Does the Slush Mug Really Work?

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Does Slush Mug work?The Slush Mug has been around for a long time, and even has a campy, nostalgic infomercial to prove it. It basically entails pouring your drink into the mug, giving it an occasional stir, and within minutes you should have something resembling a Slurpee from 7-11.

There’s just something about a slushed up drink that cools you to the core and makes you feel great when the sun is beating down and you feel like you could melt. It can be easy when you’re on the go to stop in and grab an ice cold drink from the corner store, but what if you’re at home and everyone wants one? That can quickly add up for big families. It would be nice to bring this capability home, instead of wishing you had a Slurpee machine of your own.

The Claim
The claim is that you can make a slushee at home in just minutes. That’s a bold claim because compared to its competition, nothing else can do that. Blenders are messy, time-consuming, and never produce the results you really want. Other methods like shaking cubes in a cup require a lot of effort and provide a mixed bag of results. The Slush Mug claims that you get consistent results, time and time again, without exerting much effort, or having to clean a big mess when you’re finished.

The Hype
The hype is that this has been around for so long, and some people are just finding out about it, and it’s having a sort of resurgence. They seem to have improved upon the technology, as the inner sleeve is still patent-pending, and provisional patents only last for one year, so this is not the same model as the original. They hype it up a bit as far as the freezing technology that has gone into the inner sleeve.

The Cost
One of the best things about the Slush Mug is the price. You can pick one up for around $10, which means you’d just have to use it about 10 times or less and it will have paid for itself compared to going to the convenience store for a cool down.

The Commitment
This is where the Slush Mug tries to distance itself from the competition. Unlike using a blender where you have to be very involved in the process of blending it and finding the right mix of ice to beverage, with the Slush Mug you just pour and stir. When compared to something like Slushy Magic where you have to violently shake the drink to get it to work, with Slush Mug you just stir occasionally, since the sides get coldest first, so you have to stir the sides into the middle as they freeze up.

From what we’ve seen the Slush Mug works like a charm. One feature it has that makes it better than getting a Slurpee is that you don’t have to rush to drink it all before it melts. The inner section works the magic, but the outer sections preserves the slushy consistency for a long time so you don’t get that dreaded brain freeze that commonly occurs from racing to drink a conventional slushy.

If you think of it, you’re usually limited in your choices if you buy a Slurpee from 7-11. They typically only have Coke and Cherry so you can mix and match, and then they’ll have a second machine dedicated to other flavors, usually a berry flavor of some sort, or a new flavor like Mountain Dew or even a temporary promotion. With Slush Mug, as long as beverage has some natural sweetness to it, i.e. sugar, you can pour it in and it will slush up. This allows you to let your creativity flow.

Even though it explicitly states that diet drinks don’t work in it, people still complain about it not working with diet drinks. The overall consensus is that it works great for everything but diet colas and diet soft drinks. This is because the artificial sweeteners in them prevent them from crystallizing, which gives it that nice thick slushy consistency. Artificial sweeteners are worse for you than the calories in a regular drink, so if you want a slushy just have it with sugar and enjoy it guilt free.

Final Slush Mug Review

The Slush Mug gets our Thumbs Up review, based on the overwhelming evidence that it works, as well as the overall happiness of those that have tried it. We looked for a weak spot, and couldn’t find one, it performs like it should, and the only complaints came from people that didn’t realize it doesn’t work on diet drinks. As long as you go with drinks that are naturally flavored, you can go nuts. You can put teas, coffees, juices, you name it, it will all come out nice and thick, and let’s face it that’s the best kind of slushy, when it’s got that nice thick consistency.

Our Recommendation
Get yourself a Slush Mug or two from Amazon, or one for each member of your family. It’s a way for everyone to just chill out together and survive another summer. With something like this it can be a bonding moment, rather than just going to the local convenient store and buying them on the spot. It’s more fun to let everyone choose whatever beverage they want, even coffee, and make their own super-chilled beverage.

What do you think? Does the Slush Mug work or not?

33 Customer Reviews on “Does the Slush Mug Really Work?

  1. I bought a Slush Mug several years ago and it didn’t work very well. I recently purchased one from Amazon. I wouldn’t really say that it makes a slushy. It does thicken up, but even as you mix it, my drinks still come out soupy. I use the Slush Mug with the intent that my drink will be extra cold, but I don’t expect it to be a slushy. If anyone has tips on how to actually get it to make a slushy I’d like to know. I always use a cold liquid, so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

  2. It’s great to know that you can use this for healthier drinks like orange or grape juice too. I can fully agree with Vanessa that you can make a slushy without necessarily making it unhealthy. I’ve used a slushy maker in the past but it seemed like after a certain amount of times, it just quit working altogether. So hopefully this works better than that. Not having to shake them makes that much more convenient in the meantime. Like Vanessa, I will definitely have a go at this too.

  3. Good to hear from others that this works well! It looks like a great way to make a fun drink for kids, and you can make it healthy by using drinks that are not overly sugary. I have a slushie/ice cream/frozen yogurt maker, but it’s big and bulky and the tub requires 18 hours of being in the freezer before each use. These are great for kids and I like that they don’t require shaking! They are also good for individual servings, rather than making a whole batch in my ice cream maker. Leftovers end up in the freezer and then freeze solid rather than freezing in the semi solid state of a slushie or ice cream. Definitely going to check this out!

  4. This slush mug was excellent. I just used it and ice began to for. Went outside to call my brother in and I see it rising when I come back, that’s about a 3 min time elapse. Took actually 10 to creat a wonderful slush, so much better that going to the convienience store.

  5. I’ve never seen this before. I can’t believe you found a commercial from 1971 – that is pretty crazy cool on so many levels. Can I still get it for $2.95? kiddin’ $10 seems fair and the new modern ones looks really cool too. Definitely going to pick up a few of these. Great for gifts too… very cool. Thanks for posting just in time for the hot weather too.

  6. We got a Slush Mug for our 5 year old son who absolutely loves it! We froze the inner cup overnight, put orange juice and grape juice in it and after some stirring we had slushies! My son now thinks it’s some kind of magic cup when he stirs it and it’s starts to freeze up. great for kids!

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