Does Slushy Magic Really Work?

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does slushy magic really workWhen you first see Slushy Magic, it looks pretty amazing. The ability to make your own slushies at home without having to go pick one up from the convenience store sounds great. With a few shakes they say you can turn any beverage into slushed goodness. So is this worth getting, or does it make more sense just to go get a Slurpee when you feel the need for a brain freeze?

Making slushies at home is getting more and more popular as different gadgets, cups, and other methods are making it easier than ever to come up with decent looking slush. Most of them say that they put a lot of science into the freezing technology, and Slushy Magic is no different. They say that the “magic” comes from the specially designed cubes that are meant to form ice crystals

The Claim
Slushy Magic says that all it takes is your favorite beverage plus their “magic cubes” and you’ll have everything you need to make slushies in your kitchen. Their ad makes it seem like you just need to shake it a few times and you’re ready to go, so some people are dismayed at just how many times you need to shake it for it to work. Don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and shake away. The

The Hype
It seems that the Slushy Magic execs are proposing you never drink an ordinary beverage again. Turn your OJ into an orange slushy, turn your Kool Aid into a fruity slushy, ordinary lemonade becomes lemon slushies. If they had it their way people would drink slushies multiple times a day, every day. But we know that this is more of a once in a while treat, or a summer survival tactic.

The Cost
Slushy Magic is less than $15 and comes with everything you need. Since you supply the beverage, it simply includes the cup with the lid, and the three cubes. You’d have to make about 10 slushies in it for it to pay for itself, and then it’s all just pure slushy savings.

The Commitment
Compared to picking up the kids in the car, to go by a Slurpees this represents less of a hassle and cost savings. However, if you want a real apples to apples comparison you should weigh it against your different slushy making options that you have available. One of our favorites is the Slush Mug. This has been around for years now, and involves just pouring your beverage into the mug and stirring. We prefer the stir over the shake, as less physical exertion is required.

The Slushy Magic is fun to use, and kids really do like it because they have the energy to shake it up the way you need to.

Tips and Tricks to Improve Its Performance
The first thing you’ll want to do is change the setting on your freezer if you keep it at a normal temperature. You should turn the dial just a tad colder so that you are getting a good freeze on the magic cubes. Also, be sure to place the cubes as close to the back of the freezer as possible, because that’s the coldest part of your freezer. Leave them in there overnight to assure they’re properly frozen all the way through.

Next, you’ll want to pay attention to your beverage. You want that to be as cold as possible, so if it’s been in the refrigerator, put it in the freezer for 5-10 minutes before you want to use it. This will insure that it’s very cold, but not frozen. Using a room temperature beverage won’t get you the results that you want, and even a somewhat cold drink doesn’t work as well.

When you go to put the lid on, make sure that it goes on easy and that you don’t have it askew. If you miss the threading and screw it on a little crookedly, it won’t be airtight and can lead to a mess. It can also make a mess when you’re shaking, so we recommend wrapping a paper towel around the top of it during the shaking process.

The commercial makes the shaking part look fun, but it’s really not, and you have to put in some work for your slushy. The more you shake it, the better the results so try to shake it as vigorously as possible until it’s slusherized, or until you’re too tired to shake any more.

Does Slushy Magic Really Work?

Slushy Magic works, but you have to follow a few steps to make sure that you get good results. Most of the people that have said it doesn’t work have missed out on getting it right, not through their own fault, but because it takes a little trial and error to get them to come out properly.

At the end of the day, this is way more fun than store bought slush, and it can be more of a family bonding experience than anything else. Being able to pick and choose your own beverages means that you’ll have plenty more options and not be limited to the standard cola and cherry flavors you find at the store. As long as you follow our guidelines above, you shouldn’t have no trouble getting the results you’re after, and this can be one tool to help you through the dog days of summer.

Our Slushy Magic Recommendation

If you decide to buy a Slushy Magic, pick one up from Amazon and save some money on the manufacturers ridiculous shipping and handling charges. That way you know there will be NO hidden charges, and that you can return it easily with their prepaid return labels.

Better Way to Make a Slushy at Home?
Yes, there is. If you want a product that works everytime, makes MORE slush, and is cheaper, then we recommend you take a look at the Slush Mug.

