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Does Quick Relief really work?If you are suffering from psoriasis and eczema, then you are surely searching for some kind of cure or a medicine that can provide you with some relief, and therefore a product like Quick Relief will pique your interest.

These skin conditions are very itchy and irritating and scratching can even cause you to have broken and damaged skin. Add to all those symptoms the fact that it can be quite embarrassing and you really have a frustrating situation on your hands.

And then the market comes up with a product that promises quick and effective relief from the symptoms of psoriasis and eczema. The name of the product itself is Quick Relief, and it’s been getting a lot of attention lately.

The Quick Relief product is comprised of 2 forms. The first one is a supplement that this comes in pill form. The other type comes in the form of a spray gel and this is applied by spraying directly onto the skin. The dosage for the supplements is twice a day and the spray gel should be applied at night before bedtime.

The Claim
Quick Relief is makes some bold claims as to its effectiveness in treating psoriasis and eczema. The results can be expected in as fast as 10 days and even the bruises from these conditions can be totally gone in just 2 weeks. Your skin is supposed to look normal again and you can discontinue using the product as soon as your skin condition clears up. The product is therefore recommended as a preventive measure as well as for healing purposes.

The Hype
Those who are suffering from psoriasis and eczema were especially thrilled by Quick Relief coming to market. These two skin conditions are very hard to treat as they are sometimes triggered by emotions and stress. And if a person has a family history of these conditions, there’s a big chance that it will resurface again and again. That’s why new products are always welcomed with open arms as most over-the-counter medications and even prescription drugs sometimes don’t work effectively with these cases. And Quick Relief seems to be a very promising product on the surface.

The Cost
A bottle of Quick Relief supplements costs around $80, which is good for 3 months, and the spray gel costs around $40 per bottle. Both types of products are also available to be purchased in bulk, so ordering 3 or more will save you a lot of money.

The Commitment
In order to make Quick Relief work, you need to religiously follow the regimen given in the instructions. You should take the pills 2 times a day and apply the Quick Relief spray on the affected parts of your body regularly. According to the company, their product has a 90% success rate and it is guaranteed to work on almost all types of skin conditions. However, if in case it doesn’t work for you immediately, as the results vary from case to case, you just need to use the product until it works for you.

Not only is Quick Relief unrealistic, but it seems to be an obvious scam as well. There are no specific guarantees that the product will work, and all it says is that you will have to keep using the product until it finally works on you. That means that you have to buy continuously from the company while they earn profits out of your skin condition. They offer a 90 day money back guarantee, but is the hassle really worth it?

Does Quick Relief Really Work?

Quick Relief most likely doesn’t work to the level that they claim it does, and it will just drain money out of your pockets unless it lives up to its 10 day promise. Note that this is only being sold online and it is not FDA-approved either. The contradiction is that you wouldn’t need a 90 day money back guarantee on a product that supposedly shows results in 10 days. What are the other 80 days for? And why do they tell you to continue to use the product well past the 10 days that they claim it works in?

Our Recommendation
Do not buy this expensive and confusing product. You will only get frustrated with the results and get even more stressed about your current situation. If you really have a bad case of psoriasis and eczema, consult a dermatologist who can prescribe a suitable medicine that’s applicable to your particular condition, without playing the guessing game or the waiting game.

What Do You Think? Does Quick Relief Really Work?

29 Customer Reviews on “Does Quick Relief Really Work?

  1. I use the spray for occasional psoriasis breakouts on my face and upper back. Immediately stops the itch and begins repairing the skin damage within a few days. Sorry it didn’t work for the people who spoke to the person writing this article.

  2. In 2006, I used the “safe” chemicals at work to do dishes. They were to be eco-friendly chemicals. I happened to be allergic to them. Had to use gloves to wash dishes, I worked in the kitchen. I was always wearing gloves and washing my hands. My hands were always we, from either washing or sweating in the vinyl gloves. I developed what is considered “Food Industry Fungal Infection” on my hands. Which is very similar to athletes foot fungi. My hands would swell, and have a rash with tiny blisters. Those blisters would itch. I went to my GP and a dermatologist. All I would get was topical treatments or a steroid z-pack. They said I just had to keep my hands clean, dry, and moisturized. It hurt so bad, I cried a lot. I found Quick Relief online in 2008. Checked reviews and thought at this point it can’t hurt. Bought it and took it as recommended. 2 capsules three times a day, for ten days. It started working. I had to take it for two years ( one capsule three times a day), due to the work environment. It is now 2021, and my hands are clear and healed. I keep some around, just in case. I never want that fungus again.

