Does Roto Clipper Really Work?

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Does Roto Clipper Work?Sometimes a product can look so small and simple that we think it couldn’t possibly have any real value. Roto Clipper fits into this type of category, but may have some excellent value to it when it comes to trimming your nails.

Roto Clipper is a simple lightweight battery operated hand held device that lets you trim and file your nails quickly,easily and safely. It takes 2 AA batteries.

The Claim
The company claims that this product is safe for everyone to use.They say that the nails will be smooth to the touch after using the Roto Clipper and that it is easy to clean.

The Hype
A lot of people have difficulty trimming their nails with conventional type nail clippers. It can be a little time consuming and the Roto Clipper makes this job look quick and easy. They are also promoting that it is safe to use on anyone.

The Cost
Roto Clippers costs $14.95 plus $6.95 for shipping and handling plus another $4.95 to receive a second one free. The total order would come to $26.85. There is also another version available that comes with a light, and an extended one year warranty. For this you would need to add an extra $10. to your order.

The Commitment
It doesn’t look like you have the option of not taking the free offer, so you want to decide what you want to do with the second one. Perhaps keep it so you have two for the family, or give it as a gift.

The idea of Roto Clipper seems like a good one, but it is not the only product of its kind on the market. In fact, there is one called Pursonic Nail Clipper which looks almost identical to the Roto Clipper. The Pursonic is being sold on Amazon for $80.02 plus shipping. At other websites like Target it is being sold for $24.99 plus an extra $4. replacement plan.

Final Roto Clipper Review

We’re going to give the Roto Clipper a Try/Buy rating. Roto Clipper is being offered as a new product so there aren’t any customer reviews as yet. The Pursonic which is almost identical has gotten some mixed reviews. The biggest complaints are that it seems to be too small to get nails into. Some say you have to apply too much pressure against the cutter. Others like it and have used it on their kids. These are the potential pros and cons that you may want to think about when checking out the Roto Clipper. Also, there may be a chance that the makers of Roto Clipper have improved on the flaws that have been mentioned in the Pursonic.

Our Recommendation
There haven’t been a lot of changes in the standard nail clippers over the years. We do talk about one called the Sure Clip. We checked it out to see how it was meeting up with consumer likes and dislikes and it has been doing pretty good, with a four star rating out of 23 reviews. It’s a little cheaper to buy too when compared to the Roto Clipper. The big difference here though is the Sure Clip is just a cutter, whereas the Roto Clipper is supposed to file as well.

What do you think? Does Roto Clipper work or not?

61 Customer Reviews on “Does Roto Clipper Really Work?

  1. I bought a roto clipper at Ross. It was inexpensive, but a piece of crap. Once the batteries are in place, it immediately turns on and the only way to turn it off is to remove the batteries! Not worth it!

  2. I bought 2 RotoClippers as gifts. The first one I don’t know about it’s function. The second one doesn’t work at all with 2 different attempts with 2 sets of brand new batteries. Expensive trash!!!!!

  3. The worst thing ever. The one I bought from Walgreen doesn’t work. You hear the spinning sound, but the blade doesn’t rotate.A waste of my hard earned money.

  4. Bought one. Followed the directions. DOES NOT WORK. Maybe if you spend 2 or 3 minutes grinding on each nail it might makes some progress. I ground for 30 seconds on a nail and saw no change. Also, very poor workmanship. Should have read the reviews at Amazon before buying.

  5. No, this product does NOT work.
    Basically, it’s a rotating drill-bit for a cutting blade encased in a cheap plastic canister. It doesn’t cut fingernails, much less toe nails. It doesn’t trim and/or smooth the nails as advertised. Instead, it catches and chips or tears them, and it will also pinch the skin on the edge of your finger if it gets too close, so it’s a good thing (probably the best thing about it) it runs on batteries rather than standard electricity. I suggest to, by all means, keep it away from the kids!

    Anyway, we ordered ours through PCH, so we only received a single item, thankfully. When we requested to return it, and after explaining how unsafe and poor the quality of the Roto Clippers is, we were told to throw them away and were then given an immediate refund.

    This is definitely a “two-thumbs-down” product.

  6. My 99 year old mom ordered them. Got them as advertised. Each one turned on and ran fine. Turned them off and neither one would work again. Oh, the light still works, but unless you want a couple of pocket/purse flashlights, don’t waste your time and money.

  7. I may be stupid, but I can’t figure out how to get the battery cover off. It should slide like a tv remote crontol, but it looks like you need a micro screwdriver. ???????

  8. its not worth the money just stick to the good old fashion clippers, Wasted money

  9. Save your money. It doesn’t work as promised. Stick to good old Chinese large clippers for toenails.

    I don’t have any babies with soft little nails to try these out on, maybe they could cut/shape those, but these fail to cut anything growing on an adult.

  10. The roto clipper is useless do not buy! You have to press very hard for it to even start to remove any of the nail. It would take atleast an hour to cut or file your nails with it.

  11. RotoClipper does NOT work the way they advertise. You have to press too hard to get your nails clipped. It takes forever to do just one nail and it is not a smooth finish. Absolutely can not return after 30 days no matter if it was a gift and you just got it back. Don’t waste your money for this item,

  12. Another piece of Chinese junk. Does not work and took over a month to arrive. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.

  13. There are many reviews on this – most of them bad. Try Googling. I was going to order one until I read all the negative reviews

    Your Quote “Final Roto Clipper Review”

    We’re going to give the Roto Clipper a Try/Buy rating. Roto Clipper is being offered as a new product so there aren’t any customer reviews as yet.

  14. I got mine today! Be sure to watch for the polarity marks!
    Loaded it and went to work.
    I play the piano and like my nails short, (1/16″) . I was done in less than 10 minutes!
    Smooth, right down to the corner of the nails!
    Tonight, I’m soaking my feet and going to work on my toenails.
    Nice gadget and USEABLE1

  15. after reading some of the above reviews, I will not waste my money!! thanks to the reviers!

  16. They are a rip off. They do not work like they show on their ads. Now trying to return them and customer service does not answer the phone….I called several of their numbers. You can not return them unless you have a return number from them. Very disappointed gave to my mom as a gift now trying to return them. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. Diane

  17. I bought one Roto Clipper and when I cut it off, It will automatically come back on by itself. But I will keep it, because right, I’ve got the battries out of it. Ya’ll have a Happy New Year.

  18. more ripff esp at christmas time hardly worth 30 bucks maybe 15 would be more like it .its just a toy wont do toenails under any circumstances but they dont care their attitude well gottcha anyway.

  19. Funny, seems like those who replied have gotten theirs. Why is that? Why post your phone number? You lonely? Sounds fishy to me..

  20. This seems to be a sham — I have ordered twice from the company and they have taken my order and have not sent me anything for 6 months. You cannot talk to anyone live — it is all animated — sorry but be careful — don’t get ripped off — in fact, I doubt if even this will get printed — perhaps someone can call me to solve the problem!!! 508-838-3994

  21. I was going to book-mark this site as a resource for product reviews until I read this review, which was NOT a review. Your site is basically a summary of other customer reviews. Have you actually done any reviews for this site? Basically, this site an example of someone wanting to create a site just to get the traffic, without really spending the time to make it worth anything.

  22. Does a fair job on a man’s finger nails but I’d have to give it a poor job in the toe nails
    even after a shower which the data suggests.

  23. This wasn’t much of a review. It seems to be based on speculation rather than experience with the product.

    How about buying one, or getting the company to give you one for review? Then you could use it and give us the pros and cons based on how it worked for you.

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