Does Snapfish Really Work?

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Does Snapfish work?Snapfish is a line of printed photo books, cards, prints, calendars, mugs, and more that use your own photos to create tangible memories that can last for years. But how well does it really work?

Sites like Facebook are great for sharing photos with friends, but nothing quite compares to having a hard copy of your photos archived in a photo book and placed on the shelf. For that you’ll need a quality photo book service, and Snapfish is trying to compete with other services like Shutterfly and even places like Wal-Mart and CostCo.

The Claim
Snapfish claims that you can easily create customized prints out of your digital photos, and that you’re totally in control of how many photos you use, how they’re arranged, and what size photo book you get.

The Hype
Snapfish has been around for several years and millions of photo books have been produced with it. There are a lot satisfied customers that have used it, or it wouldn’t have been able to get this popular and stay in business so long. Other than that there isn’t too much hype involved, they pretty much just talk about how easy it is to get started and to get through the process.

The Cost
A 5X7 photo book from Snapfish is $12 and it goes up to an 11×14 photo book for $60 with several sizes in between that range in price based on their size. The prices are pretty competitive with other services, and with the specials and online coupons they offer you can get it down even further. That’s the beauty of using a service in a competitive industry, it drives the prices down and you end up getting more quality for less.

The Commitment
Unless you get someone else to do it for you, you’re going to be the one that needs to upload the photos and get them to look the way you want them to before the book goes to press. Once you get it you’ll also have to look through it to see if it came out the right way, and work with customer service to get it right if there are any mistakes.

This is one of the most popular photo printing services out there, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best one to go with. While there are several factors that go into whether this is the best deal going, including the price, the quality of the finished product, and how easy it is to get exactly what you want, and what sort of materials they’re using in terms of the photo books and other products. Overall, the service ranks pretty highly, both with individual users and professional reviewers.

Looking at the finished products side by side between Snapfish and Shutterfly there are some immediate differences that pop up. Snapfish seems to be cutting corners every which way they can with cheaper storage materials including the box the products come in, and the envelops that photos arrive in. This continues to the quality of the photos themselves, the stock that they’re printed on. Also consider that you might get your product a bit faster with Shutterfly as it’s been noted that they have slightly faster shipping and processing speeds.

It’s worth the time to look at the top competitors to see what they have to offer because it’s not entirely apples to apples. There are slight differences in how many pictures you can use, how big the books are, and what other photo-related products there are. Keep in mind that there are also other DIY photo printing options including CafePress and Zazzle, which may offer a broader selection of products to choose from that you can stick individual pictures on.

Final Snapfish Review

As far as ease of use goes, Snapfish gets our Thumbs Up rating, but there are other services that might provide a more polished product. No company exists in a bubble, so you have to compare it to your other options available, and in this instance it looks like Shutterfly provides a better quality end product and just as intuitive user interface. They have coupons and specials that bring the price down to being very competitive and putting it over the top in regards to quality for the dollar. If it’s a very special and very important book you want done you may want to consider hiring a professional to make one for you.

Our Recommendation
If you’re looking for a fast, easy, and relatively inexpensive way to get your digital photos made into prints this is one potential way to go. Be sure to look at at least two other services before making up your mind so that you know you’ve gotten the best deal going, but overall you likely won’t be disappointed with Snapfish, just maybe not as thrilled as you could be with a different photo printing service.

What do you think? Does Snapfish work or not?

48 Customer Reviews on “Does Snapfish Really Work?

  1. Snapfish is an awful company if anything is to go wrong for you. It is impossible to contact their customer service and if you wait for their live chat, there is a 2/3 chance that they will just drop you once you reah the end of the cue. Once I finally did get on I was told there was nothing they could do to help me and the worker disconnected. Awful experience and it almost cost my mom her christmas present. Be very cautious if you choose to use them!

  2. Ordering prints online is a great idea and it is certainly really convenient if you do not want an expensive printer at home, but keep in mind that your photos may not come out as you viewed them on the computer. I have had several instances where my monitor was displaying colors differently than how the prints came out. I even bought a calibrator for my monitor to ensure that all of the colors were displaying properly, and even then, if you do not go with a high-end and more expensive online lab to get your prints, you may notice discrepancies in the final product.

  3. I ordered Christmas cards through Snapfish and was very impressed with the quality and cost. My order was quickly processed and the cards arrived two days earlier than expected. I have used Shutterfly a lot and thought that Snapfish would be inferior. I was proven wrong and would love to make a photo book in the near future through Snapfish. It’s amazing what technology has to offer. I found the Snapfish website super easy to use and my cards turned out as expected. I highly recommend this site for anyone who wants to make their own photo cards or create a memory book.

  4. I have been using Snapfish for several years without any complaints. At first I was intimidated with using it as I’m not a ‘techie’ kind of person, but after the first go (which was very easy) I was hooked. I love that you no longer have to use film, take it to the grocery store to have it developed, and wait up to a week to get it back. With Snapfish I am able to upload my photos quickly and easily, order, and in a flash it’s in the mailbox. I have only done one photo album as I enjoy scrap booking myself, but I felt the quality was well worth the price. I would definitely recommend this company to my friends and family.

