Does the Perfect Quesadilla Really Work?

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Does the Perfect Quesadilla workThe Perfect Quesadilla is marketed as a way to make perfect quesadillas using your microwave instead of a panini press or pan frying them. Of course the finished product looks good, but will your quesadillas really look like theirs when you get this home and start using it?

Making quesadillas the traditional way can be a bit tough, since you have to flip them. It requires the same talent as flipping an omelet. You have to be able to flip it without all of the ingredients falling out of it in the process. Another way to make it is using a panini press, then you don’t have to flip it at all because both sides get cooked at the same time.

The Claim
The makers of the Perfect Quesadilla say that it’s the ridges on the bottom of the tray that work the magic. These are supposed to raise the tortilla up off the tray so that it can crisp up and not get soggy. They say all you have to do is put in a tortilla, add all of your desired toppings, top with an additional tortilla, microwave it up, and you’re done. They’ve even made it so that the lid flips around and works to cut the quesadilla into perfect sized pieces.

The Hype
The hype here is that they’re using a very popular Mexican dish, one that is often ordered in Mexican restaurants and available at fast food places like Taco Bell. There’s no denying that people love their quesadillas, and being able to make them at home quickly and easily means that these can be a quick go to lunch item, or even used as an after school snack to hold kids over until dinner.

The Cost
The Perfect Quesadilla is $10, so you might be surprised when the total price comes to $26. They add on two $8 shipping charges, one for the first unit and a second one for the second unit which they add on as a “bonus”. Keep this in mind when you read about their 30 day money back guarantee because out of your $26 purchase you’ll only get back that original $10.

The Commitment
This is supposed to make it so easy to make a quesadilla that you could pretty much have one whenever you want, and whenever you have the right ingredients. Since a basic cheese quesadilla only requires keeping cheese and tortillas handy, it makes it all too easy to make these anytime you get the notion.

The Perfect Quesadilla has its work cut out for it because it had the gall to title itself as perfect. This means the quesadillas have to come out hot, crispy, and golden brown, with all of the ingredients on the inside nice and gooey and ready to eat. Keep in mind that you’ll want to cook the ingredients that go into the quesadilla before you put them in there. For instance, if you are using bell peppers you’ll want to saute them first, just as you would with regular peppers. This is really just providing a way to crisp up the tortilla, melt the cheese, and make it all gooey inside. It makes it so you don’t have to flip it, and you don’t have to worry about trying to cut it when it’s so hot and hard to handle.

The above video shows you everything that’s involved in making traditional quesadillas, and of course those are going to come out amazing. You really shouldn’t compare microwaved quesadillas to the real thing made by a professional Mexican chef. The quesadillas that the Perfect Quesadilla maker makes are pretty good. Are they perfect? Perhaps not, but they get you 80% of the way there, which is better than what you can come up with using conventional cooking instructions.

Final Perfect Quesadilla Review

The Perfect Quesadilla is getting our Solid Try rating. You can tell that a lot of thought went into the design, and if that bottom tortilla was touching the surface it would come out soggy. Making the lid a cutter is a great idea. Having two of them comes in handy for larger households, but if you feel that you won’t get much use out of the second one, you can find a friend to go in on it with you. $13 apiece is not a bad price for something that can make fast and delicious quesadillas. You can even keep the 2nd one as a backup in case the first one every wears out.

Our Recommendation
This has shown to be a good way to make quesadillas that taste good and are cooked quickly. There’s no point in trying to determine if these are perfect or not, because we’re just after a quesadilla that tastes great, and that’s the sort of feedback this is getting.

What do you think? Does Perfect Quesadilla work or not?

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