  3. Had psoriasis only on the palms of my hands, finger tips and soles of my feet. Fix machinery for a living and after 6 months on steroid creams, I was at the end of my rope. Had bloody feet every night and could not hold small tools to do my job without severe pain. Bought some pills and within 10 days my fingers were able to fully flex again. Only 2 pills a day did it for me. Was only having to take it from October to March when it was cold. Used for 2 years and then did not need it for years. May have to start again as the ends of my fingers are starting to peel skin back by the nails. This stuff might not work for everybody. But it sure as hell worked for me.

  4. I had psoroias on my elbows and in my mustach but after taking quick relief I domt have it anymore. it works.

  5. I took it 5 years ago for my eczema which was getting to close to my eyes. Other topical creams prescribed didn’t work. Only thing that got rid of it was Quick Relief. Maybe go into it with a positive attitude that it will work.

  6. I took the pills, only twice a took almost a bottle to clear my porasis up..but it lasted for almost a year & then came back..the problem is we are on a very tite budget & cant afford to order at this time.

  7. After seeing 2 different dermatologists and spending hundreds on ointments and shots I gave up and looked online and found Quick Relief. I had a severe case of palmatic psoriasis so I started with the maximum dosage of 12 capsules a day there was a significant difference after the first week so I gradually reduced the dosage and it was gone in 1 month. It was the ONLY THING THAT WORKED

  8. My daughter had an outbreak of psoriasis from head to toe. She was 13 and suffering. Went to her pediatrician, dermatologist & allergy doctors. Nothing worked. Ordered these pills & spray and she was cleared up in literally 3 days. I do not work for this company. This natural product worked for us and she has never had another outbreak.

  9. In 2013 I had a small patch of dry skin on my leg that within a few days it grew, within a week it grew and patches formed on other parts of my body in two weeks I found myself in an ER room trying to find out what was going on the itching was out of control. After seeing the doctor I was referred to a medical center 70 miles away because he did not know what it was and billed me $3,000.00 for a 3 minute look. Two weeks later I arrive at the Dermatology Center of a well known University. I waited for 2 hours before being seen then a squad of Doctors entered the room they all viewed my body which at this time had been consumed by the psoriasis by 70% and starting on my head and face. Again I was told that they did not know what it was that test will be looked at that day and a diagnosis would be latter that day,that I would receive a call that which never came and billed me a whopping $3,500.00 and a waste of my day and gas. When I got home I turned on the computer researched skin disease and found it in less than 2 minutes perfect pictures and all symptoms and causes and cures. Quick Relief was in the top 3 and the best for me without over spending. I got my 6 months supply and started using it and within the first 30 days the 70% coverage was reduced to 50% about two weeks later it was reduced to 20% by the time the third month started it was reduced to just my elbows and knees that Quick Relief did for me. I have the Pictures to prove it.

  10. I used Quick Relief 10 years ago and had no results after my 3 month supply. Upon calling & trying to collect on the guarantee I was told that I could’ve taken a total of 12 pills a day. They sent me 2 free bottles and I followed that regime. After 2 weeks my psoriasis was gone and it only returned just recently. If you take the maximum & cut toxins (alcohol & smoking) out of your life for a short period of time – this product does work.

  11. I’ve had psoriasis for 3 years and thought I had tried everything and became so depressed I just gave up fighting it 🙁 had tried everything from presribed creams, ointments, light tratment at the hospital, home remedies and nothing worked! but than God for my mum! She reasearched online and found Quick Relief and didn’t care how much it cost cos she couldn’t bear to see me so depressed. I took the pills as instructed (two capsules a day), I was covered scalp to toe approx 85% of my body. After 1 month of taking Quick Relief I started seeing a huge improvement, then after 3 months I was only 20% covered and a lot of the flakyness disappeared, I was so pleased to wear short sleeved clothing and wear my hair up like a normal chick!! If it wasn’t for my mum finding this product I wouldn’t have put myself out there and find myself a job interacting with people on a regular basis!! I’m very blessed! I’m still taking the pills when I see any flare ups but it is way more manageable than before. If you are desperate to find relief then I would 100% recommend this product! It turned my life around

  12. I would like to get some help with my suffer with eczema i just stating with this.

  13. I have episodic eczema and the sooner I take it after I feel it coming on, the lesser the duration and pain. I use pills and spray, but not daily as a preventative, so it might be more effective if I stayed heavily dosed, but I cannot afford to take it as a regular daily supplement.

