Does Perfect Fit Button Really Work?

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Does the Perfect Fit Button really work?All of us have struggled at one point or another to get into a pair of jeans or pants, but is the Perfect Fit Button the answer? It’s designed to replace your existing button, expanding the waistline of your pants so that you can fit without straining to breath. But how well does it work>

When you buy a pair of pants, they typically fit the day you get them. Over time you might outgrow them, either due to holiday eating, or just getting older and having your metabolism slow down. On the flip side, it can be rather expensive when you lose weight, because all of your clothes will start to get baggy. You can use the Perfect Fit Button in both instances to either increase or decrease the size of your pants as needed.

The Claim
Perfect Fit Button claims to extend or reduce the waistline of your favorite jeans or other pants and allow you to fit into them again, like the day you got them. The direct claim is that you can add an inch to your pant’s waist in seconds. This is often all the wiggle room we need to feel comfortable in our favorite pants again.

The Cost
You have several different ways to order, but only one that we recommend. You can go through their direct sales channel at the official site and get two sets for the price of one, by paying extra for shipping. At the end of the day your total charge will be $24, and you’ll end up with a bonus show-related product of some sort.

A note on Amazon: There is a company claiming to sell the Perfect Fit Button on Amazon for a far lower price, but apparently it is not the same product. Definitely go through the official page on this one so you get the genuine article.

The ad for Perfect Fit Button:

The Commitment
If you go by their commercial, it almost seems too easy to install and replace the Perfect Fit Button. Like with all things, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. In this case the common consensus is that it is not as hassle free to put on and take off the Perfect Fit Button. It’s not impossible, just not quite as painless as they say it is.

There isn’t a lot of inventing going on with this product, it’s basically just a button with a pin on the back of it. The ingenuity that went into it would be that they designed a clasp that holds in place, but also is able to be removed easily. However, it is this feature that gets the most criticism from users. Apparently it is not easy to insert or remove from your pants. Those that had an easy time with it have rated this product an A+. Those that struggled with it had less friendly things to say about it.

Common Complaints
The biggest complaint about the Perfect Fit Button is that it’s hard to remove once it’s in place. Most people report needing a pair of pliers to remove it. Since they say you should take it off when you wash your pants, this can be rather annoying to have to plier your pants every laundry day. The only drawback to letting it go through the wash is that the colored piece will fall off the front of it.

Final Perfect Fit Button Review

After disregarding all of the negative feedback that refers to the ordering process, it’s pretty clear that the product itself does what it says, with a few drawbacks. It’s not as easy to get it on and off as they make it seem in the advertisement shown above. If you keep that in mind, you will probably be satisfied with its performance, and it could save you from costly alterations.

Our Recommendation
If you resonated with this ad, and thought this is something you’d find useful, you should be happy with it. We recommended to go through their main page, because there is a company out there that is selling a cheap knock off, which is causing confusion as to whether or not the genuine product works or not. Your total cost will come out to about $3 a button, which isn’t too bad.

What do you think? Does Perfect Fit Button work or not?

7 Customer Reviews on “Does Perfect Fit Button Really Work?

  1. I have had these for a while. I wanted to use one for a pair of jeans. I could not get any of them to open up. I need to find out how.

  2. The Perfect Fit Button was brought into my home by my husband. When I looked at the package I had to laugh. My husband doesn’t like to admit he is gaining weight, but his pants were getting tight and uncomfortable. He started using the Perfect Fit Button on his jeans and they do the trick. He can wear his jeans comfortably now without having to lose weight. I think it would be healthier for him to drop a few pounds, but he hasn’t yet and this is cheaper than purchasing all new pants for him. The product works whether I agree with the concept or not.

  3. That was the same mental picture I had in mind when I though of this product. I mean how is it supposed to make your jeans fit better if you fluctuate in weight without it eventually becoming strained and popping off. When I was younger I had the opposite problem where my pants would suddenly become too loose on me and needed a belt constantly. Even then that predicament could have been easily solved with a belt. When you travel overseas or even live abroad frequently, you’ll know that you were incredibly large sizes or incredibly small sizes that’s a difficult task finding clothes that aren’t too loose or too tight. Besides $24 dollars is definitely not worth it!

    If you’re someone prone too losing weight during the day and your pants become too loose then bring a belt with you. If it’s too tight on you then you need larger pants.

  4. Yeah as much or a patriot as I am I lived overseas and have to admit that we do tend to compensate for expanding waistlines. I have a friend that fluctuates in her weight and she uses this thing. She swears buy it and it does wash just fine. I have to say that it looks a bit silly when you see a person walking around with pants ‘open’ but not really. I guess in special circumstances I would venture to buy one but not for me at $24 bucks.

  5. I agree. The idea is okay if the premise wasn’t so bad. It’s obviously a better idea to either lose the weight (they claim you can make your pants smaller with this product, too, but if you just lost 10 pounds, you’d go out and get some new clothes, not an overpriced button), or buy a different pair of pants for the same amount of money as you would spend on these buttons. The design is pretty much just a sturdy hat pin, and the idea behind it is pretty ridiculous.

    Besides, most pants stretch a little anyway, so you would have had to gain a significant amount of weight to need a different size waist line. And if that’s true, than the rest of the pants would also be too tight or baggy. The fit of the leg and butt is just as important, if not more, than the fit of the waist, so a moved button won’t solve your problems if your pants don’t fit.

  6. I just have a mental picture of this button busting off and ricocheting around the room as it shatters all the light fixtures. Folks, if you can’t fit into your jeans, don’t move the button. Hit the gym, eat a more sensible diet, or just buy new pants! Wearing this product, you are essentially walking around with your pants open all the time, like some competitive eater after demolishing a 72 oz. porterhouse at a “finish the steak and your meal is free” joint.

    I would venture to say that this product is not very popular in Europe. Widening our pants to suit our widening guts is so uniquely American, I would be proud of this product if it didn’t seem so silly. I’m sure there are many people who would want to use it, and they’re heading for a premature demise if they keep expanding their trousers along with their waistlines. Also, it’s $24? No thanks.

  7. I have a perfect button on my jeans right now.
    The original button came off somehow and i lost it.
    I then struggled to find a proper button for the jeans so i just got a Perfect Button to replace it.

    It’s worked great and i just leave it on for the wash. It’s too difficult to remove every time.
    So, although i’m not using it for it’s intended purpose, it is a good product 🙂

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