  5. I too am a Snapfish guru. I have used all the other companies and comparison shopped. Shutterfly comes close but I am comfortable using Snapfish. I have an organization that I do mugs and other incentive-style gifts for very inexpensively and they come out like you spent a bundle. I hate to disappoint and when you see peoples happy faces, you tend to stick with what is good.

  6. Like Dee, I prefer Sutterfly to Snapfish. Snapfish has great quality photos and quick shipping, but I prefer the design and ease of use of Shutterfly’s website. I have gotten several photo books from Sutterfly and loved the design tool and the fact that there are so many design options when making the books. Finally, I love that Shutterfly has the option to share your photos.

    I have ordered photo mugs from both Sutterfly and Snapfish, and the quality of both were the same. Both are holding up well after years of use. I suggest people try out both websites and see which they prefer.

  7. I love Snapfish! I have compared it to several different companies, and it is by far my favorite. I am a picture addict, so I am always ordering pictures to add to my albums at home. I even ordered prints of my wedding pictures from Snapfish! My one recommendation is to sign up for the newsletter. The prices can be a little steep if you, like me, end up ordering a few hundred pictures at a time. With the newsletter you end up getting deals and discounts every couple of weeks, which can really save on the cost. There are a ton of special deals around the holidays and picture books, mugs, and other items make fantastic gifts!

  8. I use Snapfish as well when I print images from a photoshoot. I have used a lot of different services in the past in order to find the best ones out there. Some of the services that I used don’t even deserve a mention but Snapfish is among the services that I use and that I will continue to use.

    I like how they handle their customers, their selection and the finish products that they print. The price is fair for the quality. I just hope that they will keep it like that because often time a company starts with a good price and good service and then they change as they become more popular.

  9. I like Snapfish but I have to say I am a shutterfly girl. Shutterfly has more options, and as stated above, their quality is amazing! I took a two week trip to Africa and my mom immediately told me to make a photo book! I did so on Shutterfly and even though it took me 5 months, I finally finished! Shutterfly’s customer service is AMAZING! They’ll even tell you when there will be deals or even about deals that aren’t advertised on the website. “You get what you pay for” is absolutely true. If you’re looking for a quick, more cost effective option, choose Snapfish. If you are looking for quality product, choose Shutterfly!

  10. When my husband and I got married we invested heavily in various Shutterfly products, including individual prints and photo books. We were extremely satisfied with our experience though our wallet suffered just a touch. When we decided to undertake more projects we looked in Snapfish as an alternative and became 50/50 in our opinion of what is a better service. We found that as far as pricing was concerned Snapfish was just a touch cheaper. However, as you can imagine, you get what you pay for. A lower bill meant a cheaper quality and in the end, we chose quality over quantity. Overall, a great service but definitely not the best for quality.

  11. I use Snapfish for all of my photo developing. I love it! It’s easy, the quality is excellent, and the service is great. I regularly order regular 4 x 6 prints, but have also gotten 5 x 7’s. I have also ordered a few gift items, like photo mugs and ornaments. Every year I also do a photo collage calendar of the previous year’s photos, which I will continue to do because it’s fun and turns out beautifully. Like the previous commenter, I like the Facebook feature – makes uploading even easier! Another nice aspect is the frequent deals and coupon codes they offer. I try to order during free shipping or penny print promotions. Love Snapfish!

  12. I had employed Snapfish previously, but never again. A couple of years back it was easy to upload a picture, order it and receive it in the mail. This time, I’d spent a substantial amount of time completing an album and have been unable to order it using their web site. There’s certainly a fault which is preventing me from finishing the order. They have given me unhelpful suggestions and advised me that the issue is my pc. As soon as I contacted Snapfish I had to wait on hold for twenty minutes. This is despite the fact that I also have the exact same issue when attempting to order from my home computer, my laptop or my friend’s computer. I received no support in any way and as a result of a language barrier when I called, the reps were unable to help me. I also found it quite difficult to speak with a supervisor. I’ll never use this business again and may actively tell others not to.

  13. This is one service I can confidently review. I have ordered multiple items from Snapfish outside of regular prints. Matter of fact, I made a photo book for a Father’s Day gift and have yet to receive such praise on other gifts. Gifts including photos are highly coveted, especially to parents. The ability to freeze a moment in time in invaluable. You can relive a moment from the past, bring alive so vividly the memory of a loved one. I also make my Christmas cards here every year and have yet to be disappointed.

    To speak for their service and quality, I have not one complaint. Their prices are low and they deliver a superior product. The variety of items and options they offer exceed reasonable expectations. They ship your orders out fast and deliver as promised. Add to that the fact that they constantly run promotions, you can’t go wrong using Snapfish. Sure, there are other similar options available, but I have not found one that offers the same level of service and quality at a comparable rate.

  14. Snapfinish is an awesome company, hands down! I have used the company for many years now and love how they continue to stay on top of technology and making life easier for me. I always find myself with high quality prints when I order from Snapfinish, and I also love the assortment of gift related products they carry. The Facebook integration is also something that I enjoy. Snapfinish provides quality work in a quick amount of time, and they do it at some of the most amazing prices you will find. Highly recommended for all of your photo needs.

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