90 Customer Reviews on “Does Slushy Magic Really Work?

  1. Saw this at a trade show and got two at half price. Each cup comes with spoon straw. Can’t say either way on the actual product, but I have to say that the straws are EXCELLENT. Perfect curve, clear tube so you can see if you’ve cleaned it properly. Use it with a 54 oz (about 1.5 liters) 7-11 refill cup, perfect length.

  2. Where can you pick one up or buy at ? please write me and tell me where i can find one at ? Lynn Roberts

  3. I bought one of these on clearance and have to say I’m not impressed. The ice cubs are huge and its a lot of shaking for a tiny bit of slushy. I found it easier to put some juice or soda in a plastic soda bottle and put it in the freezer for a couple of hours.
    I bought a blenderband find a thousand times easier to just blend ice and juice together.

  4. I got mine for $5 on the clearance rack at my local walmart. For $5 had to try it. Not that impressed tho will definitely try the suggestions. Even tho they were posted like 2 years ago, I decided to comment.

  5. the “magic of the cubes is salt water. Just like when u make ice cream with the old fashion icecream maker u use ice and salt in the middle of it. I tried it, wasn’t that impressed. And another question do u leave cubes in while u drink it or remove them?

  6. i love slushy magic its so good tried it for the first time today with my best cuz i enjoyed makeing and consuming it it made a large mess but was worth it ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. You shouldn’t have to buy it online! My sister got me mine at big lots for 10$ and they are at my local Walmart, so check those places. Also I believe I saw them at my local dollar general!

  8. i have tried a few times and all i am getting is a warm drink. how many seconds should i leave in microwave?

  9. I am very pleased with my Slushy Magic! I didn’t do it right to begin with because I didn’t shake the container for a solid 2 minutes, but after I did that and actually had the liquid up to the blue drawn line I had a perfect slushy!!!!!!! This is great!!!!!!! I am 51 and the kid in me loves it as much as a young kid!!!!!!! I had to run outside and tell my dad about it and he was not sure what I was all about until it finally registered with him and maybe I will let him try it next time! He was Air Force Mechanic and when I was born he would call me the apple juice kid affectionately!!!!!!! Now I can drink apple juice slushies as much as I want!!!!!!! THANKS SLUSHY MAGIC
    / \

  10. doesnt work I put the ice in the frezzer for thw whole day I just took them out and they dont even get frozzen just a get rich quick skeem

  11. I glue 2 slushy magics to either end of a shake weight. Now I can get my slush on after my workout.

  12. I’m sure wearing my tuxedo would be a good idea whilst shaking the contents up.

    There are some really dumb ass people out there. I bet they also iron their clothes whilst still wearing them, then act surprised when they burn themselves.

  13. I purchased the product and went to use it, not only did it not work except for the ice that formed directly on the cubes, but, the odor of the plastic cubes was horrible. When I contacted the company about it, they simply said the 30 days was up and sorry we can’t help. So terribly Dissapointed …..

  14. I was skeptical, but thought if it worked the kids would like it. I tried it with orange juice and it REALLY worked. Happy kids.

  15. The slushy maker is OK. I just got my kit a week ago and I have done a slushy every day with varying sucess. The first one I tried was the chocolate milk. Did not work at all. There was no slush whatsoever. I put the cubes in the back of the freezer and tried again the next day. I tried the pop slushy the next day. It was better, but I had to shake it like crazy! I kept trying both kinds of slushies and finally on the last day of experimenting I finally got them to work! You have to turn the freezer down really low, stick the cubes in there forever, and almost freeze the drink that you are going to put in. It was a really good slushy, but thats a lot of work for a half bottle of slushy. I say that if you have one, try the tips if you can’t get it to work. If you don’t have one, unless you like a LOT of work, stick to the 7-11.

  16. It would be a lot more fun to shake if there wasn’t that tiny stupid hole on the lid of the slushy magic bottle. Also, it didn’t work, and I did it exactly the way you guys recommended it. We even tried it twice and the results were the same: All liquid, close to zero slush. Very disappointed.

  17. I love it! Use the slushy cup and it works perfectly, for lemonade at least. I found a way to make it without shaking. Just put it in the freezer for a few minutes. Instant slush!

  18. I got a slushy magic and I got yesterday and I tried today. but my slushy did not bome a slushy it was soild not a calim.

  19. I bought this for my daughter and it’s a total pain in the ass. Yes it does what it’s supposed to do and it’s very easy to use. But holy crap does it make a mess. There is no damn seal around the lid and with every shake it what ever was insides comes out. Total pain in the ass and not worth the mess.