  14. I’m calling bullshit on your claim and accusing you of being a quick relief employee trying to sell your snake oil product. I have had psoriasis on and off since 1980. I want to tell anyone who is reading this that there are plenty of companies coming along making claims of having a cure or successful treatment for psoriasis. Most of them are complete bullshit. The only ones I have found that work effectively are the following; calcipotriene, dovonex, and coal tar products like psoriasin and mg217. the calcipotriene and dovonex are only available by prescription and are very expensive, but they are fast and effective. the coal tar products are very inexpensive by comparison and available over-the-counter at walgreens, walmart, etc.. the two main drawbacks are 1) they take much longer to actually get rid of your symptoms, and 2) you smell like a freshly paved road for about half an hour after applying it.

    the key to all of the creams, prescription and nonprescription, is that you must be consistent in applying them at least once daily. I have tried so many different so-called remedies and found most of them to be completely ineffective. I strongly recommend that before you try something new, you go online and read reviews. the problem is that sometimes you have people from the product manufacturer that come to review pages and write in fake reviews kind of like some of the ones on here. But when you see some that claim it to be completely ineffective, I would not thumb my nose at those reviews. the people who wrote those reviews learned a hard lesson and lost money so that hopefully you don’t have to.

    think about this, if you have had psoriasis for a long time, you will know that it is impossible to get rid of, you can only treat it and get rid of the symptoms for as long as you treat it. ANYONE who tells you that you can be cured of psoriasis forever with a single treatment or after using their product for a month or two, is completely full of shit. sorry, but there’s no other way to say it. psoriasis is at this point in time, a lifelong condition which you will have to treat for the rest of your days, or until a massive medical breakthrough is discovered. you can trust that if that ever happens, you will definitely hear about it on the mainstream news before you ever hear about it on some clandestine website where they’re trying to sell snake oil

  15. Can you tell me if it works, I really need it, my ezcema has gotten worse an I don’t think I can handle it. Please tell me

  16. I’ve been suffering from psoriasis since jan2014
    I heard this product is a scam but i’m desperate
    I would like to try it! I’m covered from head to toes almost its getting out of control
    Dr started me on a very expensive medication with scary side effects. Where do i order this product i really dont want to take humira to treat this probable side effects scare me
    Thks Liz

  17. I started using Quick Relief about 8 months ago. My body was 80% covered when I got the product, I can now say that I only have 6 spots about the size of quarter. I did not change my diet that much other than no tropical fruit, red meat only once every two weeks, little or no caffeine. I still have a daily exercise routine. I got a one year supply for less than what it cost me to go to the emergency room for them to tell me that I had to go to a specialist to find out what it was & another $500 for them to conduct tests and never give me the results. HELL YES IT WORKS!!!

  18. I order the 3 month bottle supply. I had eczema in both my hands and it was getting out of control I had cuts all over my hands, flaky skin and the itching was really bad and I had those little bumps full of liquid all over them and it was only getting worse and my nails stared to look crooked and wavy, I tried a lot of products and creams with out any success. I saw this products and I was skeptical at first, but I decided to try it, best decision of my life, I took longer than 10 days, but relief stared to show within that time frame, I already ordered a second supply of 3 months, I’m almost done with the first 3 month supply and even though it has taken 3 months and it may take another 3 to completely get rid of it I believe it works, my hands and nails finally look normal again, the problem kind of comeback several times but each time was easier to get rid of and it was not too big of a deal, but I can tell you that if you take the pills as advertised it will work, if your problem is bigger it may take longer but do not stop taking them, I took only 2 pills a day I did not use the spray. if your problem is bigger you may need the spray and probably take more pills a day. I was also spreading trough out my body and it stopped. I hope this information helps people out there.

  19. How irresponsible to post such a “review” without trying it or asking those who have tried it first! So what if it’s not FDA approved or prescription. That’s all the better.

    I have had psoriasis for many years, and herbal remedies, Quick Relief in particular, are very effective. Quick Relief actually made all traces of the psoriasis patches completely disappear.

    I would highly recommend Quick Relief as it is a SMALL price to pay for relief, and without drug side effects. I am ordering more now.


  21. I’ve had a severe eczema/crusting on my scalp for decades. I started Quickrelief two years ago and am amazed that it completely cleared up my scalp. NOTHING worked before or lasted more than a day or two. I’m so relieved I could cry!

  22. i had got the capsules , and was told by these con artist selling this so call product that they say works. everyone that wants to try this product,DONT. it doesnt work just another computer scamm from the product to getting your money back as they said they would. my next step is to turn theser scamming people over to the better business bur. for praying on people as my self. doesnt work probably nothing what they are telling is the truth.

  23. i just got psoriasis and its killing me can you email me back to see how this thng worked thank you so much.

  24. I am disgusted at these peoples (Recommendation)!!! If you do not have either of these skin disorders, and have no reason to try this product….THEN YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO RECOMMEND ANYTHING!!! All I can say, is that being someone who suffers from Psoriasis, this was the best investment i’ve ever made! It literally was life changing and it did everything it said it would and I owe these people so much! I recommended it to my parents, and they’re now taking it as well. So for anyone suffering from either conditon…..I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS!

  25. I recently (3/4/112) Quick Relief for my 2 year old grandson who is suffering from Eczeme on his arms. Should I use the suggested dosage or rerduce the dosage for for a child his age?

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