Does Smart Slider Really Work?

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Does Smart Slider Work?Patio doors are great to have. They provide lots of room for entering and exiting and they let plenty of light into any room they are going to be used in. Most often though they are quite heavy to slide open and closed. This can be a hassle when you want to carry things in and out but there may be a simple solution to this called the Smart Slider.

The Smart Slider is just a simple gadget that goes on the bottom of your patio door. Once installed you can use your foot to slide the door open or closed.

The Claim
The Company promoting the Smart Slider claim it is easy to install and is made of durable PCVC.

The Hype
The convenience that the Smart Slider provides really is the hype behind the product.

The Cost
Right now the promotion is the Smart Slider is being offered for $14.95 which includes the shipping. Normally it would be $19.95.

The Commitment
Being as there are no tools needed to install the Smart Slider there really isn’t much of a commitment. It looks like it is just held on with a strong sticky backing.

The Smart Slider certainly does address a potential problem. Getting in and out of the patio doors when your hands are full can be quite a challenge. The Smart Slider is meant to be used on the screen door which makes sense. This is the door that is much lighter than the glass ones. It means that you are going to have to keep your glass door open though or its going to defeat the purpose.

Final Smart Slider Review

We’re prepared to give the Smart Slider a Try/Buy. Our concern is that after frequent use the adhesive holding the gadget in place will begin to weaken because of the stress that it will be subjected to. However this will depend on how much you use the Smart Slider. It is not likely something that you would be using everyday several times a day. The other good point about the product is that it doesn’t interfere with the closing of the glass doors. Most times when your hands are full and you are trying to open the sliding screen you try to do this with your foot which doesn’t work out too well. Over time you end up damaging the screen which can be a real hassle to replace. Then there is always the time that you end up not shutting it because your hands are full. After you set everything down you have to rush back to shut the door. Who knows how many bugs have ended up in the house by the time you get around to do this.

Our Recommendation
Thecost of the Smart Slider is not all that much. So, if you really think that this is one of the gadgets that is small but mighty then you may want to go for it. If you are looking for another type of door opener for a different purpose but added convenience then you may want to check out the GOGOGate Opener. This is a garage door opener.

What do you think? Does Smart Slider work or not?

6 Customer Reviews on “Does Smart Slider Really Work?

  1. It works very well for me. The Velcro stripes allows me to take it off for winter (I live in Canada). So I only took it off only once so far and I’m glad to see that it still sticks well this year. I have a barbecue party next week and I’m eager to show it to my guests!

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