Does Polar Pooch Really Work?

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Does Polar Pooch Work?As dog owners, most of us want any product that is going to make our pooches happy and comfortable. Sometimes we tend to go a little overboard with this, so would be purchasing Polar Pooch put us into that category?

Polar Pooch is a cooling mat that your dog can lay on when they feel hot and uncomfortable. It is comprised of a gel that creates a cooling action as soon as it detects the weight of the dog.

The Claim
The promoters claim that the Polar Pooch is great for any sized dog as it comes in three different sizes. They also say that it is convenient to use anywhere.

The Hype
Most of us dog lovers really get concerned about keeping our dogs cool during the hot summer months. It is not always an easy task to do especially if we don’t have air conditioning. Plus, most dogs want to be outside no matter how hot it is. In these cases, they will often look for some patch of shade to lay under. With the Polar Pooch it might be great for when they are outdoors, or even when it is hot inside.

The Cost
You can expect to pay $19.99 for the Polar Pooch mat and $9.99 for shipping and handling. If you add another $9.99 you will get a second mat free.

The Commitment
All its going to take is to remember to take the Polar Pooch mat with you if you are out and about with the dog and the weather is really hot.

There are other ways to help a dog to cool down, so it raises the question as to whether an investment into a product like the Polar Pooch is really necessary. After doing some research it is quite evident that a lot of dog owners think so. It is also apparent that there are several similar products on the market to choose from.

Final Polar Pooch Review

We are going to give the Polar Pooch a thumbs up rating. The price is quite reasonable when you compare it to similar products. It certainly provides a more convenient way of cooling the dogs down. It probably takes the guess work out of whether you need to do anything to help your dog with the heat. Once they detect that the Polar Pooch is going to cool them then they will automatically go to lay down on it when they want to cool down.

Our Recommendation
One of the things that we like about the Polar Pooch is that it lasts for three hours then will recharge itself when not in use. One concern is that for dogs that love to chew things then it might not be a wise choice for them. However, you could still use it as long as you were there to ensure they weren’t ripping it apart. We also like that it is convenient to carry with you. If you don’t use the A/C in your car for example but it’s a hot day and you are taking the dog with you then the Polar Pooch may be an ideal solution. To give you some choices in this type of product you may want to check out the review that we did called the Perfect Pet Mat.

What do you think? Does Polar Pooch work or not?

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