Does Soap Magic Really Work?

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Does Soap Magic really work?Now your home can have soap dispensers like fancy airports with Soap Magic. The commercial shows all sorts of great uses for an automatic dispenser, including dish soap, hand sanitizers, and hand soaps. But does it really work the way it looks on TV, or are you going to receive it and be totally disappointed?

All of American seems to gradually be turning into germaphobes, and that’s exactly the type of market that is targeted by Soap Magic. Sure, there are some other demographics that would benefit from this, like those with severe arthritis that have trouble handling and pumping a hand lotion bottle, or new moms that have trouble changing a diaper and keeping creams at the ready.

But mostly it’s those that were concerned about cross contaminating salmonella when cutting chicken, or that want their entire family to use hand sanitizer when they come in the door. That’s borderline germ conscious, and leaning towards a phobia.

What they should really focus on is how fancy and nice it is to just stick your hand in front of a dispenser and have it work. How great is it to go into a fully automated public rest room and you don’t have to touch a thing? The toilet flushes automatically, the water turns off and on with motion detectors, and the soap and towels do the same. It’s a great feeling knowing you esaped with minimal contact.

The need for these precautions is lessened when at home, but it still gives a nice feel to be able to wash your hands and not have to touch a hand soap dispenser or fumble with a bar of soap.

The Claim
The claim is really that they’ve managed to produce a product that can detect motion, squeeze out the liquid, and even give a nice little chime when it’s done so you know when you can remove your hand, all for a modest price.

That’s quite the feat, but the makers of Soap Magic don’t really trip over themselves to say that they’re saving your life with this product, the way most manufacturers so. Quite refreshing.

The Hype
The hype really comes in the form of adding the word “magic” to a product. Especially in this case, there is nothing magical about the soap, in fact you have to supply your own. Additionally, you might not even be using it for soap, if you plan on filling it with moisturizer or sanitizer. Also, it’s the 21st century, we’ve seen auto dispensers before so there’s not really an awe factor here.

The Cost
$19.99 plus shipping and handling. You can pick these up from other outlet stores to avoid having to take on the second “free” device and avoid paying the extra shipping and handling for it.

One cool thing is that it comes with the batteries needed, so this is not an additional charge and keeps the costs at what they are with no extra things needed to buy in order to start using it right out of the box.

The Commitment
Once you fill it up with the liquid of your choice you don’t have much involvement with the Soap Magic unit. Eventually the liquid will run out and you’ll have to replace it, and eventually the batteries will die out and you’ll have to replace them, but as far as that it’s set and forget.

Soap Magic works as indicated, and only has a few different settings. You can turn it off and on, and you can also turn the chime off and on. Other that potentially making the batteries last longer it is not advised to operate this without the chime on. The unit shoots out a generous amount of liquid so you might pull your hand away when you think it should be finished.

Plus when you’re talking about viscous things like soaps and lotions, once the initial bit hits your fingers it starts to ooze onto itself, so it’s hard to determine when it has stopped, based on feeling alone. Unless you want to remember to look at it do its job every time, you’ll want the audio signal so it can remain hassle free.

Does Soap Magic Really Work?

Yep, it works just like it shows, and dispenses whatever you want out of it.

Our Recommendation
It’s not recommended for really expensive hand lotions, or ones that you only need a dab with. It’d be better to use a full body moisturizer in this case, something that comes in a large tub and that you can rub into other area besides your hands.

Other than that this is a great product to pick up and it will give your home that futuristic or more elegant feel that a normal bottle of soap does.

What do you think? Does Soap Magic really work?

8 Customer Reviews on “Does Soap Magic Really Work?

  1. That’s a really good point! I was thinking that too. It kind of doesn’t matter how many germs are on the pump of a soap dispenser because you always wash your hands right after. However, it is kind of fun anyway. we bought one of these and put dish soap in it (we didn’t have a dishwasher at the time so we always washed dishes by hand) and it worked really well. All you had to do is put the sponge under the little thing, and you had extra soap. Normally, you have to pick up the big thing with soapy hands, make sure you don’t drop it, and you might be already holding a dish… Okay, so it’s not that hard, really, but this made it easier, and it was fun. We had it for about a year or two until it broke. The sensor kept going off and dispensing soap randomly. It was a little funny, but we had to stop using it. Still, for $20 it worked well and lasted a pretty long time.

  2. The Soap Magic works great. I always kept a bottle of hand soap in the kitchen and the bathroom and noticed the handle where everyone pushes down to get their soap one day. It was so dirty and gross. When I saw the Soap Magic on TV one night I knew I had to have it. It is a bit costly, but I love ours. I feel like when you wash your hands your hands are getting clean and the handle is dirt and hands free. This would be great for a home with kids as kids would think this is neat to wash their hands without touching it.

  3. If you have always felt that the pump handle on your soap dispenser is teeming with bacteria, then Soap Magic is the product for you. Also, you may have obsessive-compulsive disorder. Think about it: you touch the pump on the soap dispenser, and then you wash your hands. Who cares about how many germs are on the handle? You just washed your hands after all! Anyway, simply wave your hand in front of Soap Magic, and soap magically falls onto your fingers, just like at the airport of movie theater bathrooms. And you’ll have spent $20 on an unnecessary product.

  4. I really love the product. I’d experienced most of the exact same difficulties posted here till a buddy suggested I use a somewhat thinner soap. We were using Dial Soap and that’s somewhat heavy, so we changed to “approach” soap that we bought at Target and today it has been working fantastically for days. It’s a great cost and great accessory. The Lysol dispenses are quite slow and possible just use their lysol soap, which I’m not keen on. So this accessory is an excellent value for your cash. Simply keep a watch out for the batteries and use a soap.

  5. Thanks for the article. These dispensers could be very helpful. I would really like to buy some for my house.

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