  20. i got a slushy magic and i got my yeterday and i trid it today but my did not become a slushy it was liqaid not a sludhy

  21. Also, using colder beverages helps alot. So using a chilled soda will make a way better slushy than a warm soda, or any beverage for that matter. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. The ice cubes do not freeze solid for me. even when left in over 24 hours in the back of the freezer. when I do use it the drink gets somewhat icy but quickly melts.

  23. My kids started begging for Slushy Magic from the moment the saw the ad on TV. I don’t buy things from those 1-800 commercials so I waited until it came to stores. My impression: Slushy Magic does work, but you don’t get nearly as much of a slushy since the cubes take up most of the space in the container. Also, when you are shaking it, you have to hold one finger over a little hole in the lid and it’s hard for littler hands to do that while holding the cup and shaking at the same time. My kids were all about making slushies at first, but haven’t touched them in a couple of weeks. Maybe, when summer comes, they will get more use. I’m not sorry I bought them, but you don’t end up with these big, huge amounts of slushie, like is advertised.

  24. Here’s my take: After following the instructions exactly, with rock-solid cubes, I’m still waiting for the first signs of slush after shaking like a banshee for almost a half hour. Oh.. and don’t wear anything that requires dry cleaning. And don’t hold your breath waiting for slush to appear. I’m glad other people had better luck than I did. If nothing else, it might tone my arms in time for bikini season….

  25. okay so i did it for the first time it didnt work but i am freezing the cubes this time to be solid but it will work i didnt have the cubes COMPLETELY frozen i am going to enjoy it with gateraid or soda but i know it works so just get it i got mine from walgreens $14.99

  26. The slushy magic book says that it takes 2-3 hours to freeze them frozen solid and your drink must be well chilled!

  27. Horrible does not work at all….We would have to shale for hour’s! We are going to just stick with the blender or 7-11 worst $20 of my life with two very upset small children!

  28. I agree with the review. it is acurate. i spent 15 bucks at Walmart on mine and was disappointed. i froze the cubes overnight, added the cubes to the cup, added a hug brand kool aid drink. shook and shook and shook and it was more liquid than ice. Thank goodness i tryed it before i gave it as an Easter present to my child. Its a nice concept but falsly advertised and a rip off.

  29. We got the Slushy Magic. After freezing the cubes completely they did work but when you use all 3 cubes there is less then half a container of slushy left when you remove them. Not as great as it looked. I’m sorry I bought this.

  30. We just got a Slushy Magic on Friday and have already made 5 slushies of different flavors and to varying success. The drinks freeze much better if the magic cubes are completely frozen and the liquid poured into the cup is very cold. (I suggest placing you chosen liquid in the freezer for 30 – 60 minutes first). However we made one this morning with cooled hot chocolate, and while we had to shake longer, it still made something resembling a slushy. My 7 year old has been very pleased with his set and is already asking for another one so he doesn’t have to wait for the cubes to freeze again before he makes another slushy.

  31. I bought it weeks ago n put cubes in freezer for few days n just now tried to use it n the drink is just cold water. I shaked it for 20 mins n nothing. Oh well if it don’t slushy it at least drinks r really cold for summer.

  32. i get it when you shake it something comes out the icecubes as you shake it to make it a slushy LOL!!!

  33. The Slushy Magic IS sold at Walmart, for only $10! ๐Ÿ™‚ I bought one last night, and I’m sitting here right now with my Tampico Slushy. It’s really good. I’m not a spokesperson, by the way. I just poured it all into a bigger 44oz cup that I got at the gas station, and remade another one quickly before the cubes melted. And there you have, a bigger slushy. :b it’s difficult to pull the cubes out, but it’s worth it. The thing really works, as long as you freeze them right and shake hard enough. I shook mine for about 2 minutes and you’d never guess that I didn’t get my slushy from the station. I’m happy with my results. Especially since I paid half the price. It’s in the “As seen on tv” section in walmart. ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Well I’d like to try it at least. I’m a little interested, but i’m not interested enough to pay 20 bucks for it. I see the review up above disses the invention, but a lot of the post here say it’s great. Unfortunately it’s hard to tell who’s actually a spokesman or something of the sorts for the company trying to make the product look good, and who isn’t. Maybe wal-mart will sell it for 10 bucks eventually. I’ll think about it then.

