Does Sani Sticks Really Work?

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Do Sani Sticks Work?Sometimes there are odors lurking about the house and it can be difficult to tell where they are coming form. Quite often these are coming from the drains like those in the bathroom and kitchen. An easy solution for this may be the Sani Sticks

Not only are the Sani Sticks a problem solver for drains that smell or that have become clogged they are made for convenience. You simply drop one of the Sani Sticks down the drain and its good for six months.

The Claim
The promoters of Sani Sticks claim that this product will get rid of all those bad odors that are coming from your drains. Plus, they will take care of the clogs. In addition to this, they are reported as being safe for the plumbing.

The Hype
The hype about Sani Sticks is the convenience as the fact that they can tend to some potentially serious plumbing problems without costing you a fortune in plumber’s fees.

The Cost
The cost of Sani Sticks is $10. Plus $6.99 for shipping for 24 sticks. Then if you pay an extra $4.99 for shipping you can get another 24 sticks.

The Commitment
The only commitment you really need to make with Sani Sticks is to remember to use them every six months. Of course when the drains start smelling or the plumbing is clogged then you won’t need to be reminded.

We are totally convinced that these types of problems commonly exist, so we are equally convinced that there needs to be a simple solution for them. After taking a close look at what others had to say about Sani Sticks then we have to say we are impressed. This is a product that sells on Amazon, and has done so for awhile now so there is some impressive feedback and a lot of it is good. Out of 1,561 reviews Sani Sticks has a 3.5 star rating.

Final Sani Sticks Review

Based on the fact that Sani sticks addresses a household need, and the product is fairly priced we are prepared to give it a try/buy rating. Even though it is a 3.5 star rating. One of our concerns is about the negative comments about the sticks not dissolving properly. This could potentially lead to additional problems if the sticks were allowed to accumulate. It could come down to how often the drains are used. But they should be carefully monitored and certainly not used any more than what is directed. There are other potential drain cleaners that can be used that are natural based like baking soda and vinegar. Some say this does work well.

Our Recommendation
If you are looking to solve another potential problem when it comes to the bathroom, it might be those ugly rings that are forming in your toilet. If you have tried several products to help with them and none of them have worked then you may want to check out Ring Eraser.

What do you think? Does Sani Sticks work or not?

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