Does RideTight Really Work?

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Does RideTight work?RideTight tackles the problem of having your seat belt chafe against your neck, and also having the lap belt dig into your hips and midsection. It’s definitely a common experience had by many people, and it can make long trips in the car uncomfortable, or even short commutes to work a bother because you want to be safe, but it shouldn’t come as a sacrifice to your comfort. So does this work at making things more comfortable in the car?

Car manufacturers have to create their seatbelts in a one-size-fits-all way, so it is no surprise that many people find that their it just doesn’t fit them perfectly. What usually ends up happening is the upper part of the seatbelt takes a sharp angle to connect to your car and rubs against your neck, causing irritation, and making you readjust the belt many times so that it is not rubbing against your neck. The other common problem is having the lap belt get to tight, or dig into your lap. Some people even go to the extreme of not wearing a seatbelt because it’s not comfortable, even though this is dangerous, and illegal in many areas.

The Claim
RideTight claims that you can install it in just a few seconds, and once you do, it is all set to use again and again without having to worry about it. You just have to adjust it to fit your specific comfort areas, and then it is ready for use. They say that it takes away the pain in your neck, and that you still buckle and unbuckle your seatbelt the same as before, so it doesn’t interfere with the normal functioning of the belt. They also say that this can be used on children ages nine and older.

The Hype
There’s not much hype involved here, because most of us can relate to the problem of having a seatbelt rub up against your neck. It can’t really be considered a design flaw for manufacturers because they have to make a seatbelt that fits most people good enough. It seems that at some point they will start incorporating a system like RideTight right into the design process so that people can adjust the seatbelt to fit their bodies, but until then this seems like a pretty good fix.

The Cost
You get two RideTight units for $30 delivered to your door. It is nice that they include the buy one get one sales method here because you’ll at least want to have two of them, one for the driver and one for the passenger. You can order two more for the backseat if you need it, and then you’d have the whole car taken care of. This is not a bad price for a product that you can set up once and then enjoy the benefits from it again and again each time you drive.

The Commitment
Once you have this in place, you don’t really have to touch it again. It is designed to stay in place and be out of the way once you install it, so your commitment level is really low here. They say that you can install this with no tools and in just a few minutes, so they’re definitely winning the case as far as stating that this won’t require a lot of involvement on your part, both during the installation process, and especially afterward.

The concept behind RideTight is a solid one, and something like this should have been invented ages ago. If you spend any amount of time in your car, you probably wished that they would make something that would keep the belt off your neck, and make the drive more comfortable. By creating a product that not only works for the neck, but also the lap, they have done a one-two punch on the problem, and this is something you will definitely want to try out if you’ve ever found yourself complaining about this problem.

It only happens every once in a while that a company gets both the design and the execution right on a product, and they’ve done it here. They didn’t sacrifice quality materials to shave a few pennies off of the production cost, and you can trust this to last probably as long as you own your car.

Final RideTight Review

RideTight is getting our Thumbs Up review. It is well-constructed, does what it says it will do, and is a set and forget kind of product that you will be glad you bought and won’t have to think about anymore other than to appreciate the fact that you don’t have a red splotch on your neck. Most likely car manufacturers will begin implementing a similar sort of technology in their seatbelts, but until then this is a great product to have, and will surely make your life that much better.

Our Recommendation
We recommend getting this for you and your family. They come in sets of two, so getting one pack will take care of the two front seats, and that means you only need to get one extra set if you’ve got children in the back seats. If your kids have been known to complain about wearing a seatbelt, or you end up putting the chest strap behind them and only using the lap belt, this is a way to get them to use the entire seatbelt again, and not complain about it hurting or getting in their way.

What do you think? Does RideTight work or not?

3 Customer Reviews on “Does RideTight Really Work?

  1. Hi Anne,

    Sorry you were having issues getting RideTight to work for you. If you still need help give us a call @ 1-800-540-7791 and we’ll help you get it fit right or provide a full refund of the purchase price. There is also a fitting animation @ [edited. Sorry, links are not allowed in comments.] that may help. Thanks!

  2. Looks good, it’s a simple design so there isn’t much that can go wrong and it’s crash tested so that’s very good. I personally don’t have much problem with the belts because I’m really tall and my shoulder sort of pushes the belt away from my neck, but it’s definitely a problem for my son and my wife. It’s no diamond ring, but I think my wife will like this as a gift 🙂

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