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Does Smart Skewers Work? It will soon be barbecue time if you haven’t started already. One of the favorite foods to cook this way is Shish kabob, and maybe this handy Smart Skewers will make the job of preparation and cooking easy for you.

Smart Skewers is a device that you load a piece of meat or other food into, then you push through a selection of skewers. Once you do this you cut through the slats of the device then lift the casing off. What you end up with is several even chunks of food on each individual skewer, all the same size.

The Claim
The promoters of Smart Skewers claims you can now make Shish kabob really quick and easy with this device. They say that all the portions will be uniform so they will cook much quicker. Plus, with just having to use one device like this your clean up is going to much quicker.

The Hype
Clean, easy and fast is all the hype words that are needed when it comes to any type of meal preparation. These are aptly covered in the promotional materials. For those that love foods on a skewer that are easy to cook, then the hype for this product directly addresses them.

The Cost
You will pay $19.99 plus $7.50 shipping and handling. For this you will receive the Smart Skewer device, the skewers and a cookbook. If you add an extra $7.50 to it you will get the skewer blade, which has been specifically designed to be used with the Smart Skewer.

The Commitment
There is no real commitment other than you are going to have to use it. The one problem we can see is that its pretty good if you want a fast way to cut a chunk of meat uniform in size. If you are going to layer your Shish kabobs however it looks difficult to do. It means you are going to have to take all the meat off the skewer then build up the layers. Other than having the same sized chunks of meat it doesn’t seem to give much of an additional advantage.

There are lots of kitchen gadgets on the market and some are good, some aren’t, and some are just so so. In our opinion you really could cut the meat pretty uniform just by eye balling it. However, in fairness it is difficult to do horizontal cuts, and The Smart Skewers Device does look like it makes it easy.

Final Smart Skewers Review

We’re going to give this device a Try/Buy for those who feel they have a problem cutting meat uniformly. The price is not all that low especially if you add in the knife, it totals approx. $35. Some individuals really get hyped up over any kitchen gadget, and that’s why we brought this one to your attention.

Our Recommendation
There is another Shish kabob device on the market called Well Done Smart Skewer, although it is quite different than this one and may not be readily available. Don’t get confused with it if you are doing some more research. Now if you are intent on getting into the kitchen gadgets and have a hunger to check out some more, then see our kitchen gadget section.

What do you think? Does Smart Skewers work or not?

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