  35. This is the worst review I have read. “There is a scientific explanation behind the Slushy Magic concept. The ice cubes are supposed to turn the liquid drinks into tiny ice crystals through vigorous shaking. At least, thatโ€™s what the advertisements show.” So what is it? What is your scientific explanation? The only thing that you say is that you must shake vigorously and pay? Well, you can do that at a strip club and still get slushy magic. At $30.00 you get two at $15.00/piece which is still less expensive than one at $19.99 and if you read or listen to the add it explains that you must pay shipping and handling for both, including the “free” one. Kids around the world are enjoying slushy magic and parents can rejoice about the mess they don’t have to clean up. You Sir Are Stupid!

  36. Ok, Ive used this product before and let me answer a couple of questions and give some suggestions. First off everyone is asking how long should the ice cubes be frozen for. Id say at least 8 hours, in the back of the freezer, no less. Second, the COLDER the liquid you use, the faster and better the results. If you are using hot soda or room temp liquids, then yes, you may not have it as slushy as you like or it may take longer. Also the sugar type content makes a difference as Splenda or Equal sugar free based drinks WILL make a difference. You can use less ice cubes if your drink is cold enough for more slush if you want. And lastly. mix any ingredients BEFORE you pour them in the cup. Mix any syrups, powders, and additives to whatever liquid you are using first and make sure its cold.

  37. i tried chocolate milk 3 times the results stink i used 2 percent milk and choclate syrup i shook with cubes that were like not solid hard were yours i only got a little slush and the cubes are in the way

  38. I got the Slushy Magic at the As Seen on TV store in the mall. It works amazing. You have to shake it, HARD, for about 2 minutes, but, they look and taste delicious, they do melt quickly tho, so eat just fast enough not to get brain freeze. Oh, and I only paid $18.99.

  39. I would like to also say that the differences might have to do with the kind of liquid used for the drink (ie. water, milk, juice, etc.) plus what ingredients are used in the drink (ie. high fructose corn syrup, minerals, sugar, any fake sweetener, etc.) In my original post I forgot to say that I used distilled water with an instant drink mix (I think fruit punch). I have not tried milk yet, but after the post above about milk, I’m going to try it next ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. We purchased our Slushy Magic at Bed, Bath and Beyond last night. We put the ice cubes in the freezer for a couple of hours on our first try and did not have much luck – except it made the warm soda cold. The next morning, most of the cubes were pretty hard, and mostly frozen. It made our kid’s chocolate milk into milk shakes. Viola! Awesome product. We have five kids and one maker only makes an 8 oz serving. We will be buying more of this product- as once the slushy is made, the cubes do remain cold, but they are no longer frozen. I would recommend this product!

  41. I just got a Slushy Magic over the weekend and used it for the first time yesterday. I thought this review was completely correct because I noticed that the drink can’t get all around the ‘cubes’ since the cubes take up most of the space in the cup (which means you get less drink). Plus, the iced part of the drink was more in clumps instead of nice ice crystals like they show in the commercial. I will still use it because it works enough to at least get your drink nice and cold

  42. i love the slushy magic even tho the first time it did not work to well but we put the freezer temp. down and it made it into a slushy delight so i cant wait till summer when we go camping it will come in handy

  43. I don’t own this, but have a Physics degree. The success of your slushy will be dependent on your freezer temperature. You may need to set your freezer to a lower temperature to see the full effect. A warmer ‘magic ice cube’ won’t have the needed thermal capacity to remove enough heat from your drink. I would guess this explains the varied reviews. So, make your own as instructed above and experiment with different freezer temps.

  44. Another Slushy Magic fan here… not sure if there was something wrong with the one you tried or you weren’t quite getting the method right, but our family loves it.
    During the summer it’s probably the most used thing in our kitchen!

  45. I am a grown man so amazed at Slushy Magic, I had to jump online and google how it works. AND IT WORKS. It’s absolutely amazing. My first creation was a gatorade slushy. Three frozen cubes in the plastic cup they give you, shake it for 2 minutes, and it’s like a 7-11 slurpy. Comes with a great spoon/straw too.

    It’s not a rip off either, we got it at Bed, Bath & Beyond for 10 dollars. Beyond worth it.

  46. Slushy magic worked great. My daughter just got it for christmas. Just had to shake it a bit longer than rec’d.

  47. Im sorry i disagree we used it and the first time it was great!!!! THe kids got an iccee that was really good it wasnt watered at all!!!! I am giving it a huge thumbs up!!!!

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