in my real jeans. 50 for a pair is way too expensive in my opinion, but two for 70 is reasonable.

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